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Bonus Chapter - Shh, it's a Secret!

"Well, it's about time you two came back," said Leigh's mother when she watched her daughter's and Reperial's form walk in. "The festival was amazing! You two should've come."

"I had so many chores Leigh. You know that. And your father did so as well."

"But nonetheless, it was fun. There were many activities."

Reperial smirked, "I somehow, helped her win." Leigh nodded while a grin appeared on her face when she remembered how it happened. The poor game owner for the rings was just in shock that she got all of them on the furthest stick.

Leigh's mother laughed, "Well then, I take it you two had enough food to eat?" She watched them both of them nod their heads. "Then go clean up Leigh, tomorrow is another day of working."

"Okay." Reperial decided to follow Leigh to her bedroom, her form walking right through Leigh's father who had walked from the main area of the house to see what his wife made.

"Our bathroom is a bit cozy but that's alright. The bathtub can hold us."

"That's good." Reperial leaped up to the ceiling when they entered the bathroom and hanged upside down. "You need to try this view one day Leigh."

"Ah ha. I would if I could."

"Can't you just climb?"

"I'm not that good at climbing. Plus, I may fall, which wouldn't be such a pretty sight."

Both of them burst out laughing while Leigh started to get the bathtub ready with all the things they needed to clean up. Reperial kept walking on the ceiling as well as bugging Leigh. "Are you sure you're not a bat demon?"

A laugh came from the fish demon, "I wish I was a bat demon. They have better looks but, I love my pretty scales." Reperial flashed Leigh a grin before landed to Leigh's right who was already peeling the clothing off of her body. Reperial did the same, the kimono that she wore all the time now a pile on the floor, her body now shown to Leigh.

To Leigh's surprise, her eyes ran over Reperial's legs and torso, the area where Reperial's crotch area was covered with scales which covered her thighs and lower areas around her butt and crotch area. Reperial couldn't help the grin coming to her mouth when she watched Leigh's eyes reflected awe in them. "Is it that odd Leigh?"

"Eh?" Leigh blinked and shook her head, "What is?"

"My scales."

"Oh, no. They're very beautiful." Indeed they were. It matched her hair color; the colors of red and purple were like sparkles glittering in the light coming from the many torches to set a dim and relaxing feel in the bathroom.

"Thank you." If Reperial could blush, she would, but her body language gave away her embarrassment. She looked to the side while putting her right hand on her left shoulder, rubbing it up and down.

Seeing that her friend was uncomfortable, she couldn't help but smile, "You're welcome." Leigh stepped in the tub, Reperial following her after, her form immediately transforming into the very form Leigh first saw her. Leigh brought up her right eyebrow before laughing. Reperial swam up quickly to jump, giving Leigh a show, when she came back up, she splashed Leigh with her tail.

"Hey!" Leigh tried to block the offending slashes with her hands over her face as much as she could before lunging forward to try and get Reperial in her hands for revenge. Reperial swam quickly, like a fish would do to tease a cat that was trying to catch it, her form immediately changing back to humanoid when Leigh was about to catch her.

"Haha, now what are you going to-"


"Why you little-" Reperial scowled at Leigh before pushing Leigh with her feet, which cause the human girl to fall backwards. She came back up laughing while wiping her eyes before splashing Reperial again who splashed her back turned into a fish once again. Using the time when Leigh went to wiping her eyes again, she swam quickly behind Leigh.

"Eh? Where did she-"


Leigh jumped while Reperial starting giggling while wrapping her arms around Leigh, "Now, for some sweet revenge."

"What do you mean? You started it?"

"I plan to end it."

Reperial moved to the left and brought Leigh down into the water with her, when Leigh started to pull herself up, Reperial turned into a fish again and swam to hide underneath Leigh's leg.

Leigh coughed since some water went into her nose and, let's just say that soapy water going into your nose is not the best thing to feel. She soon started to look for Reperial but, decided to stand up and, there was Reperial, pure as day when Leigh looked back down. Of course, this caused Reperial see Leigh's crotch area. Being curious since she never seen such structure at all before, she transformed immediately when Leigh started to catch her, her own hand moving on it's own to explore the mysterious area.

This caused Leigh to shudder and moved back in a flash. Reperial only looked at her in confusement. She only touched it only slightly. Leigh looked at Reperial like she did the most sinful thing on the Earth. "What...why..."

"I've never seen it that way before."

Leigh couldn't help the blush started to form. "You...haven't?"

"If I did, I wouldn't have touched it. Speaking of which, you're very sensitive."

"Well, yes, er, everyone is...erm..."

This was strange. Talking about this in the tub?! And she thought she was crazy! Then again, Reperial had never seen one and was merely curious.

It also felt...right.

Leigh gulped before turning and pushed herself up so she could grab for the soap and started to run it over herself while Reperial watched.

"We're not that sensitive down here."

Leigh wished she was deaf right now since she was now blushing like mad. "I guess, um, we are different?"

"Apparently so...do you...clean down there?"

Well, if Leigh could fall down, she would.

"Reperial...I don't think we should be talking about-"

"I'm curious. Once I'm curious, I want to know more about it as much as I can."

Leigh sighed. Maybe she would stop talking about it then. "Yes, we clean down...there."

"With what?"

"Any type of soap."

"I see."

Leigh thought Reperial was done since she stopped asking questions but, was eventually proved wrong.

"Can I clean it for you?"

Leigh dropped the so called soap in the water and looked up at Reperial like she was a mad woman. "Reperial!"


"Honestly, we should stop talking about this." Leigh started to reach around for the soap while Reperial looked at her with a frown. "Why?"

"Now Reperial. Ugh, where is it? Can you help me find it?"

Reperial rolled her eyes and transformed, her eyes catching the soap but, those eyes soon turned to Leigh's crotch area. With a thought in her head, she swam toward it and then under it, her dorsal fins brushing with its soft and thin material against it.

Leigh, on impulse, pushed her head back while she caught her breath, which eventually came out shakily from her mouth. Reperial transformed back to her humanoid form with the soap in her right hand which was now cleaning Leigh's crotch area gently. "Rep...preial." Reperial's arm moved on it's own to wrap around Leigh's waste to hold her up while she continued to clean the area, her fingers brushing against the skin and eventually the lips. "Stop."

Reperial didn't oblige, she continued to clean the area until she made sure she covered the whole entire area before taking her hand away with the soap. She didn't expect the whimper of loss from Leigh. Reperial soon found Leigh's forehead upon her left shoulder, her breathing becoming a bit ragged while her left hand was on Reperial's collarbone, the other gripping Reperial's right hip.

Leigh soon caught her breath after they stayed that way before looking up at Reperial and then at Reperial's hand. "I have to say Leigh yours are very different than ours."

There was no answer from the human girl, who pulled back and decided to get out. Reperial followed suit and put her clothes back on, even if her body was still wet. Leigh used a big cloth to wipe her body down before putting on her sleeping attire. Without a word, she started to walk out.

Reperial, who was tired of the silence, crossed her arms and glared at Leigh before finally speaking, "Oh come off it Leigh. I was merely curious."

Leigh whirled around, "If you were curious, you should've done that to someone else."


"Because what you did in there was against my will!"

"It looked like you enjoyed it."

"That's the problem Reperial!"

Reperial blinked and looked at her with a confusing look in her green-blue eyes.

"What you did is something a man should do to a woman, not a woman doing toward another!"

A snort was her response while Reperial shook her head, "Oh, please. Demons are different."


"Yeah, you heard me. We don't care, as long as it feels good."

Leigh blinked in disbelief.

Reperial walked closer to Leigh until she was at arm reach apart. "It doesn't matter if a female does that act toward another, neither is a male doing to another since fish demons can barely find mates these days by humans catching us with the others." Reperial's voice was for once filled with ice, like the Western demon lord's, a hiss coming from her at the end. Leigh was for one in surprise and in shock since she was so used to Reperial being carefree.

Leigh couldn't say anything. What could she say to that?

Reperial saw this and walked out of the bathroom, leaving Leigh all alone in the room.

"Ah, Reperial, how was your and Leigh's bath?"

"It was great, I loved it."

"Good. Where's Leigh?"

"She needed some time to think over some things in the bathroom."


Reperial nodded before walking to the front area of the house, "I'm going to go for a swim."


How could she be so stupid? But, she didn't know! Ha, like Reperial even tell her anything about herself, nor did she herself for that matter. Leigh's hands went into fists before looking up at the ceiling, which didn't do anything at all.

Leigh felt a headache coming and shook her head. Walking out of the bathroom, her parents looked at her with concern, which rarely happened, so she must've looked horrible.

"Leigh? Are you alright dear?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"So Reperial was right. It's almost time for bed."

Leigh nodded, not even bothering to question what Reperial said to them. Her feet padded against the wooden floor until she reached to her room, her eyes immediately falling onto Reperial's blankets. "I wonder where she went." Leigh bent down on her knees and pulled the blankets so she could get under the top one. Sliding herself down, Leigh layed her head on the small pile of squared blankets that acted as her pillow before pulling the light top blanket over her so she would be nice and snug to fall asleep.

The village now dead asleep, no light was dared to be seen in the darkness except for the moon's light, its subjects, the stars, twinkling randomly in the sky.

The silence of the night was soon interrupted by splashes of water in a nearby lake of the village. Fireflies zipped across the lake while some dragonflies did as well and didn't expect a fish to jump. On impulse, they moved out of the way only to see that none of them were captured. The fish transformed and looked at the bugs that started to fly away, "Such a pity. Scared of fish for life...I hate bugs." It was true; her kind didn't really eat any type of insect. They preferred the smaller fish that could only be found very carefully in the middle of the lake. They were delicious, like a human loving the taste of chicken or meat.

Walking out of the lake, she put on her clothes before looking at her reflection. Scales were starting to outline her eyes, which showed that she was close to being a full grown fish demon. Only bad part is...

Well, she needed a mate.

Of course, it wasn't like she was desperate. Every single fish demon she knew had a mate and being the only fry, well, she was still young in fish terms, by her parents that survived, they were expecting her to mate with someone and have lots and lots of eggs.

Reperial honestly didn't like the sound of that.

"Reperial, I knew that was you swimming around."

And things just had to get worse, didn't they? Reperial looked up at the sky and sneered. Why now? Turning around, she smiled at her mother. "Hey mom."

"Where have you been these past few days?"

"Oh, here and there."



Did she mention that she hated her mother?

The nosy little bitch she was. She wouldn't be surprised if her mother was part dog, no offense to the ones that she knew. She didn't realize her mom was studying and wasn't even surprised when her mother got that twinkle in her eyes.

"You're almost to being a full grown fish."

"Can't wait." She actually could, she didn't want it to rush. Speaking of rushing, she needed to get out of here and quick.

"Hey mom?"


Reperial pointed to the tree, "Oh my, look!"

Sure enough, her mom whirled around and off Reperial went back to the village. Apparently, her mother was sure a true fish demon, since her attention span was like real one. How did she know? Her mother was now speaking to the tree for goodness sake!

Okay, so she was horrible to her mother but she didn't want her mother to lecture her on and on about finding the right mate, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. It gets tiring.

When Reperial finally arrived at the home she had been staying ever since Leigh and her mother caught her from the stream. She didn't bother being quiet in the main area since no one would even hear her since they were dead asleep like a log.

Such a funny saying that is. Reperial couldn't help the smile that appeared when she thought that but, when she entered into Leigh's room, the smile disappeared. It wasn't that she was still mad at Leigh, if one could say that, it was because how she could tell that Leigh was tense. How? The girl wasn't even smiling in her sleep.

Man, how corny was that? Reperial sighed before walking to her blankets, setting her bum onto them before looking at Leigh. She was the first human to befriend her, believe it or not. Even if it didn't seem so, she was. Reperial looked at Leigh's face before she nudged Leigh with her right foot.

A smirk appeared on her mouth when Leigh blinked her eyes, a groan coming from her. "What?" Leigh rolled to the left and sat up a bit but soon went back down seeing it was still dark. Turning back to Reperial, she gave the fish demon a glare. Reperial could only smile cheekily before nudging the poor girl again with her foot.

"Wakey wakey."

"Agh, go to sleep."

"I'm not tired. I'm bored."

"Then lay down."




"Let me sleep in peace."



"Alright, got a knife?"

"Eh, what? No! Not that kind of piece! The one that is not and quiet with no chaos!"

"Ohhh, so, I'm chaos and your peace?"

Leigh groaned before rolling to the left to face away from Reperial.

"I wonder what chaos would do to...disturb peace."

"Your voice is working."

"Yes, but, there has to be more..."

Leigh didn't bother, she was just too tired and the damned fish demon was not helping at all. As soon as Reperial made absolutely sure that Leigh was once again falling into dreamland again, she moved toward Leigh, who only thought that she was getting her blankets and finally go to sleep.

Reperial pushed the blanket lightly so her hand could reach in and then, shot forward toward where Leigh's crotch area was.


Reperial only chuckled, "See? I told you there was another way to disturb peace. I believe I win." Leigh pulled herself up to yell more at Reperial to get her hands off of her and go to sleep but stopped when Reperial started to massage the area with her fingers. This caused Leigh to fall back down but was caught by Reperial who moved to let Leigh lay against her front while she continued. Leigh closed her eyes tightly at the feeling while Reperial snuggled up to her, like a male would, her left cheek going against Leigh's right cheek. Leigh couldn't help to push her back against Reperial who didn't mind at all.

"I saw my mother before coming back..." She didn't know why she was talking about her mother, she just felt like she had to come up with something to say to break the silence which wasn't broken that much with Leigh's moans.


A smirk appeared on Reperial's face when she heard Leigh stutter. How cute. Moving her mouth, she licked Leigh's ear which made her almost hiss in pleasure. "You're also sensitive with your ears. Ours are more sensitive though, making this act...even better."

Act? Leigh blinked, "Act?"

"Not really an act..." Damn, how could she explain?

"You know, what everyone does to have offspring."

"O-Oh." Reperial thought that was her answer to what she said but she was proved wrong when she felt Leigh buck her hips. "Leigh?"


"Do you enjoy this?"

Leigh opened her eyes but soon wished she didn't since she saw Reperial's hand doing what a male should be doing to her. She felt emotions run through her; one of them being the strongest was fascination. You could say it turned her on even more when she watched that pale hand work her area.


Leigh sighed before closing her eyes in bliss and nodded her head, she wasn't sure she could find her voice anymore after what she saw. Reperial nuzzled Leigh's neck before licking and nipping it, which made Leigh arch. "Anxious?"

Leigh finally found her voice, "The...the way I'm feeling is...overpowering." Leigh soon started to be brave. She wanted to do this to Reperial as well, wanting her to show how she explored the fish's area. "Reperial?"


"I...I want to try."

Reperial stopped, which earned a whimper from Leigh. A smirk appeared on Reperial's mouth when she heard it before letting Leigh turn around. "Are you sure Leigh?"

Leigh nodded without hesitating. Reperial opened her kimono, which let the middle of her front open to Leigh, which included her crotch area. Leigh looked at Reperial's creamy skin, taking note that she didn't even notice just how beautiful it looked. Trailing her gaze down, she landed upon the area she saw earlier in the bathroom. Unlike before, the scales looked sharp which made her nervous. Reperial noticed this and ran over her own hand across the scales, which made them adjust knowing what she was about to do-Leigh to be more exact.

"Didn't know fish demons were vicious."

Reperial couldn't help the laugh coming from her, "You'd be surprised..." Leigh could've sworn that Reperial's voice purred but didn't bother to investigate it. Reperial couldn't stop the moan coming from her when Leigh started to do the same actions as she was to her. "You learn fast..."

Leigh bit her lip while she continued while she went to explore more of the area, her fingers hitting the scales which seemed to quiver at her touch. Reperial let out a chuckle before adjusting herself so she could sit on her knees and looking at Leigh's face. Okay, so, she did touch herself-who didn't when they were younger? She was a curious little demon if one hadn't find out yet.

"No wonder...yours is very different."

"See? Told you." Reperial licked her lips before holding Leigh's gaze.

They soon found each other on the floor, Leigh on the bottom while Reperial was on top, who was hovering over her. "Leigh...you know, I'm turning into a full grown demon."

"You are?"

"These scales." Reperial touched the scales that were started to gather around her eyes, "They tell everyone that I'm becoming older and when I do become a full grown demon, I have to...eh, well not really have to, it's just expected for me to have a mate."

Leigh blinked, "A mate?"

"Eh, husband in your terms."

"You don't want one?"

"Oh...I do."

Leigh didn't know why her heart sank at that answer and it seemed her eyes showed sadness since Reperial shook her head, "Not a male. I can't stand them, most of them are arrogant."

"But, don't you need to? You said so yourself that fish demons are starting to die out."

Reperial sighed, "I know but...shit." A sigh came from her before tickling Leigh, who started laughing and tried to get away, "See? I want that laugh with me..." Leigh stopped laughing before looking back at up at Reperial who was looking at her like never before. "Reperial...I..."

Before she could say anything more, Reperial bent down and stole Leigh's first kiss. Leigh's eyes widened but they soon fluttered close when Reperial started to work her mouth gently and slowly filled with sweet passion. Both of them were inexperienced but that didn't stop them to learn. Leigh learned that Reperial liked to suck on her lips while her hands-her betrayed hands-roamed over the fish demon's body.

"Careful. The scales may cut you."

Reperial licked her tongue over Leigh's lips, finding out that Leigh was sensitive there. A smirk appeared on her but that soon disappeared when she felt Leigh's hands brushing against her tail bone, a "mmph" coming from her while she shuddered down a bit more to Leigh's body. "Damnit..."

"I believe the score is Peace: 2 and Chaos: 4?"

"At least your honest, you damn human." Reperial hissed before taking Leigh's lips once again. Of course, she was just playing with Leigh but no one else would notice since her voice didn't sound playful. You had to really know Reperial well enough to tell.

Leigh giggled, "I was brought up that way, although, I don't know about you. You are always causing trouble."

Reperial glared at Leigh, "I live up to my name quite well. Now, stop breaking the kiss or I'll ravish you until your lips bruise."



Both of them started laughing after Reperial said the most popular nickname a male demon could think when he was irritated at a female. "Reperial, since when did you turn into a male?"

"Even I don't even know, but, it's fun throwing cracks at those males. Don't you agree, my little bitch?" Reperial licked her lips while Leigh started to laugh once again. "Your laugh is like a sweet melody to my ears. Scream my name!" Both of them started to giggle like school girls until their sides hurt.

"Do they really say those?"

"Some, I know my father does and he's right. My mom is a little bitch-an annoying bitch."

Leigh giggled once again, "You're horrible."

"Tell me something I don't know." Reperial smirked before claiming Leigh's lips once again, who thankfully didn't break it since she was enjoying the kisses that Reperial gave her now. Leigh soon felt Reperial roaming her hands around her body while she did the same to Reperial. Reperial chuckled when Leigh shivered at the contact when Reperial brushed her hand across Leigh's tail bone.

"Now, how does that feel?"


Leigh enjoyed the way Reperial's skin felt against her own, but the part that she loved the most was how the beautiful scales sparkled when she pushed the kimono off of Reperial's shoulders.

Reperial started to give Leigh hot kisses, which made both of them start getting excited. Their hearts started to speed up while their breathing did as well. Reperial's body was now fully on Leigh's but she didn't weight that much, but, this made each other feel the other's fast heart beat thumping fast in their chests. Reperial pulled away from the kiss, her breathing still quick as well as Leigh's. "Reperial...," whispered Leigh, who was completely breathless. Reperial licked her lips before moving her lips toward the nape of Leigh's neck.

Leigh closed her eyes while she continued to move her hands around Reperial's creamy and scaly skin in some areas. Reperial sucked a bit before she made sure there was surely going to be a bruise there. She could claim Leigh as hers, oh, she really did want to. Leigh was so very different than other humans in the village. She was smart, there was no doubt about that, and knew just how she worked. Whether she was angry, sarcastic or joking, she would know and she would know how to respond.

The only thing holding her back was to be sure Leigh wanted to be with her. Screw what her parents said, she would be a full grown fish demon soon and she would find her own lake. Of course, Leigh's parents may not just let their daughter go. The villagers had this thing for their daughters to be wed to those that were strong. Humans of course. Leigh was beautiful, but not gorgeous. There was a fine line since she was only 18 and-her going away with a female-and a fish demon at that.

Oh yeah, life was great. God damn humans and their picky ass selves.

Leigh started to glide her fingers over the scales of red and purple that was surrounding the same colored eyes, her touch was almost like feathers to Reperial.

"Now I wish I had beautiful scales on me."

Reperial couldn't help the laugh that tumbled out of her at that sentence. Leigh only looked at her with confusement, "What?"

"Trust me, they feel horrible when it's mating season."


A snicker only came from the fish demon.

"Reperial." Leigh said her name like a grown mother scolding her child.

"The scales harden so much, that you're sure that you thought you'll go numb from the pain. Our type, breed of fish that is, has their scales harden but also sharpen. It does sometimes cut another scale and it isn't a pleasant feeling."

"...why did I ask again?"

"You were curious, just like me."

"Well...I didn't know it was going to be about that."

Reperial chuckled before bringing down her head to nuzzle Leigh's neck. "What did you expect?"

"Eh, well...something more...appropriate?"



"Us...appropriate during mating season?! Are you mad?!" Reperial started to laugh uncontrollably while Leigh soon joined in. They were very thankful that Leigh's parents couldn't hear them.

That would be scary if they came to find out what was the ruckus.

Them seeing Reperial on top of Leigh and what excuse could they come up with? Probably along the lines of, Oh, I was just oh so curious about Leigh's womanhood. I daresay that it is quite splendid and she was also curious how mine was. It soon ended to this with Reperial on top of Leigh.

What a priceless picture of her parents would be.

It would of course have to wait since cameras were not invented yet. Pity.

"So, Leigh..."


"How would you feel-and answer truthfully-if you want to be...well, my mate?"

"...eh, your...mate?"

Reperial nodded.

"As in...your lover?"

Reperial nodded once again.

"Ah, well...you see-"

"No seeing, no thinking-" Reperial looked into Leigh's green-blue eyes with her red and purple ones that were now serious. "-go to what you're feeling. Do you enjoy the way I touch you?" To show her what she met, Reperial's sneaky right hand went down to rub Leigh's womanhood once again that night. Leigh immediately responded by arching up, her head going back while her mouth opened in ecstasy. "Does your whole body burn from my touch Leigh? Do you feel your heart flutter while it races like a shark about to close in onto its' prey?" Reperial pulled both of them up so they were sitting once again while her fingers still gave Leigh what she couldn't believe she could ever great in her entire life.

"Do you...love me?"

Leigh moaned and opened her eyes to look up with stormy green-blue eyes looking at soft red and purple eyes. She let out a shaky breath before shivering. "Yes...oh kami-yes." Leigh loved it. She absolutely loved it when she felt her heart raced, her body burning whenever Reperial touched her anywhere on her body and it wasn't just because of that.

They were very close-even though they barely knew anything about each other like other friends. Whenever Reperial played that game with her, splashed her, danced with her and annoyed her greatly. She just knew how to make that switch turn on until she felt like strangling the fish demon. It was like they needed each other for it to balance. Leigh herself said she was peace and Reperial was chaos.

Leigh's answer made Reperial smile brightly and kissed Leigh like she hadn't her in a very long time while she started to remove Leigh's kimono.


"Oh hush. Stop being so naïve, it doesn't suit you at all."

"I beg your pardon?"

Reperial couldn't keep the snicker coming from her lips while she finally opened the kimono to show Leigh's body. "Stop acting all grown up since it won't work on me."

"I figured that out already."

Reperial smirked, "Are you sure about that?"

She was received a glare, which she took greatly before moving to lean on her right arm so she would be putting her weight on the floor while she guided her left hand across Leigh's torso. She gave Leigh's breast attention by swirling the tips of her nail tips.

"You know, I always thought you would have webbed hands."

Reperial only smiled and looked at Leigh while she continued to make designs on Leigh's stomach now, enjoying how the sensitive areas twitched, "I was even surprised myself when I found out that we don't." Leigh watched as Reperial pushed herself up to once again hover over her but what really shocked her was when Reperial started to lick the area below her breasts.

Leigh closed her eyes in bliss, savoring the sensations she was feeling. Leigh moved her hands to run them through the red and purple locks while she moaned. Reperial trailed her tongue up until she reached the collarbone, nipping it with her teeth. "My parents may find it odd that I will mate with a female-and a human at that. I can only imagine what your parents will say though. Marrying, as you humans put it, a female is not even though of but, a demon is."

Leigh sighed and moaned loudly since Reperial licked a sensitive area, her teeth not making it even better, "I don't even know what they will say...oh-mm, but, I guess there's a first time for everything." Leigh moved her hands in Reperial's hair, enjoying the feel of it while she started to scratch Reperial's scalp. Reperial savored the feel on her scalp, she stopped paying attention to Leigh's collarbone and layed her head where her mouth was once giving attention to. She had snuggled up to Leigh, her form now once again on top of Leigh's since she moved to lick and nip Leigh's collarbone.

Reperial's keen ears picked up Leigh's heartbeat, the soft thudding made her eyes close while she relaxed. Leigh looked up at the ceiling, many thoughts running through her head like fireworks. A sigh came from her before closing her eyes, enjoying how Reperial snuggled on top of her.

It also didn't help that because of Reperial, she felt her groin started to have its own heartbeat while it started to get heated as well. A blush soon appeared on her cheeks, her heart speeding up in embarrassment, which Reperial noticed immediately. A chuckle came from the fish demon, "What is it Leigh? Feeling uncomfortable?"

Leigh breathed in and out slowly in shaky breaths, "Not-Not at all..." Reperial only smirked while she pulled herself up, her red and purple eyes immediately catching Leigh's green-blue ones. Without a word, Reperial moved until she reached the carotid artery, her tongue slipping out to lick where she saw the pulse easily below the skin. Leigh couldn't help her head going back in a gasp, which only egged Reperial on. Reperial licked, kissed, nipped and sucked on the area while Leigh mewled, moaned and even gasped.

Reperial was not blind-she could plainly see how it affected her since the pulse jumped under her tongue. She brought up a hand to run itself across the skin that covered the area of where Leigh's heart was before settling it on top of the skin, pressing it down so she could feel it. Leigh blinked, "What are you doing?"

"Call me crazy but...just by doing this is making me even more...out of control," said Reperial between what she did god knows what to the neck once again. She couldn't help it. She was enjoying how Leigh's heart thundered at her touch. It excited her, her own heart picking up its own pace.

Leigh watched Reperial's figure shiver in delight and before she could think, she brought up her right hand and placed it where Reperial's heart was. Reperial smirked while she continued sucking, knowing there would be a mark from her sucking and nipping the skin there. Leigh found out that her heartbeat was faster than Reperial's-as well as skipping beats while Reperial's was only going a bit faster than normal while hers thundered like a horse in a field.

"Enjoying yourself?" Reperial gave the artery one last lick before moving her head to look at Leigh once again square in the eye. Leigh only smiled before moving her arms around Reperial's neck. Reperial moved her left hand, which was on Leigh's chest, so she could wrap it around Leigh's waist while her right hand stayed on the ground.

Reperial claimed Leigh's lips once again, their tongues battling each other while they started to move in rhythm, kissing and moaning sounds filtered in the air. "Oh..." Reperial's left hand had once again wandered down to Leigh's womanhood, fingering it like it did before which made Leigh breathless under her.

They continued to kiss each other while both of their hearts started to speed up, especially Reperial's while Leigh's only sped up a bit more than before. They were both sure that the both of them could feel the others without having to put their hand on it since their chests were now on top of each other. This only egged both of them on in their actions, the kiss becoming heated while both of them felt something come out of their crotch areas.

"Oh...my." Reperial's short nails picked up the liquid substance and wiped it on the blanket, which made Leigh's eyes widen. What if her parents found out?! That thought soon crashed and burned when Reperial fingered her again in the right spots that made her crumble like a cookie.

Leigh let out a moan and looked up into Reperial's eyes, exhaustion now clearly in her own. This only made Reperial chuckle, "What? You're already tired? It has yet to begin..." Reperial bent down and nuzzled Leigh's neck before sliding off to her right until she lounged on the blankets. This didn't stop Reperial to pull Leigh in her arms though before both of them snuggled up to each other.

"Although, I have to admit that I'm getting tired as well..." She pushed one of Leigh's hair locks behind her ear before cupping Leigh's left cheek. "Sleep well..." Leigh only smiled before she turned over, hinting Reperial to put her arm around her waist. Reperial smirked and obliged her wishes, her front now against Leigh's back.

"And then-she vanished!" Reperial's mother through up her hands madly in the air.

"...you talked to the tree again, didn't you?" Reperial's father only replied gruffly since his mate interrupted his sleep-which was making him irritated with her easily with each passing moment.

"That's besides the point Reaper!"

"Listen love. It's night. She's almost a grown demon-let her be for crying out loud."

"I want to know where she is!"

"Then look for her without me-quietly-so I can have my rest or I'll be on your ass the whole way."



"Now I see where she got her perverted side."

Reaper groaned and waved her away, "You're the one that though it, not me."

"But you said it."

"For the last time Helena! Go find her yourself! I'm already annoyed with you! Now, let. Me. Sleep!"



"How about-"

"End. Of. Discussion."

Helena huffed and stomped off, "Some mate you are! Not finding your own daughter!"

Reaper moved his mouth while his expression changed while doing so to match her words. This action of course came from watching humans all the time. It was a good thing his mate didn't see him.


Her mother had gotten up early to do the laundry and was about to go take it to the lake nearby. "Leigh? Are you awake?"

She was met with silence once again. Deciding to just walk in and gather her daughter's clothes, she did jus that. Being so used to Reperial sleeping with Leigh, or rather, beside Leigh, she didn't bother to glance at them. She walked to the basket she had given Leigh to put the dirty clothes, she picked it up. It was an easy task since she had did her own, which was much heavier than her daughters, and had done this before with her husband's as well.

When she turned to slide the door, her eyes landed on the two females cuddled up against each other, her eyes widening. She stood there for a good ten seconds and dropped the basket to run for her husband. She had done this routine whenever she was young, that she didn't bother to wake them up.

For the first time in her life, she cussed while she ran toward her and her husband's room. "Dear-dear!" Her sentence was interrupted by breathing hard while her husband came toward her, "What is it?"

"Leigh-and-oh-come, come!" She took his hand and hauled him with her to their daughter's room. Her husband snatched his hand away like she was mad, "What's wrong? You almost yanked my shoulder out of it's socket-"

He watched his wife pull the sliding door quickly and his eyes landed upon them with a confused look. But, then he saw where Reperial's arm was. A female's arm in a place of a male's arm should be when they were married with their wife's.

It was plain wrong.

"Excuse me? Have you seen-excuse me? Have you-oh, for the love of life, someone please answer me!"

It just never occurred to Helena that they couldn't see her unless the saw her true form. Reaper of course knew that his mate would do this, which was why he preferred their sleeping area in the lake rather than hearing her.

Sure, she could transform right then and their, but they would spear her and eat her. That was definitely not a great way to die, especially for a fish demon, and everyone wondered why they were almost extinct.

It makes you wonder.

Like Helena here for example, who was wondering why the hell no one was responding to her.

"I'll just find her by scent if none of ya'll will help me."

She thought why she didn't think of it sooner while she started floating to find a scent of her daughter since she couldn't have gone far. Helena almost ran into a close line when she finally picked up her daughter's scent when she was swooping down and followed. By the time she landed at the house, she flew through the door that was ajar.


Leigh's parents stared at her and Reperial's sleeping forms during the whole time, lines of thoughts and even questions running through their head. They've never seen this before done-and seeing it for the first time left them speechless yet curious at the same time.

When Leigh's father finally walked toward them, Reperial had heard her mother shout her name and immediately shot up, which scared Leigh's father shitless.

"Reperial-what have-oh my."

"Mother, great seeing you...here."

Helena narrowed her eyes at her daughter. She too had seen the act but was not speechless and shocked like the humans standing beside her. "Reperial? Your mother is here?"


"Do not tell them!"

"If you please show yourself? This will be easier for all of us-unless Leigh here has seen you."

"That foul being? I have not."

A hiss came from Reperial while she glared at her mother, which made Leigh's parents look at her questionately. Helena only floated herself so she would be airborne in her true form so that Leigh's parents could see her.

That was the beauty of fish demons. They could float in the air or chose to swim in the lake or, be in humanoid form. Such a gift, yet so very wasted the past years. Reperial's mother was shades of blue and silver, her scales shining almost like diamonds in the daylight coming through the windows. Helena turned back to her humanoid form, the scales now seen by them like everyone else before her, her eyes were a color of a sea while the tips of her ears were curled instead of Reperial's skinned ones. They were also soft as the material as a fin.

"Helena." She bowed to them like she was greeting servants before landing a glare on her daughter. "You, you're coming with me."

"Excuse me...Mis- Lady Helena?"

Oh, now that made her just smile. Reperial looked disgusted. Her mother could be like an arrogant male at times. "Yes?"

"We are, beyond words on what we saw of your daughter and our own."

Helena only crossed her arms before looking at Leigh like she was a dog, "Reperial knows she should not do that with a human." She turned to look at her daughter who was looking at her coldly. "Isn't that right Reperial?"

A scoff was her answer. Helena walked toward her daughter, demanding an answer while Leigh's parents went toward her to wake her up.

"Leigh. Wake up."

"Huh? What-oh!" Leigh widened her eyes. She turned her head and her gaze landed upon Helena's form and Reperial's in front of her. Leigh turned her head back slowly to her parents, wishing she were still asleep. Or better yet, everyone was.

"Leigh, explain why Reperial had your arm around your waist?"


"Leigh, answer your mother."

Leigh fiddled with her fingers while she dodged her parent's gazes. 'Should I tell them the truth? I did tell him that I would never lie...' With a sigh, she looked toward her parents. "I love Reperial."

There, she said it. Reperial only smiled while Leigh's parents looked at her with plain shock. Helena turned sharply to her daughter and then to Leigh, "Surely you're mis-"

"My daughter never lies when saying that." Leigh's father glared at the fish demon like he was going to cut her up and fry her.

"Ha! She's a human! My daughter is a demon." Helena crossed her arms, "Besides, they're both females."

Leigh watched her mother walk toward her and put her hand on her right shoulder, "Leigh...why...? I-why-how?!"

"It just...happened."

Leigh's jaw clenched when she felt her mother grip her shoulders while she started to sob, "Leigh, you were supposed to wed-a male at that, and have a normal life."

"I don't want to. I would only hurt that man's feelings by seeing Reperial kissing me and holding me besides him."



Helena turned to her daughter and glared at her deadly, "You're coming home. Now."

"Eh, let me think. No."

"You will do as I say small fry."

Reperial hissed at the name. She hated it when her mother called her that. Helena turned to give Leigh's parents a glare, "I can't believe you two are taking this so lightly. Pathetic."

Without thinking, Reperial had slapped her mother so hard, she stumbled and a red imprint appeared immediately on her pale face. "I will not go with you. I'll be even more damned if you took me home with you."

Helena let out a growl only to be stopped by receiving a glare. A cold, hateful glare came from her daughter which tore through her like a knife while she was just a flimsy cloth.

"I told you why I didn't want to come."

Everyone looked at where the voice came from. In the doorway of the room stood a very tall man, his height reaching at 6'3". His hair fell from his head in a widows peak, the tresses were the color of a dark purple that almost past as black while his eyes were light green with a bit of blue in the mix. His arms was crossed ons his chest, his outfit made by silk and designed in a typical head class demon would, like a certain demon lord we all know and love.

His ears were different than his mate's. They swirled upwards, not downwards, its material like that a fin though, which was quite flimsy and moved from even the slightest movement. Where the earlobe was supposed to be just hanging, it curved upward as well and was attached to the side of his head.


"Oh hush Helena. I've had enough of you this morning." Reaper walked toward his daughter and looked at her for a good minute and then looked at Leigh's parents, who of course didn't see him yet.

"Father, show your true form."

Reaper blinked before nodding and transforming. His true form was like his mate's but longer and larger. Leigh and her parents looked up with amazement while Reaper looked down at them with his eyes; his form seemed to make sparkles in the air by his many large scales.

"Well then, enough of that," said Reaper when he transformed back and towered over their forms. "Name's Reaper. That crazy woman is my mate and her name is Helena." A hiss came from Helena who eventually walked up to his side and glared up at him. Reaper only looked down at her like she was a child before turning back to Leigh's parents.

"Your daughter-both of ours were sleeping like newly weds."

Reaper couldn't help the small snort coming from him, "Oh?" His gaze landed upon Leigh, studying her. She was quite alright for a human but what really surprised him was how she held herself, she didn't flinch at all when he started to study her.


"Yes father?"

Reaper beckoned her over with a wave of his left hand, which were slim and had scales surrounding his knuckles, making it appear like he had many rings on them. Reaper turned his head to her when she was now to his left, his mate on the right. "Explain to your old man?"


"About you two sleeping like...newly weds?"

"We love each other."

Helena crossed her arms in disapproval while Reaper only looked at his daughter's calm face. "You do know that our race is dwindling, correct?"

"Yes father."

Reaper turned to his mate and smirked to her, "Let her be with the human."


Reaper waved a hand to his mate, who looked at him flabbergasted. "You heard me."


"Hold on." Leigh's mother stopped Reaper with her voice, "You aren't bothered by this?"

"Nope...why, are you?"

"Of course I am!"

"Just think of Reperial of a better mate than a male."

"What? Why?"

Reaper only smirked, "She's a demon. She will protect your daughter with her life."

"A male can-"

"No, we're too pride driven."

Helena scoffed which made Reaper looked at her before adding, "Just like Helena." He was received with a cold glare that almost made him shiver in front of the humans. That glare only excited him even further. "Plus...my mate and I can have more offspring."

Reperial snickered when she watched her mother's expression changed dramatically. "We what?"

"Oh you heard me love."

"I thought-"

"No thinking love. It doesn't suit you," teased Reaper who watched his mate's eyes darken. "Oh my, I believe I hit a nerve. I shall run away for dear life so she won't have her way with me."


"Yes Helena-love?" Reaper let his eyes twinkle with innocence that would surely piss her off even more. Sure enough, Helena was about to attack him when he moved away so she would follow him to their lake. "You owe me Reperial," he said before leading Helena out of the house.

Leigh and her parents were quite glad that was over. "Now I see how you are Reperial."

"Oh, I'm terribly hurt." Leigh only smiled while Reperial held her chest in a dramatic way.


Leigh's smile disappeared while she turned her attention to her father, "We didn't expect this at all. Your mother and I hoped that you would marry a man-a human."

"I didn't either."

"Is this what you really want Leigh?"

"Yes, but, why are you letting this go so easily?"

This time her mother spoke, "Even if we tried to marry you off to a man, you wouldn't be happy and he would notice this. He would try all his might to please you but see that that would be useless."

"How do you know all of this?"

Her mother only smiled and took Leigh's father's hand in hers. This told Leigh that her mother must've been married off to the wrong guy and-yeah, you get the drift. Her parents turned to look at Reperial, her father started to talk now. "I trust you will not hurt her in any way?"

"I would be a fool if I did."

Leigh's father smiled in approval and turned to his wife, "What about you?" A sigh came from her while she looked at Leigh, "I'm very happy that you found someone Leigh...even if they aren't a male-and a human at that."

Leigh smiled brightly before running to her parent's, hugging them, glad that they were surprisingly fine. It was better than arguing with them any day. Reperial smirked, "Now, we just need to find a place, unless you want to stay?"


Reperial only chuckled, "It'll be close to this village, I assure you." She winked at Leigh with her left eye. Leigh only smiled, "Fine with me."

After that, Leigh packed her belongings and waved her parents, who knew she would visit as often as she could. The sun beamed on them like it was happy for them, only, it made them, and everyone else, very hot and sweaty.

Leigh wiped her forehead, "We should stop."

"Oh ho, I have the perfect place to stop and cool off."


Reperial immediately grabbed Leigh's left hand and dashed to the lake that they jumped in before when it was very hot as well. Only this time they were smiling happily at each other while they ran to their destination, the people they passed didn't even look at them, which would be rather...odd seeing a girl holding hands with someone invisible and smiling.

Thank goodness mental institutions didn't exist yet...or did they?

"Oh, and Leigh?"


"I knew you didn't like Inuyasha at all, I just enjoyed seeing you angered."

Leigh made a fake glare, "Who says I didn't like him?"

Reperial only growled, enjoying how they teased each other. "Well then, you must be punished for that."

"I can't wait."

"Neither can I." Reperial smirked wickedly.

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