I don't own Pretty Face or its characters, but Yasuhiro Kano does. I just own this fanfic.

Have u read the manga Pretty Face yet? If not, you can find it online (direct download/IRC) or you can buy the manga somewhere. Read it today. It will make u laugh. The synopsis (summary) is:

Randoh Masashi is a high school student who's known as a trouble maker. His behavior makes everyone hates him. But there's no one who dares to fight him since he has black belt in karate (he is the winner of the National Karate Championship). Beside that, he's also surrounded by his gang. One day in his way back from school, Randoh's bus is involved in an accident; it falls off the cliff. Five people are injured, and another one dies after seriously burned. Who is the victim? No one knows since he brings no ID. But everyone suspects that he is Randoh; and even his family confirms it. This is where the story begins. One year later, a girl regains her consciousness after being in comma state for a year. The doctor who treat her introduce himself as Dr. Manabe; a plastic surgeon. He tells her that a year ago she was badly injured in an accident. Her body was burned; and her face was also badly damaged. Luckily, Dr. Manabe is a marvelous plastic surgeon. He successfully restores her face by looking on the picture he found in her wallet. Unexpectedly, that girl screams while seeing her face in the mirror. Why? Because she is Randoh! A year ago he managed to get alive from that accident; but unfortunately he didn't bring any IDs so there's no one who was able to recognize him. Then, the picture found in his wallet? That is the picture of Kurumi Rina; a girl who Randoh likes. Dr. Manabe mistook it as Randoh's picture and restore his face just like Rina's! What a mess. Randoh is totally angry and forces dr. Manabe to restore his real face. Well, that actually is an easy task for him. The problem is, he needs Randoh's picture to restore his face back. "No problem", that's what Randoh thinks. He can easily take it from home right? He doesn't know that his parents have moved out of town right after the accident happened! Now Randoh just realizes that there's no way he can get his picture; he might have to live his entire life with this new face. In his desperation, he accidentally meets Rina! Something that he avoids; because he realizes that Rina will be shocked while seeing someone whose face the same like her. Unexpectedly, Rina is not shocked; she even hugs and calls him. sister! Huh? Randoh doesn't know that Rina has a twin sister named Yuna. A year ago, Yuna left her home without letting the family know about her whereabouts. Rina who loves her so much is indeed very sad. And now when she meets Randoh whose face is exactly the same as her, Rina really thinks that her sister has come back.

Sounds very interesting, doesn't it. I am going to base this story off of the manga, but I am not going to just copy the storyline. I hope you like.