Chapter 19-Afterwards

The Ambulance arrived and the attendants took Katrina's body gently from Severus and laid her on the stretcher.

The policeman who had followed the ambulance guided both Severus and Jannet back to the Porch and got them to sit down.

Jannet was crying her heart out She had leaned against Severus who had wrapped his arm around her.

Severus said not a word as his emotions played havoc with him. His facial features hardened as he fought to stay in control.

The officer had to ask some questions but he wasn't sure if either one was in any condition to answer his questions.

Mrs Malloy was able to fill him in on the fact that Katrina had cancer and was able to supply answers to the questions as she and Jannet had many a talk since they came to her boarding house. The officer wrote the information in his notepad as he had to do. He told Severus and Jannet that he was truly sorry for their loss.

He folded up his notepad, and left, he hated these kinds of calls. The grief and anguish always got to him especially when there was a child involved.

Mrs Malloy got Robert and Gerry to help her take Severus and Jannet back into the house away from curious eyes. Tomorrow would be time enough to go to the hospital morgue and take care of business.

A few days later as Jannet was packing up everything she found the two envelopes in the Journal. She gave Severus the one with his name on it and opened hers.

She cried as she read the note:

My dearest Mother thank you for being there for me and loving me through everything. Please do not grieve too long as I am now free of my pain. I know daddy will be happy to see me and we will both watch for you when it is your time to cross the veil. I Love You very much.

your daughter Katrina.

Severus put his envelope into his pocket and held Jannet close till she stopped crying.

He had Owled Albus and Minerva the sad news, and they came with Tommy, who insisted that he had to come also, to pay their last respects at the funeral. Tommy saw that the little pink shell was being buried with her and said he was pleased to see the memento would go with her to remind her he was thinking of her. Albus placed a few pictures of the family in the coffin with her. Mrs Malloy and her boarders came to show respect with many of the sailors and other town folk who had taken a genuine liking to this little family.

After the funeral Jannet hugged each member of her new family and told them to keep in touch. She went back to the boarding house with Mrs Malloy.

Severus went on to Hogwarts with Albus, Minerva and Tommy then disappeared into his precious dungeons where he opened Katrina's last letter to him and read it. He allowed himself to break down completely in the privacy of his own quarters.

A few days or so after they had returned to Hogwarts Albus had two photo albums made up for Severus and Jannet. He gave them to Severus and said he hoped Jannet would enjoy hers. He had enchanted it so that she could see the movements just as any person of the world of magic could but would appear to be still to any normal muggle.

Severus thanked Albus and placed Katrinas letter into his photo album.

The summer slipped by, the pain of losing Katrina had not lessened for Severus. He grieved silently, not wanting to upset the others, especially Tommy who missed his friend and companion.

The school year had restarted and the sorting hat had placed all the new boys and girls into their houses.

Jannet resumed her Job the month after Katrina passed on and she still kept in contact with Severus.

Albus and Minerva got on with their lives as a couple with raising Tommy and doing their work at Hogwarts. Many of their colleagues were pleased and surprised that they'd finally married and adopted a little boy.

Severus still taught potions and snapped and snarled at most everyone. He expected everyone who was in his classes to know what they were doing and to pay extreme attention at all times. He played the part so well the older Griffindor students didn't think his attitude towards them was different than it had ever been.

Minerva and Albus now knew for sure that under that nasty exterior beat a warm loving heart that had been nearly broken by Katrina's death. They knew the more intimidating he was the more the pain he was feeling.

Tommy would go right up and hug him and he would rub the little guys head with obvious affection much to the confusion of many who knew that the boy was adopted by Albus and Minerva and they were sure to become a Griffindor when he grew up like his new parents but yet he spent a lot of time with Severus Snape. They often walked out of the castle together as the evening was drawing near and could be seen talking and watching the stars together. The boy leaning back against Severus and often falling sleep in his arms.

A week into the new school year Severus sat with his back leaning against the Slytherin Tree and watched the stars as Tommy cuddled in his arms.

Severus opened the photo album that he had been given by Albus and Minerva. He looked once again over the pictures and stopped at one where Katrina was giggling and waving at the camera while Severus held her and read Katrina's letter again, though he knew what it said by heart. It was worn and tear stained but it comforted him. He could almost hear her voice within his head as he read it again.


I made a wish upon a shooting star

my eternal soul would not stray far

I will be your angel watching over you

no matter where you are.

I'll look down upon you

I'm really not that far

Place your hand upon your heart

and look up at the stars

When we meet again, I'll hug you

so long and Tight

never forget my love for you

your brightest star tonight

Your loving Katrina