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Now sitting in French class, a pencil in mouth and not paying much attention at all, Naruto's thoughts wondered back to his asshole of a roommate.

Ok, so they had a rough start, but he's not quite ready to give up on the guy yet. Since, hey, he's going to be sharing the same room with Prince Icy for a whole year. Perhaps even longer. So if he doesn't want to get too fired up over the guy's rotten ass, he'll have to at least get along enough so that they at least won't bite each other's head off.

Plus, he doesn't want anyone looking at him coldly anymore.

A sudden flashback sent the hair on the back of his neck standing. But it's ok now, Naruto… He comforts himself in his mind, burying his face in his arms and rests against the desk surface. It's all in the past, and you're nice and safe now…

The bell rings then. Grateful for the interruption of his thoughts, the blond quickly stuffed everything he had out back into his bag and raced out the room first. With Biology in another building next, he has to rush back to his dorm, get the books that he forgot in the morning, and then, halleluiah, it's lunch.

But, of course, being the idiot that he is, Naruto forgot more than just his books.

"Shit, I left my keys in the room…" He kicks the door and slumps down with his back against it. Congratulations, Uzumaki, you're getting yourself late for class AND locked out. He sighs and slams his fist on the door hard in frustration.

Suddenly the door opens and, in his surprise, Naruto falls back with thud. He cursed as his back complained. Why is he always ending up on the floor and hurting his back damn it!

"What are you doing, dobe?"

Naruto looks up, still on his back, into his roommate's slightly irritated face. That's right, he has a roommate! Though he didn't know that the dark-haired boy would still be here, now he does.

"Ah, sorry! I left my Biology books here this morning!" Naruto explains as he scrambles into the room and found his books in the pile of his possessions by his bed. He tried to clean up for the Uchiha yesterday, but it was too much work to do everything all at once, so he just kicked them into a pile. Shikamaru's rubbing off on him. "And I forgot my keys too. Silly, huh?" He chuckles lightly at himself.

Sasuke doesn't say a single word as he quietly closes the door and went back to his desk. Closing his laptop shut, he collects a few books before standing and leaving the room.

"Class?" Sasuke looks back to see his blond roommate closing and locking the dorm door, while trying to put his things into the bag with one hand without dropping any. "Whatcha have now?"

The Uchiha took a few seconds considering whether or not to answer. "Biology, in the C building." Of course he'd rather to be known at little as possible, but he doesn't know why he answered truthfully.

The blond beams though. "Really really? Alright! Then I guess we're in the same class!" The last statement made Sasuke twitch.

Something tells him that he might not have peace.


"HEEELLO! DUMS AND DUMMIES!" Naruto hollers excitedly as he pushes, more like slams, open the café door, attracting stares but ignores them, as usual. "WHAT'S ON THE MENU, LOSERS?"

A pan came in contact with the back of his head, hard. "Will ya SHUT IT!" A woman's angry voice roars.

"OW! Anko-sensei that hurt!"

"I told you to SHUT yer YAP!" The angry woman yells, smacking the blond hard yet again while the rest of café went on with their business. This happens too often to be of any interest. "This IS a public cafeteria, brat! Now, what's your order?" It's scary how this woman can change her mood so fast. She could be all cuddling (not that Naruto ever want that) one moment, but hold a knife to your throat the next.

"That's why I asked 'What's on the menu'!" Naruto's goofy grin returns as he walks over and slumps down next to Chouji, who's always the first one to be seen in the café and is currently munching away.

"Ha! Ya know the round, kid! We've got ramen everyday JUST for ya!" Anko says with a cheerful grin and laughs. "So what will it be?"


Anko laughs again, ruffling the blond's hair before leaving to prepare the ramen lover's lunch. Naruto can't help but to smile. He feels so happy, with friends and people who care so much. It's kind of scary to think of how his life was before.

A casual slap on the shoulder brings him out of his thoughts and his attention to an angryKiba. Naruto blinks as his canine-obsessed friend slumps into the seat next to him. "And what's eating you, dog boy?"

"Hyugaa." Kiba growls out and steals the blond's unopened pop.

Naruto archs an eyebrow. He knows that his friend's head-over-heels over this Hinata Hyugaa and has been dating her for a few months now. The Inuzuki being angry at the girl is like seeing Shikamaru doing his work. Never.

"Oh? Did Hinata-chan cheat on you?" Naruto muses half-mindedly. He's fond of Hinata. She's quite sweet and cute, like a little sister.

"What? Of course NOT you moron!" Kiba almost paled at the thought of Hinata cheating on him. That's not going to happen, ever! "It's not her, idiot, it's her freaky cousin!" Swearing under his breath, Kiba gulps down the can of pop.

Cousin? Naruto blinks again. Isn't it that Neji Hyugaa? The blond has met the guy before, when Hinata invited the group over to her house - or rather, the Hyugaa Estate, which was a huge property with a huge mansion that had huge rooms and all (A/N: lame, I know XD) – for her birthday. Her cousin seemed to be going out, and she introduced him tothem then. Hedefinitelywasn't a friendly guy, that's for sure.

The second, and last, time he saw him was in the dance room. Naruto went for his usual dance schedule, and bumped into Neji. It was a bit uncomfortable, seeing as how the long-hair boy leaned into him and asked for his name. He shrugged it off after the boy left. Maybe the boy was justworried and wanted to know the people his cousin hangs out with.

"And what about her cousin? Pissed you off?" Naruto asks lazily as he eyed Shikamaru joining them and gave a little wave.

"Well, no DUH! Isn't it obvious, blondie?" Kiba slams the now empty pop can onto the table. "He showed up JUST when I was about to kiss Hinata!" Kiba yells in Naruto's face and pulls his messy hair. "Now I'll have to go through another three hours of planning for a perfect timing to kiss her… Damn you Neji Hyugaa!"

"For what?"

Naruto gives a start and turns around to see the center of Kiba's currently hatred. Neji Hyugaa.

"Hey, H-Hyugaa-san!" Naruto greets nervously. Damn, they were caught talking about a person BY that person.

"To you too, Uzumaki-san." Neji greetsback, though eyeing Kiba, who was currently edging away but glaring at the same time. "And you too, Inuzuki-san."

"Whatever, Hyugaa."

Neji gave him a cold look before turning his gaze back to the blond in front of him. "Are you going to have dance practice today?"

"Eh?" Naruto blinks. "Uh… yeah, I have them every other day."

"Hm... I'll see you, then." Neji gave a small nod in farewell before leaving the group.

"That…was weird." Naruto mused out loud and brings his arms up to the back of his head, leaning comfortably back against the café seat.

Kiba crushes the can in his hands. Shikamaru yawns. Chouji's still eating.

"Anyways," Shikamaru breaks the silence and Kiba's growling. "How's your new buddy, foxie?"

"Don't remind me!" Naruto sighs and sinks down into his seat. "Icy's in my biology class, though he sits all the way in the back and I'm in the front. And apparently, the girls found their way to him and he was drowning." He gave a little laugh at that. He's pretty popular too, so he's usually got some female population clinging onto him. At least now he knows that his pain is shared.

"Hn." Shikamaru mumbles, too lazy to say a proper word.

"HERE YA GO, BRAT!" A steamy bowl of noodle suddenly appears sitting in front of the blond. "Miso! Eat up, kid!" Anko also appears out of nowhere and gives a few (hard) slap onto Naruto's back.


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