Big Boy Chuck


(A/N: This story takes place between the events of Child's Play 3 and The Bride of Chucky.)

Chapter 1: Crime Lab

It had been quite some time since 16-year-old Andy Barclay last saw Chucky. When he last saw Chucky, he watched as the spinning machine below the hill freely spun his body around and chopped him to bits with blood flying every which way. Andy put his fears of Chucky to rest, as he felt that he would never see him again, knowing how Chucky was gone by this point. He did not return to the Kent military school, as he spent his time at a mental institution. He never saw his friend Tyler again, but he figured that he went back to Kent.

Andy was quite calm, now that Chucky was out of his mind. He did not want to ever relive the frightening events of what happened to him during the last 10 years of his life. However, he couldn't stop wondering whatever happened to Chucky.

Back at the fair, bits of Chucky's body were still lying around near the spinning machine. Blood was ever present, and police wondered how so much blood could possibly be associated with one doll. They also discovered that one of the fair's security guards had been shot in the head. Nothing so mysterious as this had ever happened at that fair before. Was it possible that the two findings could have been related somehow? The police were dumbfounded.

The took the remains of Chucky, the dead security guard, and the minigun that was nearby Chucky. The workers at the crime lab examined everything to see whether or not there was a connection. The research took about one whole week. The results came back soon afterward, and one of the researchers came to the chief of the police to share the findings.

"Greeting, Adam," the chief said to the researcher.

"Hello, Chief Anderson," Adam said. "We got the results back from the lab."

"And?" Chief Anderson asked.

Adam sighed. "Well, we're still not sure whether or not there's a connection in all this. You see, the doll we found…has no fingerprints. There's no sureshot way to determine that the doll handled the gun. However, there were tiny deposits of plastic coated on the gun. What spooked us was that the plastic matched the exact same type that was used to construct the doll. We even found evidence that material deposits from the gun were in the doll's hands."

Chief Anderson's eyes widened. He was very worried. This was all very frightening. After all, could it be possible that a doll once was living and shot down a security guard? Adam wasn't finished with the results yet.

"We analyzed the doll fragments, and it's very bizarre, Chief. The bits of plastic are mixed in with multiple skin cells," Adam said slowly. Chief Anderson nearly screamed and almost fell back in his chair. "And we also saw real hair follicles on the head parts of the doll, and we did indeed find organs – yes, real organs from the doll. We checked the strange blood, and we discovered that the doll's genetic makeup perfectly fits his physical appearance. Chief…this means that the doll we found is no ordinary doll. It is apparently some sort of hybrid of doll and human. It's very strange."

"Oh…my…gosh," Chief Anderson said slowly. His eyes were wide open, and he was breathing very hard.

"What do you want us to do with the doll?" Adam asked.

"What brand was this…doll?" Chief Anderson asked.

"Good Guys, sir," Adam said.

"Okay, send it back to the Good Guys company and sue them for all they have and make sure they destroy every last bit of that doll!" Chief Anderson said.

"Sir, that company has been sued seven times within the last ten years – all over the same issue. There is some doll that keeps scaring this one boy…and I'm convinced it's that one," Adam said.

"Exactly my point! The Good Guys company is not doing what they should do to keep that doll away. They should have destroyed that damn piece of crap years ago! But instead, they keep polishing it up and making it new! This doll is disturbed and must be destroyed at once! We must sue the Good Guys company and order them to destroy it…no ifs ands or buts!" Chief Anderson said.

"Yes, sir," Adam said.

"You are dismissed," Chief Anderson said. Adam left Chief Anderson's office. He left for the crime lab to tell the other researchers about Chief Anderson's order to sue the Good Guys company. Obviously, something horribly wrong was going on at that company that needed to be weeded out immediately.