The News

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Chapter One: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes?

Harry was enjoying himself thoroughly. The music was loud, the lights were colourful and the alcohol was tasty. He had already drunk two glasses of oak-matured mead, (using one of them in Mr Weasley's toast to Dumbledore).

Bill and Fleur were dancing together a short way away. He couldn't see many other people he recognised through the thick crowds - as far as he knew, most of the Weasleys were talking to long-forgotten great-aunts and the like.

Except for the twins. Fred and George spotted Harry sitting at the side of the hall, and started making their way over to him.

"Hi," Harry said, slightly hoarsely - it was hot in there and he hadn't had a drink in a while.

"Hello Harry," the pair said together.

"How are we then?" Fred asked sitting on one side of him.

"Shy?" George sat on his other side.

"Shy? Why?"

"We haven't seen you dancing at all."

Harry snorted. They might not have seen him dancing, but he'd seen them.

"You know I don't dance," he laughed.

"Well, neither does Ron!" Fred replied.

"Ron was dancing?"

"No. He doesn't dance!" George sighed, shaking his head as if Harry was completely stupid.

Harry laughed again.

"Well, anyway, have you two seen Ron or Hermione about?"

"No. The last I saw of them both was at the ceremony," Fred said, "Sorry."

"Oh. OK, thanks anyway."

Harry was mildly surprised when Fred and George caught each others' eyes and started sniggering.


"Oh - nothing."

"Come on, it can't be nothing. You don't laugh over nothing."

"Yeah you do!" George protested.

Harry looked at them both, raising his eyebrows. Fred burst into hysterics.

"What are you laughing at now?"

"Nothing! See, you can laugh about nothing!"

Harry groaned angrily.

"Look, do you two need to tell me something?"

"I don't know, do you think we do?"

"Probably, yes!"

There was a long silence.

"Right then," Fred said, lowering his voice, "But you can't tell them I told you."

"Who's them?"

"Ron and Hermione," George whispered.

"Ron and Hermione?" Harry repeated loudly, over the music.

"Yes. And keep your voice down!"

"What happened to them? They are alright, aren't they?"

"They're fine," Fred assured him, "Well - they're probably better than that."

Harry wished they would just tell him what they had to tell him and get it over with. He couldn't figure out what they were talking about, and it was driving him insane.

"What do you mean?" he yelled, "Spit it out or I don't want to know!"

"Maybe you don't!" George winked.

But Harry couldn't take any more of their jokes. He stood up, turned to face them, and snapped "Fine, I don't want to know, then!"

He was about to storm away, when they both blurted out, in a sing-song sort of way, "We saw Ron and Hermione kissing before the wedding!"

Harry froze, one foot in the air. He suddenly became a bit short of breath. He swallowed, gulped down several deep breaths, swallowed again, and spoke in a voice barely audible over the thumping music.

"You - you saw them kissing?"

He put his foot down and sat back between them.

"Yep," Fred replied, nodding vigorously, "About half an hour before we set off. I think you were in the bathroom -"

"- And they were ready, so they went outside," George continued, "I think Ginny and Dad were out there too, but they didn't see anything."

"I don't think so, anyway. They never looked in their direction."

"They were talking for a couple of minutes first."

Harry buried his face in his hands and moaned. He wouldn't mind it - if they had told him. He couldn't believe he wasn't meant to know about something like this.

"But - it might have been just a - a kiss on the cheek, or something? Right?" he stammered, knowing the answer before Fred even opened his mouth.

"Nope. It was on the lips." He grinned, "Mind you, I didn't really want to watch some girl kissing my little brother, so I didn't."

"Yeah. But they didn't come back inside for a few minutes."

"They both looked a bitpink in the face," they chorused, huge smiles on their faces.

"This is a joke, isn't it?" Harry said in a low voice.

He might have found this hilarious if he had found it out from Ron and Hermione first. In fact, when he came to think of it, they hadn't talked much at all since they arrived.

"No. It's the truth." George told him seriously.

"I - I've got to go, I need to talk to them -" he stood up and walked off briskly.

The music had faded, almost completely, in Harry's head. It was full of thoughts instead. Mixed feelings about what he had just heard. He was thrilled for them - but why hadn't they told him? Surely he had the right to know? They were his best friends.

Unless Fred and George were joking. They liked joking, didn't they? They always played tricks on people. They owned a joke shop...

He looked through the crowds of dancing people, dancing to music he couldn't hear. His heart was hammering as he caught sight of Ginny near the drinks table.

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