La Blue Ranma


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A Ranma/La Blue Girl fusion.

Nodoka glared at both her husband, as well as the young and buxom Amazon girl beside him.

But truth be told, her husband deserved all her ire.

He had promised—on his honor—that Ranma would not only be a man among men, but also be sociable with women.

The last part was insisted upon by Nodoka, not really knowing if or when her family's heritage might show its head in her son. After all, by giving into Genma for Anything Goes training, she had forsaken her own family's style ... something that would be needed should her blood awaken in him.

It was one of the reasons she had been happy that all of the women were chasing after her son: it meant if that side awoke, he'd have his needs taken care of until she could get him to her sister's land for training.

But Jusenkyo had intervened. She had no delusions about telling her son what that would mean, but was glad she might not have to: given the fact that his shy nature seemed to indicate that perhaps it wasn't there.

But then Shampoo had brought some food for him to eat after lunch on this slow Sunday; and only after Ranma had quickly consumed it, did Shampoo reveal it was a type of aphrodisiac that would quickly negate any blockages on his libido.

This simple fact did worry Nodoka. After all, she herself didn't know if such an herb and spell could awaken Ranma's heritage.

Of course, what her husband said confirmed those fears.

"That won't work. I've been using the Quiet Turtle pressure points on him for years. After all, what does he need a libido for?"

And thus her fears were confirmed. Not only had her husband been trying to emotionally retard her son, but he misunderstood the whole point of those pressure points.

They didn't negate the libido, merely suppressed it. It still left the energy there to grow, like a river which had been blocked. It would eventually grow and form a lake.

And when the damn burst ... It would be better not to be female and near such a boy within a few hundred kilometers.

Maintaining her stare, she arched her face over to see her son, cowering. "Ranma, you will go upstairs and pack ... now! I need to take you for immediate training before you lose control."

"Huh?" came his reply.

"NOW!" screamed Nodoka, causing the pigtailed boy to dart upstairs.

"Wife," said Genma, trying to take charge, "I refuse to let him go—URK!"

He was cut off as Nodoka's blade was soon touching his exposed throat. "Fool! Do you know what could happen to Ranma if he had had sex before we found out?"

"Um," he said, sweat beginning to pour down his face, "what does sex have to do with the honor of the schools?"

His answer was a slight trickle of blood now coming down his throat as Nodoka advanced her blade by a mere millimeter. "That pressure point use was not meant for more than a few days. With the time you've used it, he would have likely killed the first girl he bedded, before moving on and seeking more. The final death toll could be in the hundreds."

"How so, Auntie?" asked Kasumi, blushing at the matter of the topic.

"Simple," said Nodoka, "the technique only suppresses the need and desire, not negate them. How much water can a dam hold back before it washes away the town below it?"

"But he's always going off with those hussies," said Akane, shocked at what she was hearing, and not wanting to believe that Ranma could be dangerous to women ... like that.

"Since my son has yet to slay you all," said Nodoka, maintaining her glare of Genma, "I would have to say that your paranoia is unwarranted.

"When my son gets back here, we will be leaving for a minimal of two months, in hopes he can deal with this ... error on my husband's part. During this time, we shall neither contact you nor receive contact. Any who do forfeit their lives, and will be killed on sight. Afterwards, any marriage pacts will be null and void."

"You can't do that!" yelled Soun.

"But he is Shampoo's Airen!" cried out Shampoo.

"Enough!" she yelled. "I will not repeat myself. My original clan is not one you wish to piss off."

"Why, hello there."

Nodoka, blinked, as did most of the other people in the room, as they turned to face what they thought would be the first sign that the Apocalypse had arrived.

Ranma had his pack on, but he was pressed against Nabiki's back, his right arm around her waist, his left arm higher, and massaging her breast.

What more, said Tendo was not fighting back, but was moaning in appreciation as Ranma began to kiss the side of her neck.

"Damn it," Nodoka muttered, as she raced across the small room, throwing a pouch of dust in their face, which immediately sent both to the floor.

Everyone was surprised once again as she picked up his pack and placed it on her own back, followed by hefting her son into her arms ... and appearing to not have any strain about it.

"Oh my, would you like some cold water to make Ranma lighter, Auntie?" asked Kasumi, missing some of the excitement or at the very least pretending not to have seen it.

"No thank you, dear," said Nodoka. "I don't think my son wants to be a Mother, and I can only hope I get him to our ancestral home soon, before that powder wears off. Nabiki should be fine in twelve hours. My son, I'll be dosing every hour."

And with that, Nodoka Saotome literally ran out of the house with Ranma in arms.

Nabiki smirked as she put down the phone. It had been two months, and things were about to return to normal.

Try as she might, she had had no luck tracking down where Nodoka might have taken Ranma, since Genma was too stupid to remember his wife's original clan.

Not that she would have sold the information, even if she could. The day after they had left, she received a letter from Nodoka, further detailing the rule she had set up.

Nabiki herself would also be executed should anyone find them.

She didn't believe it was serious, until a dagger flew past her head, imbedding itself into her door, as she was reading the letter.

The dagger even had a note attached to it, saying, "I am serious, Tendo."

Even the Amazons backed off, mostly due in part to Shampoo's explaining what Genma had done to Ranma. Cologne had even gone to speak to Ukyo, to keep the cross-dressing chef from searching for Ranma.

The Kunos? She almost hoped they did find Ranma, if for nothing else than to stop their harassment of her for their location.

But Nodoka had just called, saying Ranma would be returning with her tomorrow.

Smiling, she once again got ready for bed.

In another hour, she was once again cursing Ranma for doing that to her before he left. She hadn't been able to get a descent night's sleep since.

Above the streets of Juuban, a grey-haired cat-man of seven feet stared down at the battle below him, staying careful as to not expose his presence.

Below him, a group of scantily clad magic girls were facing off against a loathsome creature, something that equated to a cockroach in his grandfather's realm.

The cat-man shivered at remembering that man. It wasn't so much the man's appearance, as the training he was forced to endure because of his own father.

His own mother was not too high on his list of favorite people at the moment. She had bought him an apartment here, claiming he could use it when he needed to feed, since it was far enough away not to attract unwanted attention.

Of course, the near dozen magic girls below him made him question her sanity. Does she want me dead?

Shaking his head, he watched as the eventually dispatched the oversized Shikima cockroach, before taking off.

Shaking his head, Ranma dropped to the ground, dropping out of his Shikima form—based more due to the Nekoken inside him than his heritage from his mother, and began walking in a direction. Right now, he had to worry about gaining sexual energy to feed on, as all Shikima had to.

Since he sure as hell didn't want a fiancée anywhere near the apartment, he decided to perhaps find another female to share an evening with.

"Not about to ask family for ... help."