AOE Saga:

Suspicious Kinds

Chapter 1: Holiday

Matt and the crew of the BiNebular have been fighting Hamsterviel's empire for quite a while now. They've destroyed bases, droids, weapons, and public restrooms. (The last one was an accident.) They've all become well acquainted with the Resistance soldier, Chris. And now they've all received something they've been wanting for a long, long time. Two weeks of vacation time. All the fighting was very tiring and they needed a break. But the question was where to go? Skiing at Frijon-4? Mountain climbing at Everon-15? Exploring the Swamp Moons of Drebulon-6? (I have no idea whose idea that was.) Finally a decision was made. They will go to the tropical planet, Jamaikamo.

Jamaikamo was famous for its perfect weather conditions, its surfing waves, and its beautiful archipelagos. The experiments from Earth suggested this the moment they heard of the planet. It reminded them of Hawaii. The others found it agreeable as well. Matt and Chris found surfing to be very enjoyable and took to it immediately. After a couple of waves, they waded in to see how the others were doing. EnigMorph was sleeping the sun, somehow slightly reminiscent of a sleeping dragon. Lilo, Stitch, and Angel were making a sandcastle. Rick, 625, and 627 had buried themselves up to the neck in the sand. Chip was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Chip?" asked Matt. "He's in the sand too," said Rick. "He was sleeping in can-mode when we buried him." Suddenly Chip's four spider-legs popped out of the ground and started kicking wildly. Chip's muffled screams could be heard underneath the sand. "Whoops, we buried him upside-down again," said 625. Meanwhile, Akira and Kala had paddled out in a small raft to look at the waters below. "It's so beautiful," said Kala. "The crashing waves, the crystal waters, the giant shark-fin." "Shark Fin!" yelled the two experiments. They saw a large green shark-fin heading straight towards them. The experiments quickly went into full reverse towards the shore. The shark fin traveled to where their raft was a second ago and popped out of the water. It was only Draco who held two of his wings close together to resemble a shark's fin. "Gets them every time…" chuckled Draco and went back underwater.

Chris watched with mild amusement and then asked, "Where are the other Morphs?" "I think they're playing King of the Mountain on those dunes," said Lilo. Matt and Chris looked up towards the dunes and saw the five smaller Morphs bouncing on top of each other, trying to shove the others off. Then MegaMorph accidentally shoved PlasMorph directly downwards into the sand. The dune trembled and the Morphs stopped bouncing. Then the sand gave way underneath them and started a small landslide. All the Morphs were caught up in it and the sand stuck to their bodies forming a giant ball of sand. The sand ball kept rolling down the dunes getting bigger with each second. Then Matt and Chris realized too late that the ball was heading straight towards them.

The ball scooped them up and kept rolling on down the beach. Matt and Chris couldn't see anything but sand and couldn't tell where they were going. Then they felt a charge of electricity go through them and the sand ball stopped dead. A second later, it collapsed. Matt and Chris dug their way out of the sand where they started coughing out the sand that got in their mouths. "Well, well, you certainly do find a lot of things buried on the beach." Matt and Chris paused at the sound of the very familiar voice. They turned around slowly to see the source of it. Commander Silvia was only a few feet away from them. However, she wasn't in her battle armor and surrounded by droids waiting to capture Matt and Chris. Instead she was sitting in a lawn chair, wearing a blue one-piece bathing suit and a pair of sunglasses.

One of her paws was outstretched towards them and was still crackling with electricity from the zap she used on the sand ball. "I thought these beaches were more exclusive, but it was worth it to see the two most wanted fugitives in the Empire in a most undignified position." "What are you doing here?" asked Chris, preparing himself for a fight. "2-week's vacation," answered Silvia. "You go on vacation?" asked Matt incredulously. "Of course. Despite the role, I'm no workaholic. I want a break every now and then and that stubborn Johnson finally aloud me one." "How did you get him do that?" asked Matt. Silvia lowered her sunglasses and smiled, showing off her canines. "Let's just say I'm very persuasive," she said winking. "Isn't it a bit dangerous for you to be here on your own?" asked Chris. "Who said I'm on my own? Emperor Hamsterviel allowed me to pick a bodyguard before I left. And I find him to be very helpful." Then Matt and Chris heard loud grumbling and looked in the other direction to see something about 4 feet high and dressed in a black fedora and trench coat heading towards them. When the creature got close enough, Matt and Chris could clearly hear the griping it made with its mangled voice; "She could have chosen any bodyguard to bring along. A droid, a Splitter, or even an experiment. But nooo, she had to pick me. 'He'll be just perfect. He'll be very useful.' Working my claws and fangs to stumps for her is no way to treat me. I better get a big paycheck for this."

The creature was now at Silvia's side and handed her a foam cup. "Here's that smoothie you wanted," it said. Silvia took it and started drinking it, completely ignoring the creature's complaining. Then the creature turned and looked at Matt, showing its face. It wasn't a pretty one; it had five red eyes in the middle of its face in a scrambled pattern with a crooked mouth filled with needle-like fangs underneath it. On the left side of its head was a large, oval-shaped, red eye similar to the other eyes except this eye was the only eye with a pupil, which was a vertical slash. On the right side of its head were a pair of ears resembling Stitch's except they were joined at the base and had a few too many nicks. On its front it had an N-shaped mouth poking through the coat.

The creature groaned and said, "Not the Traveler here too. Silvia's bad enough but now I have to take care of him?" "No we don't," said Silvia, still drinking her smoothie. "We're off duty. We don't have to do anything." The creature sighed and looked at Chris, who was staring at it the entire time. They looked at each other for a few seconds and then both said, "Who the heck is this?" Matt cleared his throat and said, "Chris, remember that Shadow Clone I've been telling you about? This is NegaMorph. NegaMorph, this is Chris, my partner." Neither made attempts at a friendly attempt of greeting. Then NegaMorph said, "Say, isn't this the Chris that's been messing with your plans all these months?" Silvia made a sound between her teeth that sounded like an angry cat hissing. "Yes." Chris pointed a thumb at NegaMorph and said, "Googly-Eyes here is the Clone you've been looking for?"

"Googly-Eyes?" said NegaMorph indignantly. "With that obnoxious attitude, it's no wonder you and Silvia go together." Silvia slurped too much of smoothie and started coughing. When she stopped, she said, "NegaMorph, that's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard you say!" "Yeah!" said Chris. "Like I would want to have anything to do with her!" Matt pondered this for a few seconds and said, "Now that you mentioned it, once you get beyond the species and the principles and the good/evil thing, your personalities are…" Just then Matt saw the petrifying glares on Chris and Silvia's faces. "Complete and total opposites," finished Matt. "Yep, couldn't be more different."

At that moment, the Morphs popped out of the sand. "Let's go again!" yelled PlasMorph. They saw NegaMorph and said, "Uh-oh." NegaMorph grinned widely and said, "Look, a consolation prize." The Morphs let off a yelp and scurried over the sand. NegaMorph followed briskly after them. They dived into a couple of small holes. NegaMorph stopped right in the middle of those holes. The Morphs popped in and out of the hole, teasing NegaMorph. NegaMorph started hammering at the Morphs like a game of Whack-A-Mole. Then the Morphs started popping up in other holes and the Whack-A-Mole game quickly turned into a game of Twister for NegaMorph. Eventually the Morphs had twisted NegaMorph into several knots. With NegaMorph disabled, the Morphs popped out of their holes and went to the other end of the beach. NegaMorph groaned and said to himself, "If anyone but Silvia asks, they were giant ant-lions and there were thirty of them." Matt, Chris, and Silvia were watching with mild interest. "I think those Morphs are smarter than they act," said Chris. Matt looked at him and said, "That's the scariest thing I've heard you say." Chris ignored this and turned to Silvia and said, "You know I can't let you go." "Oh, fine," said Silvia and pressed a button on her wristband. With a flash of light, her swimsuit was replaced by her battle armor. "I suppose I have to get this over with," she said. Matt and Chris activated their battle armors too and prepared for a fight.

But before anyone could make a move, a rumbling shook the ground. "What's that? An earthquake?" asked Matt. The dune that the Morphs were playing on earlier shook and a metal cannon popped out of it. "Okay, not an earthquake," said Matt. The cannon shot several orange-sized metal balls into the air. The balls hovered in midair and then swooped down onto the beach. Three of the balls hit Lilo, Stitch, and Angel before they could run. They opened up and shot a golden beam of light at them. The beams hit them and covered them in golden light. Then with a flash of white light, Lilo, Stitch, and Angel disappeared and were replaced by blue pods. The beams from the metal balls turned green and sucked up the pods. The metal balls snapped shut and flew back to the cannon where they went in through a side door.

"Dehydrator Balls!" cried Chris. "They'll dehydrate and capture any experiment they touch!" Four more Dehydrator Balls flew towards Rick, Chip, 625, and 627. The Balls captured them and flew back to the cannon. Akira and Kala had just landed on the shore when the Balls caught them too. Draco had dove back underwater to escape the Dehydrator Balls but one dove after him. There was a flash of first golden light, then white light, and finally green light and the Ball rose out of the water. EnigMorph was wide-awake and was blasting at the balls that were heading towards him. He destroyed many but they proved too much for him to handle and he too was captured. The five other Morphs and NegaMorph never had a chance. Then three Balls flew straight towards Matt, Chris, and Silvia.

Before Matt could pull out his weapon, one Ball hit him on the head. He saw stars for a few seconds, but nothing seemed to happen. The Balls had tried this on Chris and Silvia but they had the same effect. An air of puzzlement surrounded the Dehydrator Balls as they flew back to the cannon with the other Balls. "Don't let your guard down," said Silvia. "The fight's not over." Her words proved correct because after a few seconds after the last Dehydrator Balls went back into the cannon, it launched out some jellyfish-like droids. The droids headed straight for Matt, Chris, and Silvia. They fought back at full force and destroyed many of them. But just when it seemed they had the upper hand, the droids started letting out a greenish gas at the trio. The gas enveloped the trio and they began coughing. "It's knockout gas," wheezed Matt, but Chris and Silvia had both already fell victim to it. And just before Matt lost consciousness, he saw the droids' tentacle wrapping themselves around them. Then everything went black.

There's the first chapter. Who had attacked our heroes? What do they want with them? Look for the next chapter to find out. I'm not sure when that will be, since I've got exams to study for. I probably won't be able to update for a while.