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Dean was awoken by a single stream of light flowing through the window that landed directly in his face. He felt better, the most refreshed he had felt in a long time considering there was little material supporting him off the hard-wood flooring. He placed a hand in front of his face trying to block out the light and he noticed that the windows were covered in tin foil except one part in the corner. He had found the source that awoke him. As he began to move, he couldn't help but notice that he was alone. He jumped up and looked in the bed, finding the covers thrown about and Sam gone. Quickly he burst through the closed door and into the living room; Halee looked at him from the kitchen giving him a questioning look.

"Where's Sam?" Dean asked her.

"He's in the bathroom." She responded calmly.

"Oh." He felt instant relief, knowing Sam was alright.

"Are you hungry? Ya'll slept for a day." Halee said.

A day, he wished it was longer.

"I called a tow truck to pick up your car. Sam said he would go with me to meet the driver there. Did you want to come?"

"Yeah, I mean the Impala is my car. I have to make sure she's in good hands." He smirked. 'I also have to get the weapons out of the trunk,' he thought.

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They sat in the car with the A/C on full blast. Dean had called shotgun and pushed Sam lightly toward the back of the car. They were waiting for the tow truck driver.

When Dean began to talk to Halee, Sam climbed out of the car and walked over to the Impala. He had taken Dean's keys from his jacket before Dean woke up. Quickly he opened the back door and grabbed the EMF meter that had fallen in the floorboard beneath the passenger seat.

When he had it, he shut the door and turned it on; as soon as he did it lit up. He walked away from the car toward the road where the truck hit them. It glowed red, his feelings were confirmed, and the demon definitely had been here. He just wondered where he went after he hit them. He was deep in thought when a hand fell on his shoulder; fully alert he turned around to find Dean standing there.

"Find anything?"

"No, but the Demon was here." He showed Dean the EMF meter.

"Yeah, I had a feeling he was behind this," he said coldly as he pointed to the damage to the car.

"I'm sorry Dean."

"'S alright. I just came to tell you we need to empty the entire car; everything incriminating needs to go." With that, they walked to the car. Sam gave Dean his keys and he opened the trunk. There were 3 duffle bags waiting there. It was weird for Dean to see the third one; one was his, one was Sam's and the other was their dad's.

Sam grabbed two of the duffle bags, his and Dean's as he started to turn he caught a glimpse of his brother. Dean, who seemed to have a faraway look in his eyes, shook his head when Sam nudged his arm. He gave Dean the 'are you alright?' look and Dean just nodded.

Seeing Sam had the two bags already Dean grabbed their dad's. They made their way to Halee's car, he knocked on the window and told her to pop the trunk. They placed the bags in the trunk then headed back to the Impala to remove the rest. Dean had extra bags stored in the back seat of his car; they grabbed them then opened the secret compartment in the trunk where they hid their weapons. Thankfully they had put most of them in their duffle bags, so there wasn't much to remove from the trunk. Just then a cell phone rang, Dean realized it was his, he ran to the driver's side of the car and opened the back seat door. There on the floor laid his cell phone. He answered it.

"Hey Dean, its Bobby."

"Hey, Bobby. What's up?"

"Well, I called to see if you got your father back and to tell you something important."

"Yeah, we found Dad. It's a long story. What news do you have?"

"Well, I have a couple of friends that are part demon…anyway, they have been attending these meetings of demons and they heard something interesting."

"What did they hear?" Sam was now beside him listening.

"Well, a really old demon has been going to different meetings around the country gathering troops for a war against your family. Dean it's…it's the demon that took your mom, he wants Sam and he wants you dead."

"I knew he did. I just didn't think he'd call for backup."

"What did you do, Dean? To piss him off, I mean."

"That girl, Meg, the one we exorcised, that was his daughter. I killed his son later because he attacked Sam."

"Oh, I see. How's your father? Where is he?"

"It's a long story Bobby."

"Ok. One more thing, this demon he leaves calling cards behind. Your dad mentioned it once but I didn't know what he meant. A couple of my buddies figured it out. Its an ancient rune dating back to the beginning of the world. Its in a language that is nearly forgotten I have a friend who can help you read it. If you can find it that is…" He stopped talking.

"Bobby? What's going on?"

"Shh. There's someone here, I heard the door shut. I'll be right back." Dean heard him load his rifle then cock it.

Dean was impatient as the time slowly went by. At first, he hadn't heard anything and thought Bobby was paranoid. Just then, he heard a shotgun fired.

"Dean, I have to go, I promise I'll call you back. He's here Dean; be careful." The line went dead.


Dean closed the phone and waited for Bobby to call back. As they waited Dean told Sam everything Bobby had said. Finally, the phone rang, Dean was shocked by what he heard, it was breathing then a deep voice said, "Hello, Dean."

Dean didn't respond.

"I've been looking for you. Where are you?"

"What happened to Bobby? What did you do to him?" Finally able to find his voice.

"He's fine, don't worry about him."

"What do you want?"

"You and your brother."

"Yeah? Well you can't have that." Anger began to swell in his chest.

"I will find you both; it's only a matter of time."

Dean hung up. He went around to the back of the car, grabbed a hammer and began beating his phone. Sam thought he was insane. He moved towards Dean and tried to grab his arm.

"Sam, stop. I know what I'm doing." He made sure to destroy everything, even the antenna. He took the remains and threw them into the ditch.
"Why'd you do that?" Sam asked; curiosity in his voice.

"So, the demon won't be able to track my phone. C'mon we gotta' go."

He reached into the car and began stuffing as much as he could into a bag before moving onto the next one. Sam went to the driver's seat and opened the glove box. He searched for any weapons and sure enough he found a hand gun and the container that held all of Dean's fake badges. He checked between and beneath the seats looking for anything they might have missed. Dean slammed the trunk and walked over to Halee's car and placed the items in the trunk.