Contians spoilers.

I felt like writing a story about poor Swiftpaw. I did feel sorry for him, so here it is...

Foolish bravery

"Are you guys coming or not?" A young black and white tom mewed. The four other cats looked at each other for a moment.

"I don't think it's a good idea." Ashpaw meowed. Swiftpaw glared at the young tom and bared his teeth.

"I don't need opinions from you, newbie!" Swiftpaw hissed. "Come on, we can take on this danger."

"We'll, it is about time that we should become warriors." Brightpaw mewed. "But…we shouldn't go unless we have orders form a warrior."

"Well I think I'm good enough to be a warrior, so listen to me. Let's go and take on whatever is taking out prey!" Swiftpaw meowed excitedly.

"We shouldn't go." Thornpaw objected. Swiftpaw's tail twitched impatiently. "It might be too dangerous. What if Cloudtail sees us, or another warrior? What would we say? We'd be in big trouble."

"Pfft. Cloudtail is mouse-brained! He wouldn't even notice a Twoleg monster roaring through camp." Swiftpaw meowed. "Fireheart isn't afraid to find out what it is. We should go to Snakerocks, that's where most of the scraps were found. It'll be easy."

"I don't know…" Fernpaw looked down at her paws nervously. Brightpaw sat next to her, she twitched her tail nervously too.

"Maybe we can get Cloudtail to come, since he's a warrior." Brightpaw mewed hopefully. Swiftpaw rolled his eyes.

"Cloudtail? He should be in here with us! I've been in here the longest, and I've been training really hard. I'm better than him, we don't need him." Swiptpaw spat. The young tom gazed lovingly at Brightpaw for a moment. "Come on, you and me can take on this prey-stealer. We'd make history! We'd be the most famous apprentices around!" he whispered to Brightpaw.

"Wait. This isn't a good idea. Think about it." Thornpaw meowed worriedly. He glanced at his sister then at Swiftpaw. The black and white tom padded around Thornpaw impatiently.

"Quit stalling us Thornpaw, we have to now. I've already thought about this and I think it's a great idea." Swiftpaw puffed out his chest. "You're all acting like mice, scared and helpless."

Thornpaw was ready to attack Swiftpaw but Brightpaw licked her brother's ear, comforting him a bit. "I'll go with Swiftpaw and keep an eye out for him." She whispered into Thornpaw's ears.

"Are you sure?" he mewed worriedly. Brightpaw nodded and looked away. She walked up to the determined black and white apprentice and sat in front of him.

"I'll go with you." She mewed. Swiftpaw's eyes brightened up.

"That's great!" he squeaked. "I mean, that's good." He said more calmly. Then he glared at the other apprentices and snarled. "You better not tell the other warriors! Especially not Cloudtail!"

Fernpaw looked over at her brother, Ashpaw who seemed tense and worried. Swiftpaw glared at Ashpaw. The young nervous tom nodded, Fernpaw did the same. Thornpaw just rolled his eyes.

"Good." Asserted Swiftpaw. "Brightpaw and I will be back by dawn." He turned away and walked out of the den. Brightpaw followed him hesitantly, beginning to regret her decision.

Swiftpaw hid behind the stump, Brightpaw was right behind him. He peeked his head around, he saw Cloudtail sitting there all alone. He sheathed his claws and began to rake them on the ground.

"How are we going to get past him?" Brightpaw whispered. She glanced at Cloudtail and sighed. She felt a bit guilty about leaving without telling Cloudtail. Swiftpaw looked around.

"We'll run behind the nursery and make our way out from there." He whispered. He quickly dashed behind the nursery and weaved his way out of camp.

On the way there, they hunted a mouse and ate it as a quick snack. Once there we done, they made their way towards Snakerocks.

It became quieter as they got closer to Snakerocks. Swiftpaw glanced at Brightpaw and saw how nervous she was.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you." He mewed lovingly. Brightpaw gave him a soft stare with her beautiful eyes. Swiftpaw purred. This mission wans't only to prove to Bluestar that he was capable of being a warrior, but he also wanted to prove to Brightpaw that he was braver and better than Cloudtail. The thought of Cloudtail made a Swiftpaw jealous.

"It's a beautiful night. I'm glad we're spending it together." Swiftpaw mewed, breaking the silence that surrounded them. Brightpaw nodded.

"Yeah." She mewed. Swiftpaw leaned over and lick her ear. Brightpaw flinched and stepped away from Swiftpaw. The black and white tom gasped and stopped in his tracks.

"You love him, don't you?" Swiftpaw muttered. Brightpaw looked down at the ground and nodded slowly. "Why does everyone love Cloudtail and hate me?" he snapped.

"Nobody hates you. I don't hate-" Brightpaw was cut off by a loud howl coming from Snakerocks. A surge of fear ran through Brightpaw's body as she heard that howl.

"It's probably the prey-stealer! Let's go!" Swiftpaw took off. He glanced back to see if Brightpaw was following. The young she-cat hesitated for a moment, but to show that she cared about Swiftpaw, she reluctantly followed.

"Don't worry, we can take on one of these. I'm sure of it." He mewed. The two cats walked into Snakerocks. They could smell an odd odor. Suddenly they saw a massive shadow on top of a large rock.

"Pack, pack, kill, kill." It barked.

"It's a dog!" Brightpaw mewed into surprise. "Let's go, it's too big!" she nudged Swiftpaw back. But Swiftpaw stopped, he couldn't take his eyes off the dog.

"Come here you piece of fox dung!" he yelled. The dog jumped down and snarled at Swiftpaw. Saliva dripped from the large dog's mouth. The black and white tom slowly backed away in fear.

"You're right Brightpaw let's run!" The two cats turned around and were just about to take off, when more dogs appeared around them.

"We're surrounded!" Wailed Brightpaw.

"Then we'll fight." Swiftpaw tried to sound brave. He legs began to tremble. Brightpaw looked over at him with fear in her eyes. Swiftpaw couldn't let Brightpaw down. The young tom straightened up and hissed at one of the dogs.

Suddenly a dong lunged towards Swiftpaw but he managed to doge the dog's attack. Brightpaw was dashing around the dogs quickly. Swiftpaw released on of his claws and scratched the nose of one of the dogs. It yelped and back away.

Another dog lunged forward at Swiftpaw, barely missing the young tom. The swift tom leaped on top of the dog's back and bit into it as hard as he could. The dog yelped and tossed Swiftpaw off. The young tom fell to the ground, unconscious.

Swiftpaw was only unconscious for a few moments. He awoken when he felt a dog's fangs dig into his skin. The black and white tom turned and bit the dog's ear and pulled on it. The dog cried and let go of Swiftpaw. It backed away and growled then it took off.

Suddenly he heard Brightpaw's wail coming form behind him. He turned around and saw Brightpaw being attacked by the leader of the pack.

"Brightpaw!" Swiftpaw yelled. All fear had left him, all he could think about was Brightpaw and her safety. He told her he'd protect her, and he planned to keep that promise.

Swiftpaw dashed forward towards the leader and clamped his jaw onto the dog's neck. The dog had its teeth tugging on Brightpaw face. It stopped and vigorously shook himself and tried to get Swiftpaw off.

The black and white tom could hold on anymore, he let go and dropped to the ground. He looked at Brightpaw with horror. She was badly beaten, half of her face had been ripped out, and he was missing an eye and an ear.

"I'm so sorry." Swiftpaw cried out. "Brightpaw!" Brightpaw's eye opened, she couldn't move her body. She heard Swiftpaw's meow and turned her head towards him.

"Swi-…Swiftp-…" She tried to meow Swiftpaw, but she was too weak. Her head fell back onto the ground and she closed her eye.

For a moment Swiftpaw thought she was dead but then he saw her body rise and fall. "Brightpaw! Hang on!" he yelled.

Suddenly the leader of the pack lunged forward and bit Swiftpaw. The tom tried to fight, he snarled and hissed but he couldn't get the dog off of him. The black and white tom could feel the dog's large fangs dig deeper and deeper into his body. The dog put his paw onto Swiftpaw's neck, crushing it. It raked its teeth across the young tom's fur.

By then, Swiftpaw had stopped breathing. His limp body laid in a pool of his own blood. The black and white tom now had splotches of red all over him. The leader sniffed his dead body then walked away. The rest of the pack followed.

One good apprentice wasted, another clinging on to life.

Swiftpaw laid there, unmoving, cold and quiet. His furious lifeless eyes remained opened. His lip was still curled and his teeth were stained with blood. Forever his face remained like this.

All he could see was darkness. A few moments later, he saw a small light coming towards him. Then he noticed a small white kit approaching.

"Welcome to Starclan." He mewed. Swiftpaw slowly moved his aching body. He lifted himself from the ground. He stared at his wounds, they didn't hurt anymore. Soon the wounds disappeared as if nothing had ever happened to him. He looked at the white kit and cocked his head.

"Snowkit?" he mewed.

Snowkit nodded. "Yes, it's me. I can hear now, brother!" he mewed excitedly.

Swiftpaw looked into his younger brother's eyes. He remembered Snowkit, the poor kit was deaf and he couldn't hear the hawk flying above him. The poor kit, he never had a chance. Snowkit was Swifptaw's brother form another litter.

Suddenly Swiftpaw's toes tingled. He looked around and sighed. "Did Brightpaw…" he voice trailed off as he remembered her scarred face. "It was all my fault…" he mumbled.

"She's not dead." Snowkit mewed.

"She isn't?" Swiftpaw meowed with surprise. "That's good." He sighed. Now he knew that he wouldn't see her for a long time and that Cloudtail would probably have kits with her.

"Come on brother, it's time." Snowkit mewed. He walked back towards the light, soon he disappeared in the blinding light. Swiftpaw slowly followed. Memories lingered in his head. He recalled his mentor, Longtail who befriended him and worked hard with him. There was also all his apprentice friends, he'd miss them too. Then there was Brightpaw, the one he'd miss the most. An image of his mother appeared in his mind. She would be so sad when she found out that he son had died.

With a sigh he turned around and looked into the darkness.

"Good bye."

Poor Swifty cries. I'm debating wether I should leave this as a oneshot or if I should make a mini-series of all the apprentices...I dunno. Well I hoped you all enjoyed it! Reviews are highly appreciated, thank you for reading!