I never believed in soul mates

I never believed in soul mates

Until you passed me by,

I never loved someone so much

That they could make me cry,

You won't admit you want me

Even though I know you care,

By the way your green eyes sparkle

When you brush back my hair,

My heart will never beat again,

My soul won't fix itself,

Until you say you love me too

And remove me from my shelf,

But not without a struggle

Will you let me in your life,

Tragedy left you guarded

But you've hit me like a knife,

I've tried to prise you open

Like a flower bloom in spring,

But as much light that I give you

You will never let me in,

Twice bitten, once shy

I know you've been burned before,

But leave the past back in the past,

You won't hurt anymore,

Someday I will have you,

And you'll be mine to cherish,

Once you're mine I wont let go,

Our love will never perish.