The Doctor had anticipated their reactions, and was quick to explain.

"Few creatures have the lifespan that humanoids do, so they age faster. The amphibious physiology caused them to have an increased development, thus advancing them to this point." he explained.

Kathryn reached down and ran her fingers through her daughters soft hair. All three of them had a head of dark blond hair that could either darken or lighten with age.

"Theres still so many unanswered questions." she sighed. "They're to young to be carted between our quarters."

"Aren't the ones next to you still empty?" Tom asked. He had been rolling an idea around his head for awhile. For various reasons, not all the personal quarters had been occupied at the start of the mission. If Toms memory was right, former First Officer Commander Cavit once occupied quarters next to Janeway, but the rooms had remained empty sense his death at the beginning of the journey. "I could move in there, maybe we could get B'Elanna to get a crew down there and install a connecting doorway?" he suggested. He had no intention of bouncing these kids between decks either.

"I like that idea." She said after a moment. But anyone that knew Kathryn Janeway knew that by the expression she was wearing she wasn't done. "Just a door would still be too complicated." she thought out loud She looked up at Tom,

"What do you want to do, take the whole wall down?" he asked, with a bit of sarcasm. His jaw almost dropped when Janeway gave him that raised eyebrow, half grin look. Apparently that was exactly what she had in mind.

"Why not?" she said. "There will be plenty of room, and we wont have to worry about carting them from one place to another. If it was just one, then a door would probably be sufficient. With three? Definitely not. We can get B'Elanna to take a team, get the wall down, and remodel both of the rooms." She spoke with a tone that bode no argument. The Captain had made her decision.

The Doctor was just at the point of suggesting that they beam back to whomever's quarters when they heard the swish of Sickbay's doors open. They turned, expecting to see Kes return from an errand in Hydroponics. They didn't expect to see Cmdr. Chakotay. He slowly made his way in, stopping at the surgical console.

He was silent as he looked over the scene before him, his expression showing...anticipation?

"I just came down to see how everyone was fairing." He began. "It looks like the transformation was succesfull. Theyre beautifull". Both parents nodded there thanks, but there wasnt really much to say. After all, it wasnt like Tom and Kathryn were in a relationship and had planned all this. It was an accident. They wondered how Chakotay found out of the progress so quickly. Possibly through Kes, perhaps.

Tom and Kathryn shared a quick look before she spoke.

"We were planning a formal introduction before the Senior Staff, and then the rest of the crew later. Sense your already here, theres no reason not to introduce you. The little girl here is Phoebe Bryce, and these are her brothers Darian Edward and Jesse Owen. She stroked each of the boys heads as she spoke their names, not really noticing that she had, in fact, correctly identified both without having to think about who was who.

Chakotay smiled, and at his Captains nod, he joined them at the edge of the surgical bed-turned-sectioned-cradle.

"I suppose Im also curious on living arrangments. You arent going to keep moving them between your quarters, are you?" He asked. They both shook their heads, but Tom spoke first.

"We're going to get a crew from engineering to knock out the wall between the Captains quarters and the set where Cmd. Cavit used to stay. Moving one infant from place to place a few times a day is difficult enough. Three? I dont think so." Tom filled in.

They spoke a few minutes more, as Chakotay took a closer look at the first of Voyagers next generation. His feelings were mixed. Finally not too long after, he took his leave. It was, afer all, his shift on the Bridge.

Besides, he had volunteered to check in with B'Elanna about reconstructing the Captains quarters, and he knew that Paris and Janeway still had more details to work out.