Title: Bittersweet (Drabble)
Word Count: 545
Author: Angel
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kite Eishirou x Hirakoba Rin
Note: Gouya is actually the bitter melon. The green thing that you call vegetableā€¦

"Iya! Iya! Iya! Iya!"

"Stop struggling and come with me."

Kite Eishirou dragged a protesting fair haired team-mate who looked like he was going to cry soon. The Higa Chuu captain restrained himself from smacking said team-mate on the head by reminding himself that it was Hirakoba Rin that he was dealing with. The night before, the team had had a sleepover at Kai's place. They really had a hard time trying to keep Tanishi away from the food. He would have hogged the food to himself had Kite not threaten to ban him from entering the club's tennis court for a month. It was then that Kai suggested they play truth or dare. Although Chinen protested that they were much too old to be playing the 'stupidest excuse of a game in the universe', he gave in eventually. Kite, however, refused to be involved.

Hirakoba had proudly chosen dare when it was his turnā€¦ and promptly regretted his decision the moment Aragaki dared him to eat gouya for the rest of the week. Surprisingly, Kite himself volunteered to make sure of it. In return, Hirakoba demanded Kite to keep him company wherever he wished to go for the whole week, saying that he might eat the gouya while Kite was not looking, which (of course) the captain did not believe. And so here they were, in the middle of Okinawa Waterpark, just because Hirakoba insisted they go on a date.

The sharp-sighted captain saw through his boyfriend's trick. Hirakoba was trying to make him forget about the dare. That was why he was dragging said boyfriend to the nearest ice cream stall with a big sign that said "Special Gouya Ice-cream".

"I thought you like ice-cream," Kite simply said, still dragging a reluctant Hirakoba along.

"But it's gouya!"

"Your dare, remember?"

Hirakoba pouted. "But ice-cream and gouya do not mix!"

Kite was so tempted to roll his eyes but he was too proud for such childish gesture. "A man has to be strong."

Hirakoba wanted to run when he heard Kite asked the stall keeper for a huge scoop of the so-called special gouya ice-cream. His attempt to flee failed miserably as Kite dragged him to a secluded corner behind a tree and forced him to eat the offensive ice-cream.

He should have known that Kite Eishirou was not dubbed 'The Hitman' for nothing. It sure was hard to fool him. Even being his boyfriend did not warrant you an escape from his strict supervision, and Hirakoba Rin was having a first-hand experience of that particular fact.

Contrary to popular belief, Kite was not a complete jackass or a total wacko. He knew the sorrowful expression on Hirakoba's face was earnest. His heart was not made of stone, anyway. Before Hirakoba could stretch his hand out to take the cone, Kite took a mouthful of the cold stuff into his mouth and smashed his lips to Hirakoba's. The smaller boy blinked a couple of times as the coldness slowly dissipated and was replaced with more comfortable warmth.

When Hirakoba closed his eyes to return the kiss, he decided that gouya ice-cream was actually very sweet.

He might even consider eating the bitter gouya next time, only if Kite agreed to 'help' him with it.