Once upon a time warp…


Chapter 12

Thanks to all of the events of Spaceballs, Druidia has been saved by Lone Starr. Also, Lone Starr got married to Princess Vespa.

Now, Lone and Vespa star had recently had a son. Janakin Starr is the son's name. We fast forward you 9 years into the future. Janakin is a child helping someone named Bobby (pronounced like Obi in Obi-Wan but with a B in front of it) Fan.

Moving on Baboon, Lone, Vespa and Janakin Starr are happy in their home. BUT…on the Ape Planet, Dark Helmet and President Skroob are plotting their revenge. Darth Ball, a giant red ball that has a Schwartz Saber, is their latest creation.

Only way to find out what happens is to read Chapter 1 of this story…when I update. But I will, don't worry.