The Martin Triplets

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Summary:Zack and Cody always knew that they were twins since birth, but what if their mother and father kept a secret from them so big that it would rock the twins' world if they were to ever find out? If they are triplets, where has the third one been all this time, and will this boy embrace Zack and Cody as his brothers, or would he turn away from them?

Prologue:In the beginning when Carrie learned that she was pregnant with twins, she was very scared at first. She didn't exactly have the means to care for one kid let alone two at the same time. Both Carrie and Kurt were at a loss of thoughts when neither one could decide what to do about this situation.

There were tears of confusion, tears of heartache and pain, not knowing what the future beheld.

"Kurt we can hardly make enough to get by on our own, what are we going to do about this?"

Every mans fear is realized when his responsibility to make the final, life changing decision will effect the course of life the entire family will take. This was one decision that he would never be able to take back so it would have to be carefully considered.

"We're going to be just fine Carrie. This is a momentous occasion, in both our lives. Were treading unmarked territory in which neither of us will know the outcome, but one thing is for certain, we are in this together and nothing can go terribly wrong as long as we stick together."

Kurt always had a way of making Carrie feel better even when she was at the brink of a nervous breakdown. The months flew by and Kurt worked three different jobs to make sure that Carrie would be able to take it easy during the last few months before delivery.

Although times were rough, the couple had never been so close together, this was true love, and nothing could break them up.

But that fateful night of the twins delivery, the most shocking thing that neither of them expected occurred.

"A third one? How could you not pick this up on the machine!" Kurt yelled.

He had just left the delivery room; Carrie was bawling her eyes out because she knew that the two of them were basically ruined. How could they take care of three kids that popped into the world at the same time? How could they function? Both of them had to work in order to make this whole situation, this whole life, work out.

At this moment Kurt was mortified at the thought of triplets. Throughout all the commotion he was causing, he didn't realize he was hyperventilating and eventually he passed out on the floor.

When he came to, he was lying in a hospital bed staring at the ceiling. He thought in desperation, "What am I going to do?" He slowly walked down the hallways with a vacant expression across his face. This should've been a happy time in his life he was a father. Finally he reached Carries room where she was holding all of the boys.

She was just as scared as he was, and the looks on both of their faces silently expressed what they both knew deep down inside, "we are so screwed."

"What are we going to do Kurt?"

He was silent before but in an attempt to be brave he put on a weak smile.

"Like I said before, nothing can go wrong if we…"

"Kurt you know just as much as I do that this is impossible, twins was impossible but at least it was slightly doable."

"Carrie what else can we do?"

"I don't know Kurt, I don't know. I- I always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I always try to remain optimistic but I am just not strong enough to handle this. We… we have to do something. Admit defeat or something, we just can't… just can't do this."

Carrie broke down into tears again, Kurt wanted to comfort her but she refused to be consoled. This was reality and she had to face it headstrong. Not knowing what else to do, Kurt picked up one of the babies for the first time and held it in his arms. He looked just like his mother, all of them did. At that moment he knew that he was going to do something that he would probably regret for the rest of his life, but for the sake of his children's future, it had to be done.

Like a madman, Kurt's thoughts became distorted; he wasn't thinking clearly, all he really could think about was "a way out" he left carries room with child in hand, power walked down the hallways of the hospital and made his way outside. It was 3 o clock in the morning and it was cold. He wrapped the blanket extra tight around the baby as he placed him inside his car, into one of the "twins" car seats. He drove away, where was he going? Kurt wasn't sure himself. But eventually he found himself arriving at a crisis center, where teenage girls would give their babies up to the state. He grabbed the baby and headed towards the doors but found him self stopping in his tracks.

"I can't do this." He said to himself. A woman with nowhere to turn he could understand, but as a man with a wife and two other children, he realized that no matter what happened he would have to make it work, his life no longer belonged to him but to the children he brought into this world. It wasn't his right to abandon one of his kids.

Before Kurt turned back around to head back to the car, a black limo pulled up in front of him. The window rolled down just enough to hear a voice, and nothing more.

"I can help you," said a mysterious voice. Kurt tried to see who it was but a light was shined in his face.

"That's why you're here isn't it, you need help."

"Who are you?" Kurt asked.

"Who I am is not important, what's important is how I can help you out of your little situation. I've known people just like you; desperate, unsure of how things are going to work out, scared of the future. I can help you…"

"Help me how?"

"I represent an agency that specializes in placing the right child with the right parents. We make it a point to make sure that the child is well taken care of and properly educated in ways that will benefit the world. Sometimes, the best decision one can make for their child is letting them go. Giving them a chance that couldn't be provided any other way."

"I wasn't thinking clearly, what you saw a moment ago was a man who almost made the biggest mistake of his life. I'm not going to give my child away."

"Can you really say that you have the child's best interests at heart if you are selfishly keeping him from being able to achieve his maximum potential?"

Kurt thought for a second, this mysterious man was right, no matter what happened, regardless of if he kept all three, the children would end up having to struggle the same way he and Carrie did, unless he did something that could give the others a chance at a better life. He looked at his boy again and realized that he wanted nothing more than to see all of his kids live a happy life, with every possibility in the world available to them.

As he knew beforehand, every mans fear is realized when his responsibility to make the final, life changing decision would forever effect the course of life the entire family would take.

"Will I ever see him again?" Kurt asked, he felt like he was a defeated man.

There was a short break of silence, all you could hear was the engine rumbling.

"I can't promise you that… I can only promise you that the child is in good hands."

Then without thinking Kurt made the biggest decision of his life, forever changing the course of his family's history. He gave the child to a pair of hands through the window of a limo. And as the vehicle pulled away into the night, Kurt stood in the middle of the street empty handed, cold and lonely, with only his racing thoughts to keep him company.

"What have I done?"

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