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Chapter 1

"So this is the famous Konoha Arts University, hm?" He murmurs, more directed toward himself than the man beside him while looking up at the well-decorated building. Definitely lives up to the "Arts" part, with all the colorful windows. You'd think that pink, plus other colors, glass windows would look weird for a school, but the reality is that it gives the pile of bricks more life.

"Yup, and this is where you'll be spending your time for a few years." The said man replies cheerfully, hands in pockets.

The boy sighs. "Kakashi, why do I have to move all the way here with you just because of your little crush on a teacher here? And a man too…" Sasuke glared, mumbling the last part, but the older either didn't mind or didn't hear.

"It's NOT a little crush! I'm in LOVE with Iruka-sensei!" Kakashi protests, following after Sasuke as he started ahead toward the school. "He's smart, brave, kind, warm, and super sweet! And not to mention his cute face! Have you SEEN him without his shirt? God, super sexy!" Kakashi twirls around in his description of his love.

Sasuke simply ignores his adopted father and checks a map to find the main office. While others find having your (adopted) father singing about his fantasy for another man disturbing, Sasuke's grateful that he was blessed with the skill to shut Kakashi, and others, out.

"What's with the gloomy look, Sasu-chan?" Kakashi pats the boy on the head, earning a glare in return. "Are you nervous about your first day?"

"Uchihas don't get nervous." Comes the flat reply.

"Is that so?" Kakashi muses, ruffling his messy hair. "Anyways, I guess I should be heading back now, we still have stuff to unpack. Call me when you get settled."

"Hn." Sasuke replied, and heads off for the office without another word.


He danced. Twirling, spinning, twisting. Working his body to its nature, he flings his arms through the air and makes a sharp turn with his feet. His eyes are closed, slipping away from reality. His senses dulled, and all his being is about his movements and the beats of the music now. A thin layer of sweat soon builds up on his tanned skin.

Suddenly, the music stops. The boy, startled, trips over his own feet and falls onto the smooth wooden floor with a yelp.

"And I actually wondered where you were, Naruto-baka!" A girl's voice yells.

Naruto, rubbing his backside, flashes a silly grin. "H-Hey Sakura-chan."

"Don't 'Sakura-chan' me, baka! I looked all over for you!" Sakura, hands on hips, walks over and glares at the blond. "Principle Tsunade wants a word with you. What did you do this time?"

"What! I didn't do anything lately!" Naruto scrambles to his feet. "That hag's out to get me for the slightest things!"

Ok, so what if I did stuff a few spiders into her desk. Big deal! It's not like it's the first time!

"Whatever!" Sakura smacks him on the head and sighs. "Just go now, or she'll throw a fit and make you wash all the sculpture rooms again."

Naruto pouted. What the hell? The old hag had made him mop the floors, whip the tables and counters, clean the sinks, and dust ALL the old clay shelves for EVERY sculpture room in the whole school just because he had set a piano room with a little spark! (The "spark" he meant setting fire to a room with 3 full-size pianos. Tsk tsk.) Not to mention all the toxic dust he inhaled to shorten his life span!

Quickly changing out of his sweaty shirt from the dance practice, the blond troublemaker heads straight to the Principle's office grudgingly.


Sasuke frowned again. Damn, this school's more complicated than the map shows it to be. And now, even though very un-Uchiha-like, he has lost his way.

Sasuke swore in his mind. They could at least have more than just one map around.

The halls are deserted and quiet. Not surprising, he supposed, it IS the weekend. No one would be wondering around doing nothing.

It's better this way. Sasuke doesn't like crowds.

He has always been surrounded by admirers, who loved the Uchiha. Uchiha, but not Sasuke. They never loved him for who he was.And he hates them for that.

THUMP! He crashes into someone around a corner.

"OW! What the…"

Sasuke curses under his breath, and turns to glare at the person.

And stared.

A blond slumped on the floor in front of him. He's rubbing his back while muttering something about keep ending up on the floor. His features are delicate, and his skin, exposed by the sleeveless shirt he was wearing, looks smooth and tanned.

So…feminine. The first thoughts that erupts in Sasuke's mind.

"Ah…sorry about that." The blond apologizes and looks up to face the Uchiha…

Who drowned in the depth of his eyes. He's never seen anything so clear and blue, like the ocean.

"Hello? Are you alright?" The blond is now back on his feet, and currently fussing over Sasuke while trying to see if the dark-haired boy is hurt. "Did you get a scrape or whatever?"

Snapping out of his thoughts, Sasuke put on an icy glare. "Watch where you're going, dobe."

Dobe? Where did that come from?

Sasuke's obviously not the only surprised by the sudden nickname. The blond blinks blankly, but then frowns.

"I apologized already, you don't have to be a jerk about it." He said defensively. This guy's mean!

Sasuke ignores him, and walks past the blond to continue his search for the school office.

"…Are you looking for somewhere?"

Sasuke glances back. The blond still has that pissed expression on his face, but seems to be unable to keep himself from asking what he asked.

"The main office." He replies plainly.

"Oh? That's just around the corner then… this corner." The blond pointed to his left, where Sasuke could see what he has been looking for over the past quarter. He heads over without another word.

"You don't need to come with me." Sasuke states when he heard the blond walking behind him.

A snort. "Tch, don't think flatter yourself, teme. I just have business there too."

Sasuke didn't reply. Teme? He has a nickname already. A smirk crept onto his face without reason.

This guy's interesting.

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