Sora fell onto his back and let his body sink into the sand. He was so tired that he felt as if he could have just fallen asleep where he lay. With a heavy sigh he opened his eyes and gazed up at the stars above him.

It had been a long battle, and he wasn't even sure what he was fighting for anymore. It was so hard to believe that everything he had been through had originally been for the sake of just two people.

Two people who he didn't even see anymore.

"Not like you to be so depressed," a cool voice smirked behind him.

Sora sat up with a jolt and spun around to see Riku looming over him. With a gasp he stood up and reached out, to make sure it was really Riku. When it hands met solid flesh, rather then air he knew it was his friend. With a cry of happiness he jumped onto his friend and hugged him tightly. "Riku…" he said softly.

Riku remained as impassive as ever but a tiny smile formed on his lips as his friend hugged him. "Hey, been awhile, hasn't it?"

Sora nodded and let go to look at Riku. He looked worn and older, almost too old for the body he was in. "You look tired," he murmured.

Riku traced the bags under Sora's eyes with his thumb, making the brunette shiver. "As do you," he replied. "It's been a hard few months for the both of us."

Sora knocked Riku's hand away and adopted his boyish scoff, "I can take it," he announced loudly.

Riku chuckled and crossed his arms. "Is that so?" he asked.

Sora smiled in reply and for a fleeting moment he was reminded of the endless hours they had spent together on the island. Riku noticed the look of nostalgia and sadness that passed over Sora's face and frowned. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah," Sora sighed while rubbing his eyes. "Just… I don't know."

Riku nodded, "I do."

Sora made a face, "You always did have the right answer."

Riku sat down on the soft sand and gazed out over the ocean to where the moon hung in the sky, like some unreachable pearl. He stretched out his arm as if to grab it, then let it fall limply onto the sand. "Hey Sora… you know what day it is?"

Sora fell to the sand in place next to Riku. "No," he admitted it. "I can't even tell you what month it is."

Riku smiled again while still gazing at the sea. "No, you wouldn't," he agreed.

"Hey," Sora protested.

Riku chuckled, "I was kidding."

Sora looked to the moon and brought his knees up to his chest. "So?" he asked. "What day is it?"

"It's February 14th," Riku said softly.

Sora's eyes widened in realization, "Valentine's day," he whispered.

Riku nodded, "Yeah. If we were on the island we'd be trading little cards with everyone and eating around the campfire."

Sora sighed, "Yeah," he mumbled, suddenly looking downcast.

"You miss everyone?" Riku asked.

Sora nodded numbly.

"I thought you would," Riku admitted.

"That why you came to see me?" Sora asked while placing his head in his arms.

"Sorta," Riku said. "I also came to just be with you."

Sora looked up and turned to face Riku. "Huh?" he asked, obviously confused.

"This is a day for lovers, you know," Riku announced.

"Yeah," Sora said slowly. "So?"

Without a warning Riku stood up and Sora scrambled to his feet to catch up. "Riku?" he asked again.

"So?" Riku repeated while looking into Sora's eyes. "This is a day for lovers, Sora," he said softly.

Sora blinked and realized that a blush was creeping over his cheeks.

Riku took advantage of Sora's sudden silence and pulled the smaller boy into a soft kiss. Sora at first looked surprised, then he leaned into it and looked half dazed as Riku pulled out. "So, this is our day, Sora," Riku told him. He leaned over and whispered, "Happy Valentine's Day," into Sora's ear.

"Yeah, you too…" Sora said thickly. When he blinked to clear his head, Riku was gone.

With a sigh he returned to his seat on the sand and gazed out at the moon. "Happy Valentine's Day, Riku."


S'a valentine's fic for my boyfriend I dug up. Can we see a trend here? XD