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Chapter 27: Epilogue – You Wanna Bet?

The court gasped. Many started to whisper around them. However, Sarah only had eyes for the man in front of her. She smiled and blushed as Jareth pulled her closer. "I am also deeply in love with the man behind the Fae mask. I was a child when we first met but now . . ."

"Bring her back!" the queen screeched, breaking the mood. Jareth closed his eyes, leaning his forehead against Sarah's.

"Enough Helena," Tauthal spoke sternly. "Jareth, I am sorry that my wife and her cousin have caused you such grief. Both will be dealt with. Might I suggest that you keep Allienor for a few months before returning her? Maybe by then she'll have learned her lesson. If not, I'm sure I can find someplace to put her to keep her out of your hair and kingdom." Tauthal walked off the dais to stand in front of the couple.

The High King softly brushed a knuckle across Sarah's cheek. "You have indeed found your soul-mate brother. I sense that she has the ability to keep you on your toes."

Jareth chuckled. "You don't know the half of it."


Sarah smoothed her gown as she and Jareth appeared at the entrance to a very elegant ballroom. High King Tauthal was hosting a gala event honor of Jareth and Sarah's anniversary and Sarah's graduation from college. Normally, she would be dreading all the hoopla but tonight, she had an ace up her sleeve. She had learned her lessons on etiquette and decorum well. The Fae court won't know what hit them.

'Helena sure knows how to throw a party,' she thought as she smiled up at her tall regal husband. The hard, cynical lines of his face had eased since their marriage. He was still the same over bearing Goblin King that she had fallen in love with so many years ago, but now, it was tempered with the love they shared. He didn't threaten the goblins as he once did. 'Oh he still snarled and sneered when he didn't get his way,' Sarah hid a smile. 'Well, he could snarl all he wanted but a hug and kiss usually sets him straight.'

The herald announced their presence as Jareth led her down the grand stairs to the dance floor. The Fae guests parted as the royal couple made their way to the dias to greet Tauthal and his queen Helena.

The night was perfect. The music was just right. The food was to die for, and the dancing was divine. Sarah's mind went back to the first time Jareth danced with her in the bubble when she was running the Labyrinth so long ago. This night had the same magical feel as that one.

However, all good things must come to an end. Sarah was getting tired and there was no end in sight. Protocol and decorum demanded that no one leaves before the High King and Queen. Being the guests of honor, made leaving early a definite social faux pas. It had been a long and exhausting day for Sarah and her mind drifted back to this morning.


Graduation ceremony had been the day before and Sarah graduated with honors. Jareth had been on his best behavior when she received her diploma. No goblin had appeared. No fairy magic erupted in fireworks display. The parties afterwards made for a late night.

Sarah dragged herself out of bed, moaning softly. A bout of nausea was what woke her a very erotic dream. Thankfully, Jareth had returned Underground because they had to attend tonight's gala hosted by Jareth's brother. Groaning, she knew she wasn't going to make it through the day, not to mention the gala.

She stopped by the campus health clinic to see if she had the flu. The wait was impossible. The day after anything major was always the worst for the clinic. An hour and a half and two trips to the restroom later, she still hadn't been seen. She was running out of time.

As she sat there, Professor Kaisa walked in. "Sarah? What on earth are you doing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready?"

"Yes, Professor but I'm not really feeling the greatest," Sarah said, still looking a bit green.

"Well. Come along. I know just the person you need to see."

"Oh please, don't tell Jareth. He would be hovering and snarling all night. I should be fine for the gala tonight," Sarah begged.

Kaisa had been good as her word. She had taken Sarah to her personal healer who had performed a thorough examination.


"Sarah, My pet?" Jareth asked as he led her off the dance floor and back to the dias. They had been at the gala for what seemed to Sarah hours upon hours but in truth, it was still quite early in the evening.

"I want to go home," Sarah asked, feeling very tired. Her feet and back were starting to hurt and she needed to use the restroom.

"Sarah. We can't. It's too early." She knew Jareth hated court functions as much as she did but he was a proper Fae royal. He would never dishonor or snub his brother.

"Jareth. Love. How about a wager?" Sarah asked coyly, playing with his lapel. Time to play that ace up her sleeve.

"And what kind of wager?" He asked suspiciously.

"Well, I bet I can get you to agree to leave now, without a fuss."

"And if not, My Pet? Then what?"

"We stay and afterwards, we can play out that wet dream you sent me last night," she said softly, with an evil look in her eyes.

Jareth's eyebrow raised as his eyes glazed over with lust. "And if you win?"

"We say our good byes, leave now and I get a fantastic foot massage."

Tauthal and Helena exchanged an amused look at the by-play of the two newlyweds. Both had grown quite fond of the new Queen of the Goblins.

"Now Sarah. You and Jareth you aren't planning to do something discourteous?" The High King asked.

"And how will you convince Jareth to go against protocol?" Helena asked with a giggle.

Sarah smiled as she pulled out a folded card and handed it to Jareth. "This is for you my love."

Jareth warily took the card, giving his queen a questioning look. After reading the card, his eyes rounded. He looked up at Sarah, then back at the card, then back to Sarah, who gave a slight nod. Tossing the card over his shoulder, Jareth grabbed her and spun her around.

Sarah laughed as her arms went around his neck. "Take me home, now please?"

Cradling her in his arms, Jareth turned to his brother. "Nice party. Hate to dance and run but Sarah needs her rest." With a cursory bow and a wide grin, the Goblin King and his Queen vanished in a shower of fairy dust.

Helena giggled. Tauthal had a bemused looked. Those around the dias and nearby had a scandalized look on their faces. None had been close enough to hear the bet between the Goblin King and his Queen. To leave early at an event in their honor was disgraceful and not done.

A nearby courtier handed the card that Jareth had dropped to the king. "His majesty dropped this," the courtier said with a disapproving sniff.

Tauthal read the card and laughed "Well, Jareth has most definitely met his match," he said, before he handed it over to Helena.

"I knew it!" She exclaimed, then went on to explain as she looked up into her husband's eyes. "You had the same dazed look in your eyes the first time, love." Tucking the card into her sleeve, she smiled, turning to the audience, "Let the dancing continue. We have even more reason to celebrate. King Jareth and Queen Sarah had to leave suddenly because they are expecting their first child in seven months."


Sarah found herself stripped and in bed with Jareth hovering over her. Laughing, she asked, "So do I get my foot massage now?"

Jareth laughed. "That and anything else you desire, My Queen, My Love, My Life. I am your slave."


Dear Daddy,

This is to let you know that Mommy is expecting us. We should be born in about seven months. Please don't let mommy over tire at the gala tonight. The healer said she needs her rest. She is very healthy and should not have any trouble carrying us to term.

The twins

-- Fini --


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