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Winnie slipped out of her window. If she had counted right, and she prided herself on her dedication, this was the night that the brothers would meet and return to Mae and Tuck's cottage.

She felt no different, and was slightly disappointed with the lack of dramatic effect. "I've expected something...else," she told herself, carefully lowering herself while maintaining a grip on her satchel. Winnie had only taken practical clothing, along with the money she had saved for the years between and also her Bible and some sentimental items.

As she quietly went through the gate, she wondered where her toad was.


"Jessie," Myles said softly. "It's time to go."

He remained sitting on the soft moss. "No," the seventeen-year-old replied stubbornly.

"We've been hours here," Mae told him, her kind eyes sad. "Shouldn't we go?" The horse flicked it's tail impatiently, snorting and pawing at the ground.

"I'll wait."

"Jessie," Myles spoke gently. "It's been years. You know that." He swallowed, remembering his wife and children. Sometimes, in his weakest moments...

His younger brother seemed to read his mind. "You lost yours, Myles. Even if the chances are very small, very very very, I will not give up. I'll wait the night or two or three if that's what it takes to make sure."

"Jessie..." But Myles' will was already breaking, along with his heart. But truly, it couldn't really break, only creak with sorrow over and over again forever.

"I have to know. Would you begrudge me that?"

Myles' eyes grew hot, and he tugged fiercely at his ear to hold back the burning water that clouded his vision. Nodding sharply, he turned to Mae and Tuck, leading the horse from the eternal clearing.

Jessie sat on the cool, soft grass and pulled his knees to his chest.