Yesterday – II

Disclaimer: Nope, "Se7en" still doesn't belong to me, but to the rightful owners.

Author's Note: Last part of the story. It feels nice to have this idea leave my head, haha. This chapter will probably contain spoilers for the ending. Well, enjoy!


"Where will you be?"

"I'll be around."

It felt so ironic to him. Repeating the same words that he had said to Tracy so long ago. Or at least it felt like a long time ago. In reality, it was probably not more than a few weeks, a month maybe.

Could he call himself a sinner? He thought so. Not being able to forget a kiss that he shouldn't have been given, hiding the whole episode from David.

He cursed himself. He should've seen it coming a long time ago.

"I feel watched."

"Maybe it's your nerves," he had replied.

Why hadn't he taken her serious? He shouldn't have left her. He never even had the chance to say goodbye. His own pride. Pride, a sin. Envy. Of not being able to love her. A sin. And wrath. Anger filled him.

The only sinner here was him.

He continued down the sidewalk, making his way through the crowd. Now he would probably stay as a detective. But he could never forgive himself. He would just have to find a way to bear the burden.

Until then, he would be around.