Disclaimer: It actually could all belong to me, since no characters or places are named. Still, I think it's a fanfic, and thus it all belongs to JKR.

Right. This one's a loving parody, because when these are well written, they can be downright breathtaking...other times...not.

And it's dedicated to my new beta, KTMidnight. Much gratitude, KT.

It shouldn't have worked, but somehow it did. People are used to things that should work but don't. They were just the opposite. They loved each other, and hated to love each other, and somehow it worked.

It should have been as impossible as a porcupine and a helium balloon, but somehow it worked. And somehow she was the solitary star in his world of darkness, and he was her peace in an extremely loud room.

And she was the beautiful butterfly that gave him a purpose, and he was her rock when she didn't want a purpose anymore. And she was his blue sky, and he was her earth.

And she was his little red kite, and he was the bean bag tied to her string to stop her from floating away. And somehow, they made each other complete. Sure, people laughed, but people always laugh when people are different, when one is a kite and one is a beanbag, and somehow it all works, and they don't understand how.

People didn't understand bumblebees for thousands of years, and they made formulas and proved it was impossible for something that shape to get off the ground, and the bumblebees kept on flying... And they were each others' bumblebees, or better yet, they were both part of the same bumblebee, she the proboscis to lap up all the sweetness in the world, he the sting to protect her...And though they faced opposite ways, at least they were back-to-back, two against the world, the world which hated kites and beanbags and wished everything could be grown-up and average.

And somehow out beyond logic and reason, right and wrong, heads and tails, and up and down...it just worked.

Here's a challenge; tell me who you think the characters are. I have almost no idea, although I have a hunch about the guy.