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-P.O.V. of Seiya

"What Could Have Been"

I stand here, a solitary figure, staring out across the rippling lake. My eyes are wet, my soul in yearning. Pining for something that isn't mine; something I can never have.

My Odango Atama.

The woman who has always haunted my dreams, both awake and asleep. The one who pulls me through, a light during strife or sadness. The one I crushed on; the one I lost.

And there she is, across this lake, oblivious to my presence. It's the way it's always been. Me, trying to get her attention. Even stardom didn't convince her. Her mind was always elsewhere. At the moment, she is focused on the squirming, beyond-kawaii pink-headed toddler in her lap. The one who looks like her; acts just like her. What was her name again?

Ah yes, ChibiUsa. The one she mentioned so long ago while in the process of describing why we could not be together.

'I'm sorry, but we're going to have a daughter in the future, ChibiUsa…It just cannot be between us…I love him…I'm sorry…'

That him pertained to the man who was presently cuddled up next to Usagi, whispering sweet nothings in her ear as she giggles happily. It was those two's daughter she had told me about so long ago. That little girl. How she had known, I will never known. At the time, I had thought it wishful thinking on Usagi's part or something…

The man. Mamoru Chiba. The reason I am not the one beside her, playing with a never-to-be child that I used to dream about and crooning seductive things in that angel's ear, listening to her twinkling laugh at what I'd said…

For it was not me my sweet Odango fell for. It was him.

I am not angry, nor jealous. Just remorseful. Remorseful at what could have been; what I could have had with this perfect woman. Usagi Tsukino. No, Usagi Chiba, wife of Mamoru Chiba and mother of ChibiUsa Chiba.

I turn away from the happy family moment, brushing away the stray tears that fall unbidden from my eyes. I leave Juuban Park, never to return. My life is not here; it is on my home planet, dutifully serving Princess Kakyuu.

I love you, Odango Atama. Whether you ever felt the same way during our short time together, I love you, and will forever be enthralled with your everlasting goodness. I will always cherish that time together and the bond of friendship you offered me. But I will never forget what could have been.



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