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What if?

The thought crosses everyone's mind.

Even if it's not true, and never will be, you have to think about it.

Violet looks beautiful today.

Klaus found himself thinking these things, and wondered: Why? He'd never cared how Violet looked; she was his sister, but now he found himself thinking how nice Violet's hair was in the sun, or how beautiful she looked when she gave him a rare smile.

What if?

Klaus thought about that; what if he and Violet were together? What would people think?

Violet thought similar thoughts.

Klaus is growing into such a handsome gentleman.

For years Violet had looked after her younger brother, and now she noticed things, like the way that Klaus was growing taller, and he was growing some muscle. She noticed that his voice was slowly starting to break.

What if?

Violet thought that often, although she didn't want to. What if she and Klaus ended up together? What would people think?

Violet and Klaus didn't want to have these thoughts, but they cross everyone's minds.

What if?

These thoughts scared them both: What if they developed feelings for the other? What would happen then?

No. She's my sister.

No. He's my brother.

The two eldest Baudelaires avoided each other as much as possible without deserting the other. They didn't hug as they used to: They were afraid they would enjoy it too much. There was no more handholding, or comforting hands on the shoulder: What if they never wanted to let go?

What if I get a flutter in my heart?

What if I get butterflies in my stomach?

What if I get a frog in my mouth?

Will it mean anything?

Does it mean anything?

Eventually, they passed this phase. They both knew that they didn't have feelings for the other; they loved each other as brother and sister, nothing more. It would never be anything more.

Although from time to time, they couldn't help but wonder…

What if?