La Blue Ranma

Chapter 4

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A Ranma½/La Blue Girl fusion.

Shikima are demons, of that there can be no doubt. They are a type that feed off a certain energy, energy found in abundance within the human body during the activities of sexual intercourse. So when these multi-form demons found their way to our world, they quickly became a menace. After all, when hungry and placed before what is a veritable buffet, how many can refuse to gorge themselves?

But then over six hundred years ago, the Miroku clan, a clan of strong ninjas, attained peace with the Shikima. The sexual demons for the most part left Earth alone, and humanity proceeded forward, forgetting about the stories of tentacle demons as mere myth.

But not everyone forgot. Even today there are those groups who know of Shikima, groups with no ties to the former ninja clans who had fought to control those perverted demons, who learned the Art of Injutsu from them. From ancient families to secret government agencies built on being prepared to see if superstition becomes fact; the Shikima were known, if only in closed circles.

This is what they preferred.

Well ... most of them preferred it like that.

"Um," started Michiru, unsure about the new stuffed toy her adopted daughter had just retrieved from a small store where one could design and make said stuffed toys. She had been all for Hotaru's getting a new stuffed animal; after all, all girls needed them. But the one her adopted daughter had chosen...

"What is that?" asked Haruka, spotting the young girl holding what looked like an overgrown cat/human hybrid.

"It's Neko-Oni," said Hotaru happily, glad that she had both enough memories of what he looked like, enough skills in making the drawing, and knew of a place to make the first Neko-Oni doll. Lucky for her the people working there had a great talent both for doll design and creating the product quickly. "He's a hero like the Senshi ... well, except that he's furry."

"Okay," said Haruka slowly. "And what exactly does he fight against."

"Bullies," said Hotaru with a smile.

Haruka nodded, as she leaned back, wanting to privately chat with her girlfriend. "Isn't she a bit old for imaginary friends?"

Michiru just shrugged. "We'll talk to her about it later. I do think we should ask Setsuna though. I just hope she's not getting a monster fetish."

Hotaru just hugged her new stuffed friend, wondering when she might run across him again, and get to squeeze the real deal.

"Hi sis," said Miko, talking over the phone at her new place. "How is the show?"

"Boring as always, the script writers really seem to be losing it this year," groused Miyu, the half sister of Miko and Nodoka. "How is our nephew holding up?"

"Aside from our big sister showing exactly why she isn't the heir," growled Miko. "Do you believe she used the Miroku clan houses in areas where there are magic girls and devil hunters running around as 'feeding houses' for him?"

"Actually ... yeah, I grew up with her, remember. There's a reason why you used to live with me and not her."

"Oh yeah," said Miko. "But she never came to visit?"

"Well, let's just say I banned her from visiting after certain incidents occurred that I cannot discuss," Miyu replied cryptically.

"Obsession with being an Aunt?" Miko hazarded as a guess.

"Let's just say that was only part of the issue and leave it at that.

"I will say this; I will never envy my nephew for having to deal with her now. And since her business is now clan business, I'm so glad I'm not the heir either."

Miko could only sigh at that. She could be back in her old apartment, getting ready for class. But no, she had to move to a place in Nerima, rooming with Yaku and Fubuki—there was no way in hell she was going to stay in the same house as Nodoka—and watching out for the newest member of the Miroku clan.

Come to think of it, she never did get her answer why her father was so interested in Ranma. She was sure it was something aside from being his grandchild, something to do with the fact that a clan of women Injutsu ninjas suddenly had a male born into the clan. God, I hope it isn't some weird thing like I gotta marry him or something. "Well, at least I have school to take my thoughts away from this."

"Hurry up, Student!" yelled Yaku, wearing a business suit. "I won't have any students tardy at my school on my watch!"

Miko could only blink. "Huh?"

Fubuki could only smirk as she came in, adjusting her own outfit. "Well, while you're attending classes, we got positions as teachers."

"How the hell did you get to be a teacher?" yelled Miko, pointing her finger at Fubuki.

"I tested out early," smirked the blond Shikima. "I was going to be a student too, but Miyu let me know how low the school's test standards were, and I was most certainly not going to have that on my transcript. And since they needed another teacher..."

Miko could only blink, before slowly raising the phone back up. "Miyu?"

"That's what you get for stealing my silk lingerie again! Have fun!" she said with a high and happy voice, before hanging up.

"And isn't it nice that you're already registered at Furinkan," said Yaku, looking at a schedule. "And the same classes as your nephew, so you can keep a better eye on him."

"But ... but I'm a senior!" gasped Miko. She was going to have to do her junior year all over again!

"All the better to watch the stud," smirked Yaku.

"But doesn't that mean you can't sleep with him?" asked Nin-Nin, finishing up setting out breakfast for the kunoichi.

The elder girls blinked, before making the infamous "D'oh" maneuver.

Miko wanted to smile, to at least acknowledge that she had achieved some victory. But given that now she had to go to class with her nephew, she just felt too old at the moment to care.

"You certainly are hungry today, Nabiki-chan," said Kasumi with her usual smile, as the middle Tendo sister dug into her food with a fervor that almost match the usual Saotome meal-fu.

"You okay, Nabiki?" asked Akane. After all, her sister didn't just sleep a few hours yesterday after Ranma and Miko helped her with her pressure point problem. She had slept the rest of the day until waking up this morning.

"Yeah," said the Ice Queen, smiling at the feelings of Kasumi's cooking and a very peaceful sleep. "A little sore, but other than that."

"Sore?" asked Akane, directing a glare towards Ranma.

"She did race downstairs and tackle my son into a wall," said Nodoka, trying to both diffuse the situation and throw off any suspicion that might be on her son. After all, a suspicious Akane could result in fewer opportunities for her son to ... stretch his talents.

Nabiki paused in her eating, looking with confusion at the assembled groups. "I did what?"

"You don't remember?" asked Kasumi.

Shaking her head, the middle Tendo directed her attention towards the Saotome male. "Anything else we did that I should know about, Saotome?"

Ranma just gulped, praying his lessons in lying would help. "I just did what I had to, to cure you. Nothing else!" he said quickly.

Nodoka nodded. "His Aunt was in the room the entire time, Nabiki-chan; so you can rest assured that nothing illicit happened without her knowledge."

That little bit of information brought pause to Nabiki's thoughts. Would Miko have allowed something to happen between her and Ranma? It couldn't be; the woman was definitely more stable and well ... responsible than Nodoka. If it had been Nodoka up there, Nabiki knew odds would have been the woman would have been pushing for a more intimate solution. "Any idea how I ended up with so many restless nights of sleep?" she questioned him, determined to make him pay for something.

He chuckled nervously, scratching the base of his pigtail, a sure sign of his usual guilt.

"It is my fault," said Nodoka. "While it is true that this problem was ignored by both my husband and your father," she said, directing a harsh glare at said people, who had been playing a game of shogi, "I will at least try and make up for my mistake."


Smiling, Nodoka patted her son on his shoulders. "I will allow you the full use of my son to help ensure that you never have to worry about lust being a problem again, to compensate you for your troubles."

The house became deathly quiet at that point.

Ranma could only lay his head on the table. Now I know why she's not Grandpa's heir.



"Oh dear, is that really proper Auntie?"


"You better not do anything," grumbled Akane.

"How is it my fault that my Mom's pimping me out?" grumbled Ranma back, walking along the fence.

"It just is!" she yelled back, even if her face showed a little doubt in her belief.

Nabiki just shook her head as they walked to school. "While this is all fun, we do need to hurry up. We can talk about Ranma slaking my lusts at another time." She smirked as it got the reaction she wanted: Ranma falling into the canal from shock, and her sister spouting a deep red battle aura. "Ah, I missed this."

Cologne continued to pour over the manuscripts she had at the Nekohanten, trying to identify that weird energy she had sensed the previous day.

She was certain she had sensed something similar before, something that sung out in memories of fear, of distrust to her. And she didn't get to be Matriarch by not listening to those instincts.

But what were those instincts trying to tell her, to warn her about. How could Nodoka Saotome, a woman who admitted she had no talent for the Art other than the finishing cut of seppuku, bring such a fear to the surface of Cologne's subconscious? How could the rest of her clan not only do the same thing, but show hard training in the arts?

"It makes little sense," she muttered, turning the pages in the ancient tome.

"Great-grandmother," said Shampoo. "We open soon, yes?"

Cologne sighed as she closed the book. Perhaps some simple cooking alongside her grandson-in-law would clear her head. After all, it didn't seem to be a bad sign for the boy. Bad energy and bad intent were two different things, and Ranma was definitely not the type for world domination or such—it was doubtful he could even conquer a Student Council. Perhaps not thinking on the subject would allow the information to come to her conscious mind.

"And Shampoo need help making lunch for Airen," said Shampoo, her face filled with bubbly anticipation.

Cologne nodded slightly. She was very tempted to place some particular spices in the food—if for nothing else than to see if they would help solve this puzzle the boy's bloodline was creating, but given Nodoka's last antics, such a plan could only hurt them in the long run. Perhaps it was time to teach Shampoo the finer points of subtlety in the pursuing of the wily male.

Miko was playing with the ribbon on her fuku, upset that she was forced to be the student. Didn't the princess of the Shikima deserve more than a high school assignment?

"Hey Aunt Miko!"

She fought not to attack her nephew for calling her an Aunt. After all, surely no school considered it okay to throw poison tipped shuriken at your family on school grounds. "Hey, Ranma; you're here early."

The pigtailed Shikima smiled as he nodded his head. "Yeah, Mom was acting kind of weird this morning."

"Ah," said Miko, nodding her head. There was little need for him to explain beyond that; really. The last thing she needed was to know what her sister was like at home. "Why are you wet?"

"Canal, fall, bathroom at a tea shop before we got here," he answered with a shrug.

She could only lower her head. "And this happens how often?"

"Often enough I have several changes of clothes hidden around here," he answered.

Looking up, she noticed that his outfit was slightly different from a moment ago ... and dry. "Damn, that was quick."

He smiled at that. Finally, someone recognized his skills with the proper awe.

"But how come you didn't just do that battle aura trick of yours and flash dry them?"


"You never thought of that, did you?"

"... Shut up!"

"Aw man," sighed Daisuke. "Saotome's back and he's got a new hottie with him."

Hiroshi blinked as he looked across the front lawn of the school at his friend. "Does this mean we have a new fiancée attending here?"

"Think we should get some info from Nabiki?"

Hiroshi looked at his wallet, counting the yen he had. "I think I can afford it. Better get it anyway; I don't want to end up as bait again."

"Dude, we had fun!" Daisuke said, smirking as he remembered the encounter with Official Fiancée #7.

"We almost died in a vat of liquid paper!"

"Yeah, but it meant we spent over an hour with such a babe."

"... Are you mad? Do you think this is all some hentai anime?"

"No," huffed Daisuke. "We haven't seen enough nudity for that."

It was a scary sight to behold within the Junior Classroom at the moment; a scene that many felt signified the end of the world.

Ranma Saotome was awake, paying attention, and asking questions.

"Well then," smiled the teacher, "it appears the private tutors you had during your absence have definitely paid off," he mused.

Ranma just nodded nervously, blushing a bit in what many considered to be embarrassment. Only Miko knew what those 'tutors' had fully taught him, having been one of them herself. "Thanks," he muttered quietly.

The others just stared, no doubt wondering which force of nature had worked this miracle, or what demon had made a deal with someone to give Saotome an attention span for something not related to martial arts or food.

"Now then, I have yet to finish grading the work your tutors had you do over break for my class, but what I have seen shows massive improvements," he finished. "I can even read your writing."

Miko thought one student was being a bit overdramatic as she fainted at her desk, her neighbor muttering out loud as he seemed to be writing a Last Will and Testament. What is with these people? Can't a person change or what?

Akane just stared in shock. Could this be part of Nodoka's training? Or had he been slow in school work because of that Quiet Turtle pressure point? Did this mean Ranma was finally taking school work seriously? Was this some sort of joke?

Even Ukyo was wondering something similar, having got the information about what had happened two months ago from Nabiki. Granted, she took out her frustration on one certain baka panda, but to see such changes in front of her... Maybe Ranchan is starting to take things seriously... About time! Now if I can just help him admit his feelings towards me...

Miko just put her head down. It was much too early for all of this drama.

Ranma ignored the attempts of his friends to get his attention, focusing on the school work he had done so far between classes. His mother had been very specific about what she expected of his school grade this semester. It seemed all they had done in the Shikima realm was either train him in Injutsu or study what schooling he should have had, had Panda-baka not moved every damn month and made sure Ranma avoided school. In the end, it left his mind and body sore in ways he'd rather not linger on.

And that didn't count the nightmares he had from the training of Injutsu in his girl form.

But he didn't lose, it wasn't in his ideology—a word he only learned last month. He stuck with it, and mastered moves and techniques even his Aunt hadn't started on yet. In the end, he felt he was better prepared to take on the issues that came after him.

Of course, that confidence meant jack when compared with the ability of one Nodoka Saotome to come up with ideas as to what would be a punishment if he failed in his school lessons. She had extended his training with his grandfather a whole day after he failed one math test. He didn't want to see what she'd be like if he got anything less than eighty percent.

Granted, he didn't have his grandfather around at the moment, but knowing his mother, the replacement punishments would be just as bad.


Blinking, he looked up, spotting the 'cute' fiancée. "Yeah, Ucchan?"

"Um ... you know it's time for lunch, right?" she asked nervously. The rest of the class who had not already left for lunch or supposed safety listened in with baited breath.

"It is?" he blinked, before pulling out his class schedule. Sure enough, the class he had just finished was before lunch. "Cool, I'm starved!"

And thus everyone breathed a sigh of relief as something 'normal' occurred. Ranma was hungry.

"You wished to see me?" asked Nabiki, sitting under a tree, and enjoying a leisurely lunch. She was still enjoying the fact that she had not only gotten a great night's sleep, but that annoying 'itch' Saotome had left her with was finally gone.

Hiroshi nodded, trying to ignore the fact that Daisuke was behind him, giggling in anticipation. "We wanted to get the bio on the new girl."

"Which one?" asked Nabiki.

"Miko Mido," answered Daisuke with his usual zest.

Nabiki just smiled as she put down her bento, holding out a free hand to collect the required yen.

It was a little surprising when Hiroshi was handed some papers no more than three thick. "This is it?" he asked, shocked that Nabiki would have so little on a person. Even the bio she had on Konatsu was at least ten pages. Then again, they suspected it was because the male kunoichi had actually sat down for an interview.

She just nodded. "Let's say she's been proving very difficult to isolate and interrogate."

Hiroshi whistled at that; someone who was proving a mystery for Nabiki was no easy feat.

"Come on man; is she a fiancée or not?" Daisuke asked with eagerness.

Hiroshi just glared at his friend. Sometimes he didn't know who was more dangerous for his health: being friends with Ranma or the stress inducing moron behind him. "She's his Aunt."

"... What?"

"Aunt, not a fiancée," said Nabiki with a smile.

"He's got an Aunt his age?" asked Daisuke with a perverted smile. "Damn, how'd I wind up with an Aunt bigger than most doorways, and he ends up with hot female family?" grumbled the boy.

Hiroshi just twitched, as he walked off, continuing to read the small bio, as his friend wandered off to continue his perverted ramblings.

Nabiki just shook her head, wondering when someone would ask for Ranma's connection to the new gym teacher and home economics teacher. "Glad things are finally returning to normal."