Let's Run Forever


(Cloud's POV)


"Is he always like this?" Zack asked eyes riveted to the solitary figure outside the small dirty window. Cloud sighed and pushed a lock of stray hair from his eyes. "Yeah, sometimes; it's like he's there but he isn't you know? I can look into his eyes and wave and he won't come out of it. I usually just wait. I figure it must have something to do with that emptiness all of us feel ever since Nibelheim." He sighed. "But otherwise we're busy doing something or other." Zack grinned and cast twinkling eyes on his friend. "Horny bastards the two of ya'." Cloud flushed and ducked his head down. "Shut up. Anyways, why are you here, it's not like anything's changed since we came."

"Just checking up on the two lovebirds. A quick visit every once in awhile can't hurt right?" Zack shrugged and stood from the lopsided wooden table which took up most of the small cabin. "You sure you're okay with all this? I mean me and Aerith at least have a home now that ShinRa's gone from Midgar." Cloud smiled and raised his head to look into Zack's eyes. "Zack, get the hell out of my house. I'll tell Seph you came."

Zack blew him a kiss then left with a cheery wave and a call of: "Keep it up Cloud and I'll never forgive you for stealing Seph from me!"


(Seph's POV)


A grassy knoll; grass to the knees and consuming everything; a steady breeze lifting and playing with all it can; and amongst it he stood eyes cast towards the horizon.

Something out there called him, something deep within him he could never define, something pulling; yet made him dig his heels against that pull. It was dreadful whatever it was, and it was his destiny. Why didn't he follow it? What stopped him? Silver brows creased as this thought processed. Yes, why not?

"Seph? What are you staring at?" Sephiroth turned towards the younger man, now in his early twenties and just as seducing and beautiful as the first moment he'd seen him. Those same silver brows softened now. That was why- Cloud. Cloud was his reason for being here, in the middle of Wutai, Cloud was his reason for running from ShinRa, for escaping with shreds of sanity and just barely evading them. They searched for him still.

He gave Cloud a quick smile-something new to him, he was surprised how easily they came after awhile-and turned back to the grassy field. Behind him was a rickety old shack. It was small, one bed, which neither minded, harsh supplies, but it was home and they were proud to call it such.

Zack visited every once in awhile but it was the other visitors that made them all uneasy and yet strangely calm as if their meetings were supposed to be happening; something finally gone right. None of them ever liked Sephiroth. He made them uneasy.

"One is coming." He announced to Cloud. Watching his lovers' face the younger man smiled back and cocked an eyebrow. "Well then I suppose I'll finish off the last of the beef tonight. Listen to me I sound like a freakin' housewife." He shook his head and turned back towards the shack. By nightfall the "other one" had come.


(Cloud's POV)

"And that's how it happened." Cloud finished eyeing the great red beast sitting calmly at their raggedy table. "I know. I've heard this before, in another life. It really isn't so new. I suppose the others' have visited you as well. You were our leader; we all miss you and the connection we share. Tell me of Yuffie, Barret, Tifa, Cid Highwind, Cait Sith, and Vincent."

"Well Nanaki, to tell the truth all except Vincent have visited. And how do you know all this?" Sephiroth huffed and shifted his leg so one rested on the other. Cloud cast him a look that said: "Be nice" before he focused his attention back onto Nanaki.

"I barely escaped ShinRa and Hojo's experiments, but during those twisted chemicals and tests I discovered a way to view my past lives'. You see we've repeated this life with different paths hundreds of times. In more then a few of my past lives we've battled Jenova and Sephiroth, Jenova controlled, and it always ends in horror and tears. You never forgive yourself for-excuse me-killing Sephiroth. And I, along with the others' who have straggled to find you, are your team members all searching for the reason to this empty hole inside of us. I take it Vincent has yet to be freed from his coffin prison. I must make a note to do that on my way home. Yuffie currently rules Wutai as I've heard, Cait Sith has never come into existence via Reeve who I think has sought you out correct?" Cloud nodded and Nanaki continued.

"Tifa you hold a grudge against even though you saved her life, and she works with Barret still, and has helped to take down ShinRa in Midgar I've also heard. I believe they did it with a small team of terrorists called AVALANCHE. Does this sound familiar?" Cloud nodded again, dumbfounded.

"Yes well, my intention was to see you and be content with your chosen happiness. You are happy, right Cloud?" Cloud looked to Sephiroth and held back a smile to see he was listening intently despite having his head tilted towards the window and the setting sun and leaning back in his chair with arms across his chest.

"More then happy Nanaki. I've never been so happy in my entire life." Sephiroth clicked all four of the chair's feet back onto the floor and Cloud did grin this time, happy with his seme's reaction. Nanaki gave a kitty smile and closed his eyes content.

"Whenever we asked in the past you were always reluctant to answer. When you smiled it was always a sad smile. You were so grave. I'm relieved to see you so happy with your choice. Are you quite satisfied with all this ShinRa business though? I hear you're always on the run?" Cloud smiled warmly and nodded, giving his eternal answer….


(Cloud's POV)


"Was he right Cloud? Could that have been our future?" Sephiroth asked as Cloud waved to Nanaki as he crested the horizon. He lowered his hand and his eyes drew themselves into the distance. "I suppose. I think that's what was supposed to happen. But all I know is I'm pretty damn glad I fought for you." He looked to Sephiroth and was surprised to catch him watching him.

He pulled on his sweater sleeve self-consciously. Baggy, black and hanging from one shoulder just like he liked it. Seph was stunning in an outfit much like the one from his dream: white top, open slightly to reveal thin stomach, leather pants.

"Are you sure you don't mind running with me-?" Cloud cut him off by pressing their lips together and smiling as they kissed as passionately as the first time they'd met in the showers.

"Seph, I picked this. And like I told Nanaki…let's run forever." Sephiroth kissed Cloud again and thanked his lucky stars he had gone into the showers that night…..

"And I'll stay with you

The walls will fall before we do

So take my hand now,

We'll run forever

I can feel the storm inside you

I'll stay with you…"



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