Summary: Three years had passed since she walked the Labyrinth. Can Sarah tell him what's in her heart? Can Jareth teach her what she wants to know?

A/N: I've always wanted to do a Labyrinth story but couldn't come up with a reasonable plot plus I can't do anger and triple innuendoes that makes Labyrinth so wonderfully decadent. However, I thought I would give it a try.

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Dear Jareth

Chapter 1: The Slumber Party

Sarah Williams should've been the happiest girl in town, but in fact, she was the most miserable. She had graduated from high school and had won a full scholarship in a small ivy league New England college about an hour's drive from home. She even knew what she would be majoring in.

However, what made her miserable was that she had been talked into hosting a end of the school year slumber party with her friends by Becka Talbor of all people. Now don't get her wrong, she liked Becka. They shared the same taste in art, music and religion. Sarah would've become goth along with Becka if she wasn't such a coward.

Sarah liked spiking her raven hair and the three piercings in each ear lobe but that's where her rebellion ended. Becka tried many times to get Sarah to go full goth but she just couldn't.

Now here she was hosting a slumber party for several of their mutual friends in Sarah's bedroom, Sarah's sanctuary from prying parents and a bratty little brother. Sarah adored Toby but there were times when he really got on her nervous as only a little brother can.

Tonight, her parents were out and won't be back late. Toby was spending the night with a friend. That left Sarah and her friends alone in the house. Sarah had the feeling that Becka was planning something. Something that she wouldn't like.

Becka was heavy into Wiccan and Paganism. She kept after Sarah to do this spell or that curse. Sarah who really knew something about magic would just shudder and refuse. Then Becka found Sarah's copy of the Labyrinth.

Thankfully, Sarah never told Becka her adventure. Sarah knew better. If there was one thing that she had learnt from her experience was words have power. Calling his name had power. Saying that one simple sentence had power. Sarah liked Becka but she didn't like her that much.

The slumber party was in full swing. Becka and girls seem to be holding some secret pow wow in the corner. Sarah tried to hear what was going on. She didn't really trust Becka. She usually came up with very hair-brained schemes at these parties.

"Hey Sarah?" called Amy.

"Yeah?" Sarah asked looking up from her spot on the floor.

"Is the pizza here yet?"

"I dunno. I guess I better go check."

The girls giggled as Sarah moved out the door.

Sarah returned just as Becka was chanting something.

"What are you doing?" Sarah screamed as she noticed the girls in a circle. In the middle was a chalked diagram and in the middle of the diagram was Sarah's copy of the Labyrinth.

"Hush Sarah! We are going to summon the Goblin King," Amy said, softly. "Becka thought it would be cool."

"Yah! We didn't want to tell you as you would spoil it," another girl said.

Becka continued her chanting. Sarah paled and shook her head. "You . . .you don't know what you are doing. You don't know. . . Becka Stop!"

Becka called out, "We wish for you to appear before us, Oh Goblin King!"

Sarah snatched up the little red book and ran to her vanity. She looked in horror as her window flew open and a white snow owl flew in. The girls screamed in fright as the owl flew around the room. Sarah reached into a drawer as the owl hovered in front of her bedroom door and morphed into a tall thin man with blond hair that was long in the back and short spiked in the front. It was his eyes that caught their attention. They were mismatched.

The girls, including Becka all jumped over the bed away from the man who was dressed in high Regency fashion of skin tight grey pants, a white ruffled poet shirt and a black leather waist coat with tails. He wore almost knee high black leather boots and black gloves. In his hand was a riding crop.

"Sarah. Sarah. I thought you were above all this," the man said, slapping a riding crop in his gloved hands.

"Me? I had nothing to do with this," Sarah said, leaning against her vanity watching him as a frighten mouse would watch a cat. "I'm not THAT stupid. I learnt my lesson with you years ago."

"Then who. . .?" his mismatched eyes turned to the frighten girls. "Ah yes." He stepped to the chalked diagram and sneered as his boot scuffed the lines. "No Sarah, my dear. You are not that stupid. Naive, stubborn, irritating but not stupid."

"Sarah, who is this man?" Becka asked, nervously. "How does he know you?"

"Who am I? My dear foolish girl, I am the Goblin King. You wished me to appear. So here I am." He stepped closer, causing the girls to whimper in frighten. A sneer played on his lips as he seemed to be enjoying himself. "You would love lovely as a goblin."

"Jareth! I propose a deal, a trade," Sarah said, seemingly coming to her senses. "Leave the girls alone. They were only following Becka's lead."

"MY dear Sarah, you have nothing I could possibly want," Jareth turned his attention back to Sarah.

Sarah smiled as she held up a small black journal. "I believe I can change your mind," she said, flipping through the journal to a passage she had marked. Showing him the page, she whispered, "This journal for leaving myself and the girls in this room alone." She showed him the passage.

He snatched the book out of her hand and leafed through it, considering it for a moment. "Very well, Sarah. I accept. I will leave you and them alone in exchange for this."

He disappeared before their eyes causing the girl to scream in fear.

Becka came to her senses. "Sarah? Who was that? Why? How?"

Sarah froze for a moment, as she took in the fact that Jareth, the Goblin King had once more came back into her life. She had hoped she had more time and a little more maturity before she saw him again.

Letting out a long sigh she turned to her former friends. "OUT! NOW! GO HOME! THE PARTY IS OVER!" She started throwing pillows, clothes and shoes at the girls. "I don't care. I'm going down stairs and when I get back, you guys are out of HERE!"

"Sarah!" Becka said. "Don't be this way. I'm sor. . ."

Sarah walked out of her room slamming the door as she left.


When Sarah was alone, her friends gone, she sat in front of her vanity mirror. When she was 15, she had done a foolish and cruel thing. She had wished her baby brother away to the goblins. To get him back, she had to play by HIS rules and walked the Labyrinth. She won. She got her brother back but she had paid a very high price.

Reaching up, she touched the mirror, "Jareth?" she asked softly. "Please don't be too upset with them."


Jareth, the Goblin King, sat in his study, reading a small black journal. His face impassive as a fist rested on his chin. A disembodied voice broke his thoughts.

"Jareth? Please don't be too upset with them." Sarah's voice echoed in the darkness.



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