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Chapter One

Megan felt the heat of the blast long before her mind registered the danger . She felt herself being thrown to the floor, was aware of an ear splitting thunderous roar. Debris rained down around her. Attempting to roll away Megan caught sight of David, he was crouched behind a car about twenty feet behind her. Shouting something? She couldn't be sure. Almost as if in slow motion Megan watched as David ran from the safety of the car to where she lay. His voice muffled as he spoke. Seeing she couldn't hear him properly David raised his voice to a shout.


Nodding slowly Megan grabbed onto David's arm as he pulled her to her feet. He slung her arm around his shoulders as they made their way back to the cars . Picking their way through even more debris.

David half carried Megan and set her on the ground behind the SUV. Looking her over he could see a few cuts and scratches on her face and arms. Other than that there didn't seem to be any further damage. She looked dazed, watched in confusion as people ran around, shouting orders. Sirens from the approaching Fire Department could be heard in the distance.

"He set it off"

"I know Megan."


David held Megan's hand, trying to keep her grounded.

"Did you see where Don and Colby were?"


"Megan" David held her head steady, ensuring she locked eyes with him.

"Did you see Don and Colby?"

He kept his words precise, clear. Watched as the question was digested. Megan fighting for control against sensory overload.

"Oh god David ! Oh God they were by the front door"

"Ok , It's ok Megan. We'll find them"

David looked around and spied an officer , he seemed to be in a daze, like most people at the scene. Still trying to compute what had just happened.

"Hey! Hey man!"

The officer turned to David, seeing Megan seemed to snap him out of his daze and into action.

"Is she ok?"

"I think so, but I need you to stay with her until the paramedics get here. Ok?"

"Yeah, yeah no problem"

"Thanks man"

David took another look at Megan, she seemed to have regained more awareness and nodded to him.

"Find them"

"I will"

David made his way back through the debris toward the devastation caused by the explosion. They had been promised an hour. He'd barely waited twenty minutes. David fought off the chill as he realised the bomber had waited until the Agents were within the blast radius. Waited until he'd catch them.

The front of the house had collapsed completely, the wall blown out causing the roof to cave forward. Chunks of the roofing and concrete lay cast aside like a grotesque version of Stonehenge .

Through the smoke David could make out bodies, most moving, albeit slowly. He ignored the ones face down and still. Don't think about that yet. Have to find Don and Colby. Concentrate.

Thinking back to the last radio communication David knew they had been on the east side, about to round the front of the house, ready to storm in before the bomb was set off. David walked to where the edge of the building should have been. More debris. The side of the house had buckled but not collapsed. David could see five bodies, they were intact, only a small amount of the wall had rained down around them.

David ran to where they lay, three were moving, two were still. Slowly he moved the first agent. Large gash to the forehead, conscious , confused but alive. Not Don. Not Colby.

The second agent was helping a third to sit up. David smiled in relief as Colby was helped to a sitting position.

"Hey man, you ok?"

"David? What the hell happened?"

"It's ok, try not to move. He set the bomb off early"

"Ya don't say"

David moved to the fourth body, which was lying on top of the fifth. He rolled the agent over, one arm definitely broken, thready pulse. Alive. Not Don.

He pulled him onto his back and went to check on the last agent. Holding his breath. This had to be, had to be him.

Check for pulse, weak but there. Hands under torso, roll slowly, support the head.

Don's face was pale and sweaty, covered in dust. But he was breathing, he was alive. David carefully laid his head down, there was blood all over his hair but no way to tell where the injury was.

"Don! Don can you hear me?"

No response. There was blood trailing down his neck, David turned Don's head carefully and saw that his ear was bleeding, he checked the other side. The same.

"Any sign of the paramedics?"

"David , he ok?"

"I don't know, he's alive at least. How are you feeling?"

"Thankful that we didn't knock on the front door I can tell you that. My ears hurt, my head hurts and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to put up with this ringing for a while to come"


Amita ran toward Charlie's office, she hoped he hadn't seen the news report. Thankfully he rarely went to lounge. They had all sat in silence as the news crews played out the horror with the excitement of a wino who had found twenty dollars and was heading toward the liquor store.

Eye witness reports , how did they find those people so quickly? One said there had been FBI agents by the door, another said they had already gone inside. One man had even said he'd seen bodies fly threw the air. Did these people live for these moments? Amita slid around the corner and ran to Charlie's door.


He was busy writing on his chalkboard, headphones so loud Amita could make out the song from her place by the door. She carefully approached him, laid her hand on his shoulder.

"Hey Amita, you ok?"


"Amita, what's wrong? Is it that study you're trying to finish. I can help you if you want me too you know. All you have to do is ask"

Charlie couldn't place the emotion in Amita's eyes, she wasn't speaking. She was just staring at him, staring at him with , with compassion? What was going on?

"Are you ok?"

"Charlie, there's been an incident. It's all over the news. A bomb went off at the house"

"Don didn't get there in time? I told him where the likeliest places would be. Was there much damage?"

"Charlie, Don did make it there. They're saying that several FBI Agents were injured"


Charlie felt his legs buckle. He moved to sit down. Never taking his eyes from Amita.

"I don't know. So far they're saying that there are several casualties. That the guy set the bomb off as the agents surrounded the building."

They sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity.

"It probably wasn't Don's team"

Amita held Charlie's hand. She knew it had been his team, had seen David in the background of the news report.

As she was about to speak Charlie's phone rang loudly, making them both jump. He sat staring at it for several rings. Afraid that if he answered then this would be real. It couldn't be real. It just couldn't.

Amita answered for him.

"Hello…..Hi, It's Amita……ok……..…where will he be?………I'll let him know…..No……….We'll call Alan……..ok……………thanks……..bye"

She put the phone back on the desk and held both Charlie's hands in her own.

"That was David, Don's being taken to memorial. He's unconscious but he's alive. Has a head injury of some sort. You need to call your Dad Charlie"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'll call him. Then can you drop me at the hospital?"

"Of course"


Alan stood in front of the packets of meat at the store trying to find the best beef for his lasagne. Seeing how none of the last batch was left uneaten he figured he'd give it another go. Maybe this time with some garlic? Or Chilli? His phone began to shrill loudly in his pocket.



"Hey Charlie, listen, do you want chilli or garlic lasagne?"


The hairs on the back of Alan's neck all rose in unison.


"He's at memorial, there was a bomb, he has a head injury."

"I'll pick you up on the way."

"Amita's going to drop me"

"Ok, I'll see you soon"

Alan left his shopping and the store behind, as he drove off a shop assistant ran after him, waving his basket . Another lost sale.


Alan sat in the waiting room with Charlie and David. They'd been waiting for news for over half and hour and were all starting to become impatient.

David had filled them both in on the events, the early detonation, finding Don, assuring them both that he was ok. Even though he wasn't so sure himself. They hadn't been able to wake him.

Colby and Don had ridden in one ambulance, Megan in another, with David following them both in the SUV. So far there were eight injured. Only eight .David had thanked all the god's he could remember for the low injury count. No fatalities. By some miracle the guy had set the bomb off at the wrong moment. Both teams had barely rounded the front wall before all hell broke lose. The news had played it somewhat differently of course. From what he could tell from Charlie of what Amita had said of the news report, you'd think that the entire FBI force had been at the house. They were so lucky. David crossed his fingers, hidden by his side. Please let the luck continue.

"Agent Sinclair?"


"Agent Reeves is asking for you"

"How is she?"

"She's fine, she's this way"

David nodded to Alan as he followed the Nurse. They'd had no news on Don yet. Other than he was still unconscious.

Megan smiled as David entered the room, he took in her appearance, dusty, tired, butterfly stitches holding a cut on her cheek, dressed in jogging bottoms and a t-shirt.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"I'll be better when they tell me how Colby and Don are. No one will tell me anything"

"We don't know much yet, Colby was awake at the scene and wanting to get back to work, they practically man handled him into the ambulance. Don's still unconscious, we're waiting for news. Aside from that how are you feeling?"

"I'm ok, a little sore but ok. I still can't believe the son of a bitch set it off early"

"Yeah, well, we found remains inside, they're being tested now but I'm pretty sure they're his."

"Shame, would have liked to have smacked the guy"

"Did they say when you could go home?"

"I have to rest here for another couple of hours, then I'm good to go."

"Good news"


Alan watched Charlie fidget, Charlie watched Alan watching him. Neither knew what to say and both were avoiding saying anything. The scenarios running through both the men's minds were varied and elaborate. Charlie was running through bombing statistics, probabilities of injuries dependant on how close the victim was to the blast, all this flashing through his mind at the speed of light, like a supernova exploding through space, consuming all other thoughts in it's path. Alan was trying very hard to concentrate on how he would reprimand Don for being so close to the blast, for taking such a chance, he tried to think of all the things he would say to him. All the while trying to avoid the image of Don's mangled body. He knew it was a head injury, but having seen so many bomb victims on the television Alan couldn't help but imagine his son broken in two, lost forever.

"Mr Eppes? I'm Doctor Murray"

Alan looked up at the man standing over him. Fearing the answer he asked the question anyway.

"Is my son alright?"

"Mr Eppes, Don has regained consciousness , he's not quite alert but he knows what happened, we're running tests right now and once we know more you'll be the first I tell."

"Can I see him?"

"Not just yet. As I said we have tests we need to run and then you can see him."

"When can he come home?"

Charlie stood next to the Doctor. He asked his question again.

"When can he come home?"

The Doctor looked at Alan who's eyes were filled with the hope that it would be soon.

"It depends on the tests. Definitely not tonight. We'll see how it goes. I'll come and find you when we're done so that you can see Don"

"Thanks Doctor"

Alan tried his best to smile but he really wanted to shake the young man before him. How dare he keep him from his son. Tests or no tests he was the father and therefore had every right to see his son, march right in there and ring his neck for causing them so much worry.

Charlie made his way to the room where he'd seen David follow the Nurse, he saw Megan on the bed talking softly with him

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"Charlie, hey any news on Don?"

"He's awake, that's all we know for now"

"That's good news"

"You ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok. A little shaken but nothing I won't recover from. I just can't wait to get out of here"

David stood and grabbed Megan's cell from the table.

"You want me to call Larry for you?"

Charlie couldn't help but smirk as Megan's face lost it's paleness in a full blush.

"What? Why? No, you don't need to do that"

Charlie walked back out to the waiting room and sat next to his father ,he breathed a sigh of relief. Don was awake. He was alive and he was awake. Which meant he'd be fine. He was sure it meant that. No way it could mean anything else.


"So what's the damage?"

David watched as Alan took a deep breath. Charlie was sat beside him, left leg shaking up and down and a look of barely contained panic in his eyes. Megan sat next to David, waiting for a response from the Eppes men.

"Well" began Alan , "It seems that he's sustained damage to his ear drums. They think he was closer to the blast than any of the others. I don't really understand to tell you the truth."

Colby entered the waiting room and sat next to Charlie.

"Don had started around the corner when the bomb went off. It was Miller who pulled him back"

"Hey man, how are you?" David asked , concern draped across his features.

"I'm good, a little banged up and bruised and I have one heck of a headache and ringing in my ears, but apart from that I'm good to go. How's Don?"

Alan took another deep breath.

"The Doctor says he has ruptured ear drums and is showing signs of Acute Vertigo."

Charlie let out a long sigh, like he'd been holding his breath for hours. He knew Don was going to be fine but the thought of what could have happened to his brother was going to be keeping him up for many nights to come.

"He also has concussion but apart from that he's very lucky."

"We had a lucky escape today Mr Eppes" Megan held Alan's gaze.

"Only one agent was severely injured today, the rest have cuts and bruises and sore heads. Jenkins had wanted to set the bomb off at the precise moment to cause the most amount of damage. He was determined to take as many of us with him as he could."

"Yeah, well, lucky for us his math was crap and he set it off too early" Colby grinned Charlie's way.

"I hope Don see's it that way. Thank god it wasn't worse. Do you know the statistics for victims of bombings? When I think of what could have happened to Don"

"Enough Charlie" Alan glared at his son. Breakdowns of bomb victim injury statistics just weren't needed right now. All Alan needed to know was that his first born was going to be fine, a little bruised, a little banged up, but in time he'd be fine.

Until then Alan was determined to chain him to the damn couch if he had to. Don was staying with them whether he wanted to or not and Alan refused to budge on that. He may be the big, tough FBI Agent but Alan had many years and a great deal more deviousness on him. He was not above tricking his first born into staying.

Failing that he would be handcuffing him to the damn couch.