It was deep in night.

No one was out at this late time. So no one noticed the figure who dragged itself over the asphalt, with bloody clothes and an empty glance.

The steps echoed heavily through the dark alley. His body felt incredible heavy but he didn't even notice that. Also he didn't notice the rain which fell on him for hours now. His glance was fixed to the ground. He didn't note his surroundings.

For how long he already strayed around, above all, where he was, he didn't know nor could he tell. His glance was empty and unreceptive for everything happening around him. His mind, his spirit… all that wasn't around him anymore. He had closed them down, trapping them within himself.

What he had seen, experienced, tonight had destroyed his already fragile soul completely.

His legs crossed the street as on their own without paying attention whether it was empty or not and dragged him with them. On the other side was a street-lamp. His feet stopped there. Although it was very bright… his eyes seemed glued to the lamp as if he hoped the light could carve a way out for him, back into life which seemed to have left his body. But it just didn't succeed. He was trapped to deep within himself.

Suddenly there were steps behind him which stopped when they reached him. Slowly, hauntingly he turned his head when he sensed the presence of another person next to him. When he cautiously looked up all he could see was a black shadow. His view was clouded. The person seemed to say something but the words couldn't reach his ears. The shadows surrounding him kept increasing. The figure seemed to merge with them more and more up to disappearing completely. Everything became dark, his legs lost their strength to keep him upright.

He fell into a deep darkness…

End of prologue


Jippieh! My first chapter... This is the first story I write...

I'm sorry for mistakes, if I made some... you have to know... English's not my first language. I have to get used to it... but I think I'll manage. So please forgive me. ;-)

Thanks for reading!