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Summary: Kagome sees something shiny on the way back and takes it back to camp. Jaken comes to take something that belongs to his lord. Tetsusaiga leaves Inuyasha. Fate has decided to bring these two together, but, with a different twist: Need I say, something involving with swords?

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The Weird Swords

Chapter One - The Discovery

"Ahhh that felt good." Kagome got out of the waterhole that was covered by the forest and dried off with her towel. After getting most of the water off of her skin, she put back on her school uniform, her fingers busy pulling the skirt up her legs after the underwear. Putting over her chest was the white long sleeve shirt with green and white cuffs.

A green and white sailor bandana (or whatever that thing is) was put over, and was tied to the shirt with a red bandana. White stockings were the next to be pulled on the feet while brown girl dress shoes were slipped over each foot. Gathering her belongings she brought with her to bathe, she started walking back to where she came.

After ten steps of walking, something shiny caught her attention. Kagome's pace sped up to where the shiny object was. When she came closer to it, and saw it, she let out a gasp. 'What? It's Tenseiga...but why is it-' She sensed faint auras around the area from Sesshoumaru, who's was the major one she could sense above Jaken and Rin, who had small ones, well, Jaken did, Rin's was more.

'Why would he leave it beside a tree and in the open forest?' That question was left unanswered to her when she picked up the sword up and continued her way to the camp with her belongings in her left hand and the sword in her right. After thinking what to do, Kagome took a detour so she could appear behind the group without them noticing, not wanting them to see her holding Tenseiga.


"She's been bathing long enough!" Inuyasha, who was very impatient now, ran to the direction where Kagome was supposed to be coming back, the others looking after his running form. Miroku sighed, "Someone beautiful as Kagome has to take a long bath to keep her features in tact." Sango's right eye twitched while turning her head slowly, in a deadly way, toward him, "What did you say Miroku!"

"Ah! Now, now Sango. I wasn't trying to be like that, I'm just stating the fact."

"The fact? There's no fact! That's an opinion!"

"No, it's a fact."

"Well, either way, you should've said it Miroku! You pervert!"

Miroku rubbed the back of his head, a sweatdrop appearing, "Well...I couldn't help myself. You do the same thing too Sango." Sango's face tinted with a hint of red of embarrassment but then-


Shippou sighed, "You never learn, do you Miroku?"

Miroku just laughed it off, "Not if you say the truth. But, the truth does hurt."

"Well...yeah if you make Sango mad."

Sango was just standing to the side with her arms crossed against her chest, her aura now fiery. That was the scene that Kagome saw when she appeared quietly into the camp, before waiting for a moment. Hurriedly, she reached her backpack and stuffed, or at least, tried to, put Tenseiga's hilt inside.

'Get in!' Another attempt...

"Ah, Kagome, I see that you are back-mm? What are you-?"

'Come on! Get it!' As well as another...


'Get in, get in! Why does that sound so...weird?' And another...

"There you are! You took forev-"


Finally, it was in. Kagome sighed and turned to look up at Inuyasha from the ground. A happy smile now in place, "Hello Inuyasha."

"Don't "Hello Inuyasha" me. Why the hell did you stay that long? And why the hell is that doing sword doing in your bag?"

"I found it."

"You...found it?"

"Yeah, while walking back."

"You didn't come the way you went."

"I must've gotten lost then, or just didn't watch where I was going."

"Keh. Why did you bring it?"


"You don't just pick up a sword that was left in the forest. You should remember that when I picked up Sou'unga."

"Well, this sword isn't like Sou'unga."

"Alright...explain this then. What are you going to do with it?"

"I really don't know."

"Exactly! Now, take it out and-"

"Inuyasha, I'm not going to leave it out here in the open."

"Yeah you can!"

"Well, guess what! I'm not!" Kagome got up before Inuyasha said a word, brushing her green skirt while Inuyasha looked at the sword's tip, as well as the structure of its blade. It sure did look like Tetsusaiga, only...not rusted. There was only one sword that looked like Tetsusaiga and that sword was...

"Kagome, is this sword Tenseiga?"

"No. It's not."

"Let me see the hilt then."

Kagome almost hesitated when she bent down to get the sword's hilt, her hand wrapping around it and was now in Inuyasha's view. Tenseiga's hilt pulsed in her touch; the humming coming from it grew in height but was only sounded in her ears. Inuyasha looked at the hilt with a studying face. "Well, the hilt is certainly different than Tenseiga's. Kagome blinked mentally and looked down at the hilt. It was indeed different. The color of the hilt was a dark navy while the diamond shapes embedded into the hilt, were now red while the loop below the blade and connecting the hilt to the blade, was black.

'How did?'

"Well, we're still not brining this with-"

"There's no we're Inuyasha. I am bringing it."

"The hell you are! You don't even know what it does!"

"So? We can find its owner anyways."

"Keh! How are you going to do that?"

"Asking all the men?"

'Demons...oh, and let's not forget your brother as well.'

"Yeah, whatever." Turning toward the others, he shouted at them, "Let's get moving." Inuyasha started heading in a direction, opposite of where they came to this clearing, while Kagome put the sword inside her bag, the tip poking out though. The others followed.


"Jaken, where is my father's sword?"

"Eh, Tenseiga? Err-umm, I'm quite sure you have it milord."

"Then answer me this Jaken: If I had it, would I ask you about it?" Jaken looked where Tenseiga would usually be in its sheath but, to no avail, it wasn't there. A small squeak of fear coming from him. "I'm sorry milord!" But, it was too late for apologies, for Sesshoumaru's foot connected with Jaken's head, which meant: a flying Jaken impacting a tree. "Go and find it Jaken."

Jaken was rubbing his head, where two bumps now appeared on his green head, "Yes milord. I will go and find it right away!" Jaken scurried away, but, ran into trees every once in a while since his eyes were still blurry from his head meeting that tree.


"I say we call it a night Inuyasha."

"I say you better shut up Shippou!"



"Stop being mean to Shippou! We're all tired."

"Well, duh, you all are humans, except for Kilala."

"Hey! I'm a demon!"

"I don't think so pipsqueak."




"Will you please stop picking on Shippou? All he did was suggesting calling it a night and you snap at him like a dog at fleas." Inuyasha let out a growl but that soon disappeared when he leaped toward a tree. Kagome sighed and took off her backpack, setting it on the ground in front of her carefully, kneeling down to it. The zipper's opening sound flowed in the ears of others, hands going to the hilt and pulling it out, it's fake appearance only toward others except Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jaken and Kagome. 'It's so beautiful, as well as smart...?" She brought up her hand and ran it down the side of the silver blade, enjoying its silky and soft texture.

Tenseiga hummed at her touch against its blade, which made her feel warm sparks going up her arm, warming her whole body. Closing her sapphire eyes, she enjoyed the feeling. After a while, the enjoyment of the feeling was now gone by the voice of Sango, "Hey Kagome! Since you were in your own little world, I made dinner."

"Oh...," Kagome sweatdropped, "You shouldn't have."

"It's okay Kagome. I'm not a bad cook anymore thanks to you helping me." Kagome let out a giggle while putting the sword beside her backpack and went with Sango toward the camp. It was set as the usual way. The fire was crackling against the wood, its own scent filling the noses of the three humans and two demons and one half-breed.


Jaken had been looking everywhere for it. The lake they were by. All the trees. Every bush, even rocks! 'I have to find it! Still, I thought Lord Sesshoumaru thought that Tenseiga is useless...' Suddenly, his big yellow eyes caught something shiny and ran towards it. 'Please, please oh please, let that be-ahhh! Yes! It is-' As soon as he reached to the backpack, which was close to a tree, well...not all the way, but, three feet, his yellow eyes caught at the ones before him. 'Oh no...it's that filthy half-breed and his group...just what I need...'

As quickly as he could, he crawled toward Tenseiga, grabbing it-


"Ahhhh!" Jaken's squawk sounded through the area, his little form running around while his hand was burning like crazy.

"What the...fuck?"

"It's Sesshoumaru's retainer."

Jaken had let go of Tenseiga when he was burned, his right hand now in a dark red from the burn.

"I knew that was Tenseiga," shouted Inuyasha, who now looked at Kagome with a glare before jumping to where Jaken was.

"Back away! Or you will feel the power of the Staff of Heads!"

Inuyasha, being smart, just glared at Jaken. "So, you can't touch it?"

"No...not anymore."

"Well, just use a piece from your kimono to hold it." Jaken did so, but-


"Waie! Hot! Ow, ow, ow!"

Kagome sighed and got up from her spot, walking to where Tenseiga was, picking it up. She then turned toward Jaken, who now had a look of shock on his face. "What? Just lead the way since I bet no one else can touch it." Jaken just turned around and led the way, without saying anything, with Kagome behind him.

Inuyasha decided to go as well, which made Kagome fume with anger, "Inuyasha!"

"What? I'm coming. Who knows what my bastard of a half-brother will do to you."

"Are you just saying that or do you just want to come along and start a fight?"


Kagome just sighed. Inuyasha was stubborn and whatever she would say, even the word "sit" wouldn't change his mind.

A while later

"Milord! I have found it!" Jaken went to Lord Sesshoumaru's side while waiting for the two others coming out of the forest.


"Ehhh...the miko came because the sword wouldn't allow me to pick it up."

More silence...

"And, the half-breed came on his own."

"Mm." A small smirk appeared on the demon lord's face. "Just how you are. Making sure your mate won't be killed." An evil chuckle came from him, while his amber eyes were now closed "Clever..."

"I'm not his mate!"

"Yeah, she isn't!"

"Really? You sure do act like it." Amber eyes now opened themselves, giving a hard glare only toward Inuyasha. "But, no matter, you're still foolish, protecting one such as her."

"Like you're one to talk Sesshoumaru! You hauled your high tailed ass when Sou'unga was taking over that...idiot, to save that child that you allow with you."

Oh, he hit home alright.

"It looks like you're stupid. I also saved your miko. But, I still see that you haven't learned your place half-breed. You will surely die with that mouth of yours."

"I'm not dead."

"Hmmm, yet." His smirk was now to its fullest.

"Why you!" Inuyasha was about to attack when-



"Look Sesshoumaru. All we're doing was to bring back your sword that I found! At least be thankful!" Inuyasha got out of the crater, a growl sounding in his throat, "Why should he be thankful? He's not one to be like that."



"Fascinating. She still has that subduing necklace on you."

"Oh, shut up!"

Kagome was tired of this too, so, she went up to Sesshoumaru, handing the sword to him. "Here, so we can go ahead and get out of your way." Sesshoumaru took it from Kagome, putting it in its sheath, which made blue sparks coming up.

"You should learn something from this miko Inuyasha. She obviously knows how to...handle things."

"Keh, whatever." Inuyasha got out of the crater, once again, "Come on Kagome." He walked into the forest, going the way they came. Kagome started going but, stopped by turning her head so she could look at Sesshoumaru over her shoulder, asked with a smile, "Say hi to Rin for me?" Her cheerful smile was in place, and, without waiting for an answer, she ran to where Inuyasha was. Jaken, who had been unseen, and ignored, had taken a seat watching what had gone on.

Sesshoumaru. She is the one...

'A human? Impossible. Wait, since when do you-?'

Just now. The others can do so as well, that is, if you protect humans, which you do. As for Tokijin...he's just mostly a quiet one, and doesn't matter to him if you protect humans or not.

'Hm. Now, why a human?'

And why did you save the human child? I made you? Forced you? That was your own choice. You could've thrown me away into the forest to ignore the pulse your heart made with mine. Yet, you did it. And why? Here's my reason why, she acts just like Kagome. Don't even try to deny it.

'For a sword, you talk too much.'

You should see this and not have to depend on me to point all this out to you. And, I'm not talking, only using magic which only powerful swords can do and possessed by a demon, which, I am.

'Then why are you-?'

Because, I'm so annoyed that you weren't noticing! So, I decided to do it! You're so god damn blind with your pride because of your lineage. The hell with that! You just decide to be lonely till you die? Some life that is.

'Okay, then, which demon are you?'

A healing one. That's all. Tenseiga is my name. Odd...same as for my brother, as well as Tokijin. Although...Tokijin is possessed by Goshinki.


Complicated, I know, but, Goshinki isn't like he was before. Just...well, sounds more formal, like below you for instance.

'...what about Tetsusaiga?'

He's...well, like you.


The demon. He's like you. Almost like your father though...

Sesshoumaru now had a headache with all of this. 'Very odd, now, are swords genderless? Or-'

Hahaha, no. I'm the sister of Tetsusaiga. Literally.

'Mm, fun. No wonder you're-'

I know, I know. Don't mention it-really, don't. Anyways, back to the situation. There's more reasons why I know but, I bet you don't want to hear that, do you?


Good, because, I'm shutting up now. Good day.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!" Rin sprang out from the forest and ran toward the demon lord's knee, hugging it. "Ah-Un finally tracked you down! We got lost for a bit following some fireflies!"

"Rin, what have I told you about following other creatures?"

"I'm sorry Lord Sesshoumaru. I like following fireflies, and other creatures, because they're pretty! See? You're pretty! Ah-Un is pretty, Jaken can be pretty if he wants to be-everything is!"

Jaken, who had that, just mumbled to himself about little girls being really active and annoying.

"Lord Sesshoumaru?"


"I was wondering. Can we go see Kagome so I can pick flowers with her, as well as Shippou?"

"No Rin."

"Okay...some other time?"

"Maybe, speaking of that miko-she told me to tell you that she's says hello."

"Yay! She remembered!"


"I still can't believe you lied to me Kagome! To me!"

"You lie to me all the time. And, for a very good reason Inuyasha. Can't you just once leave your half-brother alone?"

"Why? He's the one-'

"Inuyasha! You started the argument this time!"

"So what! Are you saying you could've done it without me?"

"I did, when you were sat. It was fine. Nothing bad happened! I'm 17, which is almost considered as an adult in my time!"

"I'm still protecting you! Can't you see that?"

"Is it because I look like, and the reincarnation, of Kikyou? Or, am I a friend? Or, a shard detector?" Kagome looked at him, waiting for his answer.

"I...," Inuyasha let out a growl of annoyance, since his brain and heart decided to argue. "Just...just...just go away!" Fangs were bared while he hissed his sentence out, fists now being formed at his side. Silver bangs were hung over his eyes. "Did you hear me? Go!"

Kagome knew the answer. It was of course, Kikyou, and of course, a friend. But, mostly both. She left, going to the right, instead of ahead, leaving a confused Inuyasha behind, who was dealing with his emotions.


A scent entered the demon lord's nose. A beautiful and familiar scent. Amber eyes looked up at the sky, the darkness now settling in fully, telling everyone in the area to go to sleep. His silver hair whipped into a light breeze going west, the sash and kimono being pulled as well.

"Jaken, go get some firewood."

"Yes milord." Jaken scuttled away into the forest.

"Lord Sesshoumaru?"


"Can we go and see Kagome and Shippou now?"

Sesshoumaru sighed in his head, amber eyes closing themselves in the process.


Amber eyes kept themselves closed. One, he didn't want to answer and two, the miko was coming anyways.


"Rin!" They both hugged each other while Rin particularly dragged Kagome to the right.

"Come on! Let's go pick some flowers!"

"Eh, is it okay with Lord Sesshoumaru?"

Rin stopped walking and looked at the demon lord with a begging look, "Can she?"

Sesshoumaru opened his eyes, looking at Rin, at the miko, then back at Rin, "Go ahead."

"Yay! Let's go!" The two females went to a direction of where the flowers were while Sesshoumaru followed. Jaken came as well with the firewood, and staff, in his hands, since he just arrived when Sesshoumaru took his second step to follow the females. He had set down the firewood into the clearing and ran to the side of Sesshoumaru, since no one dared to steal it.

"Ohh! More fireflies! Aren't they pretty Kagome?"

"Yes, they sure are." Rin tried to catch them while Kagome picked the flowers, soon making a flower crown. Sesshoumaru was watching from afar, the wind randomly blowing against him.

"Here Rin."

"Ooo! So pretty! Thank you Kagome."

Kagome let out a giggle at Rin, "You're welcome." Kagome layed down on the field of flowers, her black hair making her face stand out while it sprayed out behind her head. 'Ah, so peaceful and the flowers smell beautiful.' Kagome sighed and looked up at the sky, seeing the stars in its black-blue blanket sparkling down while the moon was shining as well.

"The stars, they're so beautiful tonight. As well as the moon...oh! There's the big dipper!"

Sesshoumaru was very deep in thought, pondering if he should go down there, so, after a while, he did.

"Oh, Sesshoumaru, glad to see you've join us."


"Sesshoumaru? Can I ask you something?"


"I guess that means a yes?"

More silence...

"I guess so. How did you meet Rin exactly?" Amber eyes looked down at the miko, seeing that only her arms were propped behind her head while her legs were bent. Turning back to the sky, he told the story, "She found me when Inuyasha used the Wind Scar on me. I was lying against a bark of a tree all wounded. She wouldn't go away, not even after I hissed at her and told her I hated the food she had given me. I also saw that she had bruises on her, but, when I healed, I caught the scent of death mixed with hers. So, I used Tenseiga to bring her back."

Kagome was shocked, but not too much. 'He-he saved her. No wonder he saved her many times, especially when Sou'unga had awakened.'

"She's been following me ever since."

"Sesshoumaru...that was very...not like you, but, it's still good that you brought her back." Kagome felt tears prick behind her eyes, but she let them fell. It was slow ones and with a sniff, they were gone.

"Why did you shed those tears?"

"Because. I'm happy that you did. If you didn't bring her back, then, you would be lonely all the time, which is really not much good for people. Demons and other creatures as well." Sesshoumaru closed his amber eyes once again, a habit almost, not wanting to see her smiling face, as well as keeping, or fighting, the weird emotions surfacing.

"Kagome! I got more flowers! Oh, Lord Sesshoumaru! You want to pick some too?"



"They're all beautiful Rin. Want me to make a wreath out of them for you?"

"Yes! I'll look pretty! Very pretty!"

"Alright." Rin handed the flowers to Kagome and watched her make it. When Kagome was done, she put it over Rin's head, which made it hung by her neck.

"There you go Rin."

"Yay! Look Lord Sesshoumaru!"

"Very nice..." He turned his now open amber gaze, as well as attention, back to Kagome, "Where'd you learn how to make those?"

"My dad taught me...a weak before he died. But, I'm glad he did show me before he passed away. He made them to sell to others, but at first, to show his affection for my mom."

"Your father...died? Then, how is it possible to be cheerful? Or anybody else for that matter?"

"Uh, I really don't know."

"Hmm. Rin, go pick more flowers. I want to speak with Kagome for a moment."

"Alright." Rin ran off to pick more flowers, the miko and the demon lord watched her form run off before they both looked at each other once again. "She's very adorable Sesshoumaru. She looks, and shows, that enjoys being around you."

"Quite a handful." Sesshoumaru picked a flower out of Kagome's flower crown gently. "But, I have to say, that I enjoy it."

"Of course you do. It's good to have company with you."

"I prefer the silent types."

"I understand. Your ears are more sensitive then your half-brother."

Sesshoumaru just let the flower fall to the ground, its stem a little bit bent from the anger than vented, but not that much. "Who is quite an annoying brat."

"I agree...but, he can also be nice, as well as rude, and quite funny."

A small growl escaped from the demon lord's lips, "I do not wish to talk about him."


Suddenly, Tenseiga was letting out blue sparks, which meant, something was coming. Kagome and Sesshoumaru sensed it as well. Amber eyes soon widened while he caught the source in his right hand. The source was a fast coming sword, which almost impacted Kagome, who's face were now in complete shock and horror, as well as something else that he didn't really pay any attention to.

His silver-white bangs covered the demon lord's eyes, seeming to be in thought now.

#My, my Lord Sesshoumaru. And here I thought you first wanted her dead when we met in your father's grave.#

The sword's voice startled him. It sounded like his father's voice! But only a bit lighter.

'Just what are you planning?'

#Planning? I have no plan. Fate has a plan, which is taking place right now.#

Tetsusaiga! You weren't supposed to tell him that!

#Well, well Tenseiga. I see that you're in one piece.#

If I could growl, I would!

Shut up...

#Ahh, Tokijin, how do you do? You know, you remind me of Sou'unga.#

...no comment.

#You both take over people who aren't strong enough to handle you have an evil aura.#

True, but I'm not a fool such as Sou'unga.

#Very true. Anyways, master-#

'What do you mean master?'

#Long story short: Kagome was supposed to find you instead of Inuyasha. Although, I couldn't let both of you take me. Kagome could.#

'I see, but what about father?'

#He may've given Inuyasha me but if he was chosen and if the protect/care for humans, was there, the two of you didn't, well...problems. Tenseiga, I thought you were supposed to teach him?#

I did!

#Not before he and the others found me.#

Hm, you try doing it then. It's not as easy as you think. His pride is the size of Alaska!

"Sesshoumaru? Tetsusaiga isn't burning you..."

"Yes, I know." Amber eyes now looked at the miko, sapphire eyes now looking into them.

"Then you must have the notion to protect someone."

Sesshoumaru felt a piece of ice break and melted from his heart, where she and Rin dug had first dug. Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga felt that, and were now pulsing now as one.

"But I wonder where Inuyasha is."

#Tell her he has the illusion that I'm there.#

"Tetsusaiga made an illusion that he is with him."

"Must be good then..."

"Or, that he's just dumb."

#Well, isn't this fun.#

Shut up.


I need something to vent my anger on...hey Tetsusaiga, up for it?

#Nahh, I'll pass thank you.#

I wouldn't make him angrier.

'Why does something tell me that the author of this story likes the idea that the swords can talk?'

#Not actually talking, just in your head. You can ignore us.#

'I doubt it...'


'Okay, maybe I ca-'


'Agh! Just cut me off!'

Later ¬.¬#

Sesshoumaru had flown her back to camp, Tetsusaiga now at his side.



"Hey, Sesshoumaru?"


"Can I come and be with you and Rin again? As well as Shippou coming?"

"I...hm. Fine." He watched as that one sentence brought that beautiful smile appear on the miko's face.

"Thank you Sesshoumaru!" Kagome launched herself to his figure and hugged him. She did a small scratch on her right cheek from on of the points on Sesshoumaru's armor. The scent of her blood almost made the thread of his demon control snap. Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around her, the raven locks being tangled in his slender claws. Kagome was enjoying the feel of him against her which made her burry her nose more into him, very disappointed that the armor was in the way.



"Does...does this feel, uh, right...to you?"



'What does she mean?'


'Just when I need advice, you three are asleep.'


"A small growl escaped the demon lord, which made Kagome almost jump. The growl had rumbled against his chest.

"Eh...what the hell?"

Inuyasha walked upon the hugging couple and was, well...shocked. He didn't see Tetsusaiga, since it was now hidden by Kagome's arms. Sesshoumaru growled again, this time, a warning one. Inuyasha made his own growl to his half-brother.

"Growl, growl to you too buddy! Now what the heck-huh?"

Kagome, who had enough of this, walked by him, heading back to camp and Sesshoumaru was now left with Inuyasha.

"What the hell was that?"

"Ask her yourself." Sesshoumaru was now walking away, about to fly off to where Rin, Ah-Un and Jaken were.

"Hey! Why can't you just tell me!"


"Damnit! That bastard!" After he watched Sesshoumaru leap into the trees, leaping onto the branches in a blur, he also did the same thing to get back to camp.

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