Go Where Your Heart Takes You

Chapter 1- Severus is up to something

"Minerva have you noticed how strangely Severus has been acting lately?" Albus Dumbledore asked Minerva McGonagall as he watched his Potions Master striding off down towards the great Hall. "You mean any stranger than usual don't you Albus, he always was the odd man out." replied Minerva

Albus pursed his lips then said "Funny, you know what I mean, he has been disappearing every night after supper, and not getting back till all hours, plus we hardly ever see him around on the weekends."

"Why do you think he has gone back to his deatheater ways?" Asked Minerva a little concerned with what Albus was meaning.

"That is one thing I am sure he is not, but he is acting very odd never the less. Albus said as he crossed his arms and looked at Minverva.

"Well why don't you ask him then it is just as simple as that." Minerva said back.

"I'm not sure I would get an answer, you know how snarky he can get and I don't feel like making him feel I distrust him, because I do trust him." Albus stammered

Minerva asked, "Then why worry? You trust him and I am sure that in time he will tell us what is going on."

Albus thought a little bit, "I Guess you are right, I have to be patient and wait."

Minerva replied "Well that's that and it is getting towards supper time so lets head down to the Great Hall and eat."

Albus agreed, "Alright then we will go down, but to be honest I am still terribly curious." as she took his arm and they went down the corridor towards the Great Hall.

"We could follow him you know." said Albus

"But isn't that just being nosy?" asked Minerva

"You think there would be any other way of finding out what is going on?" asked Albus

"Maybe not but he may not like our nosing around." answered Minerva

"I know but if the Ministry hears of any Death Eater activity they will surely ask where Severus has been and I want to be able to assure them he isn't involved." Albus said to Minerva

Minerva stopped him and said "I guess that is as good an excuse as any, I am with you on this."

Albus grinned at her and said, "Thanks."

Meanwhile Severus was thinking, "Have I remembered everything I was wanting to get?" he walked out of the classroom and thought about it then checked his pockets and found the list "If I hurry after supper I could get everything I hope."

The students were all gathered at their house tables and chatted among themselves as they prepared to eat. The teachers had all filed in and were sitting down at the High Table. Severus was quiet and deep in thought as he sat beside Minerva who glanced over at him wondering what he was thinking.

Albus talked a little on the day's events and then told them it was time to eat.

The food was tasty and everyone was eating and talking as normal

Albus and Minerva were both watching Severus as he quickly ate his supper and left the hall.

They both got up as discretely as they could and slipped out of the Great Hall behind him.

Severus had headed out the door down to his study in the dungeon. He grabbed some floo powder stepped in the middle of the fireplace and said Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley he let the floo powder drop and he was gone.

Albus and Minerva heard him say Leaky Cauldron as they came to the study and did the same thing first Minerva then Albus.

Minerva waited for Albus at the Leaky Cauldron fireplace and as he emerged she helped him step into the room.

"Tom" Albus said to the bald old barman "Did you see where my Potions Master Severus Snape went?"

Tom's eyebrow raised and he said, "Sure I can. Every night like clockwork he goes out the door to the muggle side and after four or five hours he comes back here and drinks about two or three beers before heading back to Hogwarts.

Albus said, "Thanks Tom" and he and Minerva went out the door where they looked up and down the street.

They spotted Severus walking up the street and into what appeared to be a book and toy store and walked quickly themselves to catch up to him.

They slipped into the store and kept out of his sight as they observed him checking a list and picking up some children's books and some cute stuffed bears.

"How unusual." Minerva said quietly to Albus.

"Yes he is acting somewhat out of character for him." whispered Albus.

Severus took his choices to the counter and paid for them and left the store.

Albus and Minerva followed him. They were getting very curious now.

Finally Severus stopped at a building and went in.

Albus and Minerva had now found out where Severus had been going and they were shocked and bewildered.