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"Oh my God!" Rory exclaimed, "Best coffee ever! How did you discover this?"

Logan smirked, "I asked them to surprise me."

"I'm divorcing you and marrying whoever made this."

"Okay, I'll let her know."

Rory laughed and sipped her coffee mixture, savoring every swallow of it as she was savoring every second of the lazy afternoon with husband. They were walking down the streets of New York City, Logan's arm tucked protectively around her waist. She hadn't felt more at ease, more comfortable, since the night of her attack. It finally seemed that she was all the way back up to normal. She felt secure, confident, and successful. And with Logan at her side, it was easy to believe that nothing was going to bring her down again.

"So I read your article this morning," Logan commented.

"Oh? What did you think."

"It was alright."


"I'm just kidding, Ace," Logan laughed, "It was excellent."

"You really think so?"

"Of course."

"You aren't just lying to me because I'm your wife and I have complete and total control over you?"

Logan smiled, "You do not have complete and total control over me."

Rory cleared her throat and held up the cup, "You asked the lady at Starbucks to surprise you with a special cup of coffee. Control? Yes."

"That's not control, that's love."

"And power," Rory revised with a grin, "My power."

Logan quickly grabbed the cup out of hand and took a sip, smacking his lips dramatically.

"Mmm. I think I'll drink this all myself."


She reached up for it, but he held it above his head, laughing as she jumped on her toes.

"Say you have no control of me."

"But that would be lying," Rory whined playfully.

"Say it," Logan drawled, grinning.

"I have no control of you," Rory rambled off, "Now give me the damn cup!"

Logan placed it back in her hand, "Fiesty."

"Only when it comes to coffee," Rory said defensivly.

Logan raised his eyebrows.

"Don't even!" she warned.

He raised his hands innconcently, "I wasn't even thinking that."

"Yes, you were!"

"Just because your mind goes to odd places, Ace."

"Shut up."

He squeezed her side playfully and she jumped, laughing the entire time. She loved spending time free time with her husband. All of her worries vanished from her mind as soon as he smiled at her.

She couldn't believe it had been over a year since their wedding. It seemed like just yesterday she was dancing in his arms, feeling the sand between her toes and the moonlight shining on her shoulders. They had been through ups and downs, sometimes they had been split apart, but mostly they had handled everything together, side by side. He was more than just her husband, he was her best friend. The one she turned to when she needed a shoulder to cry on, the one she could count on to understand everything, no matter how big or small it was.

She remembered briefly the day they had first met and she couldn't stop the smile that came to her lips. Him, Colin, Finn, and some girls she couldn't remember had driven her absolutely crazy on first impressions. His smirk, which she had grown to adore, had made her want to slap him across the face. But then later, at the bulletin board, when he smiled at her. God, when he smiled at her she couldn't resist. He had been clever, and funny, and she couldn't get him out of her mind. And then she fell in love with him. It was quick and sudden, like a rock free falling off a mountain side. One jump off a tower with him and she was head over heels. She couldn't help it, tried to stop it, but she couldn't make herself not love the boy with the chocolate colored eyes.

And being with him was better than she could've ever imagined. At first, it was his quick comebacks and witty remarks that had drawn her towards him. Later, his love of life and live for the moment attitute. But Logan Huntzberger went deeper than that. He was caring, kind, gentle, and loving. He was the kind of person who put all of himself into something when he really needed it in his life. He had thrown away his former life for her, revised himself for her. That was something she would never, ever forget.

And there were the dresses, the jewerly, the surprise outings, and cute notecards. She loved them all, everything he did for her was amazing. But what she loved the most, what made her smile the most, were the things he didn't even think about. The gentle kiss when she woke up in the morning, the way he always poured her mug of coffee first, how his fingers lightly tapped against her waist, the feeling of waking up to his arm resting on her shoulders.

If there was one thing in life Rory always wanted to find, it was love. She wanted that fairytale kind of love where her heart would flip everytime a certain boy walked into the room and where every kiss would be like setting fireworks off right infront of her eyes. She didn't even imagine finding it so early in her life, but Logan was everything she had ever wanted and more. He wasn't the man she had imagined, but he exceeded all of her daydreams. The prince in her fairytale would have never been able to stick by her the way Logan Huntzberger had.

"Earth to Rory," Logan called, "You awake over there?"


"What were you thinking about?"

"You," Rory chirped, tossing her empty cup in the nearest garbage.

"I'm honored."

"You should be."

"Ahh, so it was good then."

"I never said that."

"If it wasn't good, why would I be honored?"

"Because it's not quite as bad as what everybody else is thinking," Rory teased.

"Keep it up and there will be no more surprise coffee creations."


Logan smirked, "I know."

Rory leaned her head against his shoulder and he pulled her closer to him, planting a kiss on her temple.

Rory's thoughts drifted towards his party from a few weeks before. After the whole Jess incident, it had been a complete success. Logan had seen people he hadn't seen since graduation and she had noticed his face light up everytime he saw a familar figure. He had loved every minute of it and she had been thrilled. Finally, she was able to give Logan a happy surprise.

She thought about Colin and Finn, who had been so great for her and Logan through their hard times. Each one had been helpful in their own way. Finn with his funny antics and random comments, and Colin with his suddenly more mature, helpful outlook on life. They couldn't have asked for two better friends to get them through everything. She couldn't have asked for two better Logan substitutes while he was away.

And as she thought about Colin and Finn, she couldn't help but remember Logan's fight with Jess. The police had contacted them about her ex-boyfriend and he would be going on trial. She would have to testify, but she didn't want to think about that right now. She was happy and healthy for the first time in a long time and she just wanted to enjoy that feeling.

They reached the front of their apartment building and they rode the elevator upstairs to their room. As soon as they entered, Logan walked off down the hall and Rory stared after him, slightly confused. Shrugging her shoulders, she sat down on the couch, waiting for her husband to return.

Before he came back though, a song became playing through the stereo system. As the notes drifted through the apartment, Logan walked over to the couch and sat down, pulling her into his tight embrace. With the soft lyrics playing the backround, Rory snuggled up next to her husband, slipping her hands over his. She was sure there was nothing in the world she loved more than laying in his arms on a quiet night, with nothing to do but enjoy his loving touch.

"You know, if all our nights could've been like this--"

"I know," Logan interrupted with a smile, "But we made it anyway."

"That we did, Huntzberger."

"You know what I was just thinking about?"


He smirked, "When you lived with Paris."

"And why were you thinking about that?" Rory asked.

"Because it was so damn amusing!"

Rory laughed, "You didn't have to live there all the time."

"True," he paused, "But for the few moments I was there, it was pretty hilarious. How is she, by the way?"

"I haven't talked to her for awhile, but last time I checked she was driving everyone in medical school insane."

"Good old Paris."

Rory sighed, "Good old Yale."

"It was fun, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, it was," Rory agreed.

"The best years of our lives, or so they say."

"Were they?"

"Ahh, I'm quite fond of the ones I'm living right now," Logan replied.

"So sweet," Rory stated playfully, leaning up to give him a kiss.

Logan laughed suddenly, "Do you remember when I climbed in your window?"

"How could I forget? You were the first and only guy to ever do that."

"And I did it gracefully."


"How would you know? You have nothing to compare it to."

"The movies."

"Movies don't count," Logan argued.

"Do to."

"Do not."

"And why not?" Rory inquired.

"Because they get as many takes as they need to get in the window."

"Point," Rory agreed, "But the ones who do it on the first take are still impressive."

"And how do you know who does it on the first take?"

"I assume."

Logan laughed, "You know what happens when you assume--"

"Corny, Huntzberger."

"But true, very true."

"How do we get into this conversations?" Rory asked, grinning.

"I have absolutely no idea."

Rory laughed as she eased her head back on his shoulders, breathing in his scent as she always did. She tried to tuck away every little moment she had with Logan into her memory, even though she knew there would be countless more in the future. To her, everyone was unique, everyone was heartwarming. And as she looked into his brown eyes with her blue ones, she knew that they still had so much more to look forward too. And she couldn't wait to start.

Thank you for loving me

For being my eyes

When I couldn't see

For parting my lips

When I couldn't breathe

Thank you for loving me

As the words of the song floated around the room, she felt Logan's hand tilt her chin up. Before she could react, his lips came crashing down on her's in a passionate, loving kiss that took her breath away. Logan would always have that ability. He always, always knew how to take her breath away.