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Full Summary: Four years ago, Akatsuki kidnapped Sakura and made her their 'toy'. Now what will happen when Sasuke finally finds her? Will she remember him or has Itachi fully erased her memory of everything she held dear to her? Has he finally claimed what he rightfully wants, Sakura?

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Warning: Some sexual abuse, also so hints of rape.

Chapter 1: Burning Cherry Blossom

Midnight rang as I lay on my small comfortable bed. The cold wind blew from the outside, through my window, and onto my soft skin. The only visible light that showed came from the large white moon hovering in the sky.

As I tried to fall asleep, memories unknown to me flew in and out of my head. Why was I here? Was I just a toy for them; to do with as they pleased? Was this honestly the only purpose in life for me?

I stood up as I unwrapped my self from the large cotton blanket. Standing up fully, my feet touched the stone ground making me shiver at how cold it was. Stepping softly around the creaking floors I made my way over to the window shutting it. Little did I know, someone was behind me. With great force, the person grabbed the back of my neck and slammed my whole front body against the wall.

The hand gripped harder onto my face causing my cheek to rub hard against the wall. I tilted my head trying to ease the pain and get a look at my attacker. At the sight, my eyes widened, not with surprise, but with fear. "K-Kisame." I said below a whisper as I tried to lift myself away from the wall, though to no use.

I guess it was around the time he had his weekly bottles of sake. Everytime, at night, he would come into my room drunk expecting to play some type of twisted game. Unfortunately, he would get his way, but most times, he would just pass out from alcohol overdose.

However, this time was different. All I saw in his eyes was pure lust. Not the lust of someone you care deeply about, the type of lust for another ones body. I'm sure if he saw another female he'd do the same to her; it's just that this is what I'm here for…so I'm told.

From what I can remember, I've lived here almost all my life. For some reason, all I can remember is when I first met Itachi; in this very room. I had waken up with a horrible headache and as I looked around the room I saw him. He wore the same smirk he still does when he sees me now. He explained my purpose for being here, then out of the blue he kissed me.

It was sudden and all I could wonder was…who is he? Who the hell am I? I didn't even know my own name. Later on, I realized what Itachi really meant. He meant I was a toy, a play-thing as some would call it.

A mere tool for this organization known as Akatsuki. Through time, I came to know exactly what Akatsuki does; they slaughter, hunt, and completely destroy ones life for their own greed and needs. One by one I learned about the members who stayed in this building were. Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, Zetsu, and him…Itachi, the one I feared the most. Not just because of his physical abuse, but also his mental abuse.

He could torture me for what seemed like days, but in real life would only be a view seconds. This was all thanks to his Sharingan; those piercing red eyes.

Kisame was different; he would only attack me when he was drunk; which was practically every twice a week if he didn't have a mission. Other then that, if I kept out of his way, he wouldn't bother me much less look in my direction. However, do not let this confuse you, he was horrible. When he's drunk he loses total consciousness. Nothing can stop him from getting what he wants except one person, the one person everyone feared in the Akatsuki, Itachi.

Most nights I would have to spend with Itachi for the simple reason, no one wanted to risk going against him or anger him. When Itachi wanted something, he got it, end of discussion. Even if it meant killing me each time.

At this moment, Kisame was trying to attach his large shark-like teeth into my arm. He grabbed one of my arms pulling it past his mouth as if it were there was a serving plate, ready for him to chew. My back was now pressed against the stonewall.

I squirmed around in an attempt to break free however; his large blue hand that was once clutched onto my face was now wrapped around my neck, choking the life out of me if I dare defy him.

As his mouth inched closer to my shaking arm I closed my eyes tight waiting for pain to slice through my body. Suddenly, I opened my eyes wide at the voice that called out my attacker's name.

"Kisame." The voice said with no hint of emotion.

Kisame turned his head, still pining me to the wall, to find Itachi's nonchalant face. He released his grip on my neck with a huff making me fall to my knees. He then walked drunkenly past Itachi and out of the door shutting it, not saying a word.

I coughed as I rubbed my sore neck. Looking at Itachi, I shivered as the cold silence swept between us. I This wouldn't last long, it never did. Soon Itachi would seize me and do whatever horrible game he would think up this time. I looked down, away, anywhere away from his evil crimson eyes.

Just after a few more seconds of silence what I predicted came true. Itachi grabbed me and slung me against the wall just like Kisame had did; with the exception that his hand were now cuffed around my wrist.

He chuckled as I gave off a slight yelp from the pain of the wall hitting me. "Aw, is my little Sakura in pain?"

'What? You would be to if someone threw you against a wall!' I yelled inside my head as I glared at him. I wasn't the type to just breakdown and cry when something bad or hurtful happened. Okay, I used to be that way, but that was before I had lost all hope. Over the years I had trained myself to be emotionless. However, some things I wouldn't be able to take and I would revert back to my former self and just cry.

I think that is what Itachi looked for, or more likely wanted. He wanted me to get to the point where I couldn't handle things anymore and would just give into his needs. He was cruel and horrible. Yet, after everything he wanted was done, he would always say these words.

'I Love you.'

As he used his body to keep me in place against the cold painted wall, he nuzzled his head in the upper part of my chest causing me to squirm at his touch. He almost purred when I gasped at his touch. His skin was cold, as if he was dead and heartless as I always imagined him to be. Me, I was burning up from all of the things that had happened to me in the past few minutes.

The red night gown was just low enough for him to bite me where his head rested; still on my chest, just above my collar bone. He did so, causing me to wince from the sudden pain against my chest.

I could feel his smirk against my skin at the wince I made. With a small chuckle he started to nibble up to my shoulder where he began to bite the skin of my neck; just as a vampire would do or a tiger just as it had caught it's prey.

For some reason, Itachi had an attraction towards vampires. It was because of their mysterious ways, but mostly because him and those creatures both had a lust for blood; which Itachi satisfied by using me.

He'd even go as far as using a jutsu he created to extend his canine teeth, making him able to tear through skin and quench his blood thirst. However, this time he didn't do it. He just sucked and chewed my neck until the spot became extremely red.

I squirmed once more, causing Itachi to get a little irritated. He used on hand to pin both hand above my head as he used the other hand to bring my lower back towards him.

His face leaned closer as he roughly kissed me. Tasting my lips he licked them then resorted back to kissing asking for entrance into my mouth. I argued against him, just like I did the other time, however, just like the other times it didn't work.

He let go of my wrist, his other hand still pressing my lower back towards him. With his now free hand he grabbed the back of my hair gripping a handful of my pink locks, yanking my head back against my will. As he pulled harder, I tilted my head back only to stop the pain that was pulling at my hair. He jerked my hair harder causing me to gasp and open my mouth giving him entrance.

His tongue roamed freely in every portion of my mouth tasting every sweet flavor it contained. After his exploration was filled he began to lick my tongue trying to create a battle. I yanked my head away from his though he pulled it back to his lips.

As an effort to seize more, Itachi pushed further into my mouth causing him to finally catch my own tongue.

A few seconds went by and I began to run out of breath. I tried to pull away to let air enter my lungs, however, he would not let go.

"I-Itachi." I tried to mumble his name as a plead to stop. I used my arms to try and push him away, though he stayed there not even moving an inch.

Finally, after a few more exhausting moments he released me. I fell to the ground gasping and huffing from the lack of air.

He chuckled his deep voice watching me on my hands and knees coughing. "Aw, aren't you cute when you struggle", his sly voice echoed in my ear triggering what her had meant exactly.

I lifted my head up giving him a stubborn glare. I hated his twisted mind. Whoever his victim: be an opponent in battle, a townsperson about to be slaughtered, or even a pleading child, he would always torture them before killing them. I've seen it to many times not to know.

He chucked one more time before crouching down next to me, "That's it my little toy. Give me that same stubborn look." His eyes lustfully gleamed as he grabbed my chin, causing me to look directly into the terrifying crimson eyes. "It just gets me more in the mood."

My whole body started to shake with fright as he picked me up bridal style and carried me towards the bed. When he placed me down, I tried my hardest to crawl away towards the other side of the bed; however, he grabbed my ankle and yanked me back towards his still standing figure. My nightgown rubbed against the bed causing it to raise to my hips; revealing my smooth ivory legs.

"Now, now Sakura. We mustn't be to hasty", he said eyeing my legs with pleasure. I scooted away from him as his knees touched the bed. He continued eyeing my body deciding where to begin. I was terrified, literally shaking with fright.

As my head softly touched the board of the bed, he grabbed my arms, his body now covering mine. I realized that this is where my nightly torture would begin.

Hours later when he had finished, we laid on the bed. The sweaty sheet only covered a small portion of my lower naked body. Itachi wrapped his arm around my cloth less waist and pulled me closer to his bare muscled chest.

I stayed motionless, already to exhausted. He had succeeded in what he wanted; he knew he did, that was why he was so happy. I was now to the point where nothing mattered and all I wanted to do was curl into the soft bed and cry. Though I won't, I will not cry in front of him, I would never show him what he did hurt me, I would never lat him see.

He smirked as he nuzzled his head with mine knowing what I did pleased him. What I went through brought joy to his miserable life.

"I love you."

I frowned. Tomorrow was going to be another horrible day. Especially because Kisame would more then likely have a hang over.

Damn, how did this happen to me?

I stood there, staring. Staring at the once happy home of hers. Why? Why haven't I found her yet? The one person who ever gave a damn about me, the only person I ever cared for, maybe even loved? The night I lost her still haunted me. The day the cherry blossom trees cried in the flames…

4 years ago

"Sakura!" I yelled as I ran towards the Haruno estate. When I finally reached it my eyes widened. Flames were everywhere; I was the first one to make it there.

Part of the burning roof collapsed, making the fire increase in size and spread towards the other homes on the Haruno estate. The Haruno clan was as big as the Hyuuga and what once was the Uchiha clan. The estate was large ans included many garden that had several beautiful trees.

I ran towards the flaming door of the main house, Sakura's house. Slamming my way through I coughed at the lack of oxygen in the air. Covering my mouth, I made my way towards her bedroom. Dead bodies laid all around, they must have struggled for air before they died.

My eyes widened at the sight of how many there were. I rushed over to her parents, who were laying dead on the stairs. Her mother and father were covered with their own blood...wait! Blood?

I flipped her father's body over and indeed on his back was a large slash. 'What the hell! How could there be blood…unless!' Then I realized what actually happened. The fire was a distraction; someone or something had slaughtered the whole family then set the house on fir as a distraction!

As I stood up, I sprinted up the stairs towards her room. I prayed she would be okay. I don't know what I would do if I saw her lying in a pile of her own blood.

Suddenly my body stopped it's pace as I coughed rapidly. I was running out of air. The smell and taste of smoke circulated through my whole body. Being shinobi, you learn to hold your breath for an abundant amount of time, but I was reaching my limit.

I slammed her door open, slightly slumping against the hot doorframe. I partially wheezed as I walked to the window. Of course she wouldn't be here. A while back she told me she hated her room, I smile remembering her exact words.

'There's a secret garden outside Sasuke! It's much better then this damn room.' I remember her dragging me through the main garden towards the 'secret one'. 'You should see it Sasuke. I'm sure it can at least make you smile.'

I slumped over to the window, breathing heavily as I jumped down landing on my feet and hands to stop me from losing balance. As I stood up, I took in the somewhat fresh air that was still mixed with smoke. Walking towards what I thought was the entrance to the secret garden I found a stone door hidden amongst the bushes. The door had sacred carvings on it and a silver handle.

I pushed the door, opening it and stepping inside. The building behind the door was a large room with a huge glass dome window at the top to let in sunlight or moonlight as it did now. Cherry Blossoms covered the whole scene along with several smaller flowers and trees. Surrounding the middle was a large fountain; with small fountains spread throughout the rest of the room. However, this is what Sakura explained to me. What I saw was hell.

The trees were lit in flames causing the petals to turn to ash as they fell to the ground, the small fountains were crumbled into pieces; as the large one was somewhat broken but also dripping red liquid, almost similar to blood.

How could this happen?

My eyes roamed over the travesty until they became fixed on a small motionless figure lying amount the large fountains rubble. Her pink kimono was ripped down the leg as her pink hair covered her face.


I ran towards her limp and unconscious body. There were no wound marks, nor bruises of any kind. I kneeled next to her on the ground, picking her up in my arms. "Sakura! Wake up!" I repeated slightly shaking her. She didn't move.

"Please wake up." I whispered as my eyelids half-openly looked at her. I shuffled her hair to the side of her face revealing her beauty. I brushed the ash from the burning cherry blossom trees off her face.

As I tightened my grip on her delicate figure I embraced her not wanting to give her up. Even if we both get demolished by the flames, we can still be together.

I hated everyone else, no one understood me. Half the girls in Konoha only look at outside qualities; Sakura was the only one to actually take the time to get to know me. She would always make me happy, even if I didn't show it. Always trying her hardest even to going as far as learning from Tsunade. She was the only thing I had left in the world…and now…

I hugged her tighter, completely shutting my eye lids.


My eyes shot open at the sound of her voice. It was weak, probably from the lack of oxygen; yet, it was still hers. I looked at her face which held a simple smile.

"Sakura." I said below a whisper; looking at her and smiling back. When I looked into her emerald eyes I saw a shadow that stood behind us. Her eyes widened as she suddenly pushed me to the side. As she did a kunai, that would have kilt me, swept past only cutting a few pieces of my hair. The kunai passed Sakura's face but not before leaving a small cut which she watched happen with wide eyes. Blood crept from the cut.

"Now look what you've made me do Sasuke. I've hurt my dear little toy."

Turning my head around, I looked in the direction of the voice; noticing another kunai heading towards me I jumped back dodging it and landing on both feet and one hand.

"Who the Hell are you!" I yelled, still looking towards the shadow from which the voice echoed.

"Why Sasuke, you forgot me? I though I left quite an impression on you the day I killed your childhood."

My eyes widened, no it couldn't be him. "Itachi." I growled standing to my feet. With a twisted smile, Itachi walked out of the dark and into the light of the flames. His crimson eyes gave off a hint of enjoyment. His katana held against his back, the very one he used to kill our own family with. He had a sprinkle of blood on his face, probably from the Haruno members.

I switched my gaze towards Sakura, who seemed to be shaking with fear and anger. So Itachi must have done this!

She gripped her fist tight, "Ita…chi." She snarled as if venom dripped from her once peaceful voice.

He only smiled, shifting his gaze towards her, "So you're awake. I thought my Sharingan would have kept you down for quite sometime. Yes, you are much stronger than we thought." He devilishly smiled making her growl more with anger.

"Don't give me that shit!" I heard her yell, as she began to shake even more as if a demon had awaken from deep within. It surprised me; she seemed nothing like the nice, innocent Sakura everyone knew. She was the exact opposite.

Before I had a chance to make a move, Sakura ran towards Itachi; two large kunai in her hand. "Sakura!" I yelled as her and Itachi's kunai clashed creating a kinking sound.

I watched as Itachi continued to hold that smile on his face. Their speed was amazing. The kunai continued to clash as if there was a storm irrupting between them. However, in one quick movement, Itachi caught her kunai with his own and them at a tree leaving their hands empty.

He quickly grabbed his Katana out and placed it at her neck stopping her movements. She stood there shocked at his speed. The tip of the katana slid a little across the side of her neck creating a small cut similar to the one on her cheek. Itachi watched with lust as the blood slowly dripped down her neck

I took a step towards him, my anger was boiling. He had now destroyed two lives. One that wasn't even his family! What did he want from Sakura! If he were going to kill her, he would have done it by now. As I threw a small kunai aimed for his head he disappeared in a flash, however he reappeared behind Sakura.

She gasped as his arms slid around her waist as if he were using her like a shield.

"Let go of her!" I shouted as my Sharingan activated.

"Why?" he toyed as he rubbed his face against the back of her neck. "Why should I let go of what is mine?" he asked his voice somewhat sincere.

I deeply glared at this man, "She's not yours!"

He just stared at me before smirking, "Last time I checked she wasn't yours either. Which means she's up for grabs." I watched him as he used his tongue to lick the blood from the cut. He then kissed it softly, making sure not to create pain on the torn skin.

Sakura struggled in his grasp, anger darkening her emerald eyes. "Get off me! I'm not your damn ice cream cone!"

"No, but your as cold as one." He teased nibbling the cut; she winced in pain.


Itachi adverted his eyes back towards me. I glared at the ground as my long raven hair covered the front of my face. I was sick of watching this little display in front of me. He wasn't allowed to touch her, only I am- wait…what am I thinking? No, I love her, and she loves me…right? I continued my thought until his dark voice awakened me.

"Are you mad at me foolish little brother?"

I looked up at him. That name, the name he gave me all those years ago. I looked at Sakura; she was scared, though she still stayed strong. Sadness was in her eyes, did she know that her whole family had died except for her?

"I-Itachi." I questioned him.


"Why? Why did you comeback? Why did you kill the Haruno family? Why do you want Sakura!" My voiced raised a bit higher towards the last question.

He sighed with what seemed like annoyance, "So many questions, lets see." He pretended to think, "Oh yes. It turns out that the Akatsuki can sometimes be a bit…boring. So the other members and I decided to get a "play thing." He grabbed a piece of her long pink hair. She growled causing him to laugh.

"But why Sakura!" I asked once again as my voice grew louder.

"Why else? She's the most beautiful Kunoichi in the world!" his voice sounded excited for a brief moment but resumed its deep form. "Plus she's one of the toughest and most intelligent shinobi in Konoha. Soon she will even surpass the almighty Tsunade." He smirked, "She's perfect. However, to bad I'll have to erase her memories. I would have so loved to spar against her. Yet, we can't have her escaping. Not like she'd get very far."

"What!" Both Sakura and I yelled. She looked at him, turning her head slightly; glaring deathly at him. He activated his Sharingan and instantly her body fell unconscious causing her to fall to her knees. Her body lent against his leg. He chuckled at how innocent and childlike she looked; as he patted her head.

"I guess we should take our leave", he calmly said picking her up and placing her over his shoulder like a doll. As h started to walk I ran in front of him blocking his path.

Like hell I'm gonna just let you walk away! Give me Sakura!" I demanded holding my hand out.

Silence rid the area as the trees continued to smoke felling the small humble room with thick smog. The crackling of the withering cherry blossom created an eerie screech. To me, it sounded as if they were crying over the loss of their keepers.


That's all he said. That word cut through me making the same blood that he held in his veins boil. "What!" I spat out like venom.

I ran towards him urging to snap his neck in two. I reached my hand out towards him; however he dodged; shifting slightly to the side. He made some hand seal with his left hand and slammed his fist into my gut.

I fell to my knees clutching my stomach as blood rushed into my mouth. I coughed, spitting out the horrible crimson liquid onto the ground. I covered my mouth as more pored out through my fingers. "What did you do to me Itachi", I asked coughing out more blood.

"A simple jutsu little brother." He looked in the distance as if bored of my actions. "You should learn it, maybe then you'll learn to love blood like me-"

"Blood from a slaughter!" I yelled finding some strength in me to stand.

"Slaughter, Torture" he shrugged. "Both entertain me," he smirked.

I growled but my eyes could only widen as I once again fell to the ground coughing more blood. My hands gripped the dirt; tearing it through my fingers. I stayed on my knees somewhat sinking into the ground.

He could only laugh at my position, "Well if you're going to bow down to me" he sighed in a mocking manner, "I guess I can stop the jutsu." He flickered his hand canceling it.

I coughed one last time as the wind shifted, looking up I realized my brother had left. I slammed my fist on the ground. "Dammit, he took her." My vision became blurry. 'Oh great, I'm gonna die from loss of blood.' The flames crept closer to my limp body. Why couldn't I move? Was my body refusing my will or was it Itachi's doing? Either way…


I walked around the crumbled remains of the Haruno House. Ever since that day four years ago no on has even came near this place. Naruto and I were the only ones.

I stopped thinking only about what he did had done that night so many years ago. What would have happened if Naruto hadn't have shown up; would I even be here?


I turned my head to see Naruto running towards me; a perky smile on his face. "What do you want dope?" I asked calling him his usual name.

He pulled out a piece of paper, "Look at what I've found…AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!"

I ignored him grabbing the paper; it was a picture of team 7. It was a little burned around the edges but other than that still in good condition. Kakashi and Naruto stood back-to-back making their hands look like guns; while Sakura crouched in front of them also making her hands look like guns. I looked at myself standing off to the side wearing black glasses that Sakura had said looked 'cool'.

"Do you remember that day!" Naruto yelled excitingly. "You were the mob boss and Sakura, Kakashi, and I were you loyal agents!" he jumped up and down. If he were a dog, he would be shaking his tail like the idiot he is.

Though, I do admit; that was the happiest day of my life…and one of the last days we spent with Sakura.

I smiled a sad smile, my first smile in a while. "Yeah Naruto…I remember."

He smiled scratching his nose, "Hey Sasuke, how about we go searching for her again?"

I crossed my arms sighing, "You heard Tsunade, and she won't let us leave the village unless we have a lead as to where the Akatsuki headquarters is. Just because we failed so many attempts before." I looked to the side as the smile disappeared from my face. "Besides we've already asked her before remember?"

He nodded his head closing hi eyes hyperly, damn he was annoying at times, "Then let's just leave at midnight, come on! It's worth a try! Do it for Sakura!" My eyes widened at his idea.

"Sure Naruto tonight, midnight."

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