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Elementa Family

The forest smelt of pine as the wind blew gently, the air was warm.

"Tsukiyo, ready to go?"

"Yes mom."

Tsukiyo Elementa enjoyed days like these. She was 18, the only family she had was her mother, Kumiko Elementa. Her father died when she was young and never had any siblings. Her hair was said to be like her grandfathers, Dark blue. As light shined on to it looked blue but in the darkness it looked black. It was long enough to go past the middle of her back, her bangs covered her left eye. She had a special eye condition that caused her left to be crimson red, like her fathers and the left to be deep blue, like her mothers. Unlike her mom she had tan skin. Tsukiyo had a fragile looking body and was a normal height.

Tsukiyo smiled, she gazed up as the sun shined though the trees. She glanced over at her thirty-four year old mother who looked more like she was in her mid twenties and quite beautiful but, her heart belongs to her husband. Kumiko had medium light blue hair that went past her shoulders. Her eyes where deep blue like the sea. The widow wore traditional kimono's since she was raised in a fancy old-fashioned family. Her skin was pale and snow white, like the snow. Kumiko looked out for her daughter and cared for her well. A little to well.

Like any mother she embarrassed Kumiko, if it was showing off baby pictures to everyone or standing up to older kids picking on Tsukiyo.

"Tsukiyo! Look a ramen bar let's get a bit to eat." Kumiko smiled.

Sometimes I think she's the eighteen year-old…, "Okay." Tsukiyo sighed.

They took a seat next to an interesting bunch. Tsukiyo observed them. There where three kids, one was a blonde haired blue-eyed boy, he had bright orange clothing and was devouring his ramen as if he hadn't eaten in days, she noted the ninja headband. Orange… Not a good start for a new ninja. The next had black hair, with onyx eyes, his expression wasn't very welcoming. He was watching the blonde next to him in disgust. He had the famous Uchiha symbol on his shirt. He must be popular in his generation… The last one was a girl with pink hair… Tsukiyo looked away quickly, Pink hair!? I can't look anymore.

She had one last glance and noticed the Jonin. Obviously their sensei. His hair was interesting, it was silver yet he was so young. He had one eye showing while his headband covered his other. Not only that but he wore a mask that hide his nose and mouth area. Even from the side he looks handsome, wait what am I thinking?! Tsukiyo covered her mouth as she blushed slightly. She took once last glance and finally realized what he was reading.

Come Come Paradise… the good old days. One day, she found the book in her parents room. She was 16 and knew a majority of the sex positions. After reading the whole book she ended up getting caught. It resulted in doing chores for a week around the house.

Kumiko ordered them both miso ramen, as they waited patiently Kumiko noticed Tsukiyo's dazing stare. This caused a smirk, "I see, has someone caught your eye?"

Tsukiyo's eyes popped open and she blushed a little, "Yeah right…" She looked away embarrassed hoping no one heard. The Ramen man set the bowls in front of the two. As they began to eat the three teens began to speak.

"They look new, I don't think they're from around here."

"So the dobe can be right for once."

"Shut up Sasuke-TEME!"


"Sigh, No need to yell Sakura." the Jonin remarked.

""Kakashi-Sensei, why don't you eat your food?"

"I'll eat when I'm ready."

The one's called Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke started to whisper.

"I wonder if we might get to see how he looks under the mask," wondered Saskura.

"Well, he does have to eat some day," said Naruto.

"Just sit back and watch." said an annoyed Sasuke.

All three of them stared at their sensei waiting for him to start eating. Tsukiyo noticed she was staring too, she quickly looked away and held back her blush and quietly ate her ramen. The ramen man entered the front with a younger lady. Kakashi put down his book and split his chip sticks. The three got tense as they moved in a little closer. Kakashi began to pull on his mask and…

"Sasuke! My love!" said a blonde haired girl, she jumped on him catching everyone's attention.

"INO! GET YOUR HUFFS OFF SASUKE!" yelled Sakura pointing at 'Ino'.

Tsukiyo choked on her noodles, how noisy. Kumiko simply continued to eat her food. The three kids looked back at their sensei to see he was already finished his meal. The two employees had hearts in their eyes as they gazed at Kakashi. The three genin almost fell out of their seats.

"INO-PIG It's all your fault!"

"Oh shut up Sakura! The only thing bigger then your forehead is your MOUTH! Ugh, your annoying voice is ringing in my head, I'm leaving." Ino stomped away.

The two started a glaring contest while Naruto was complaining. Kumiko set aside her empty bowl and looked at the small group of kids, "My, what an interesting bunch."

"Yeah, very… Special," added Tsukiyo almost whispering. She suddenly felt pairs of eyes glare holes in her head. Kumiko smacked her over the head.

"Tsukiyo, don't be so rude!" said Kumiko giving her a glare.

Tsukiyo sighed and looked over at the group, "I'm sorry…."

Kumiko smiled, "I'm Kumiko Elementa, my beautiful girl with the attitude is Tsukiyo. WE'RE pleased to meet you and new to Konoha." said Kumiko putting her hand on Tsukiyo's head.

"I'm Kakashi Hatake, this is my team."

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Soon to be Hokage!" Naruto explained with daydream eyes.

"I'm Sakura Haruno." Sakura said with a smile.

"Hn, Sasuke Uchiha."

Kumiko giggled, "They're so cute!"

A sweat drop formed on everyone's head while Kumiko had on a childish smile. Tsukiyo only sighed, "I'm leaving…" as she was about to step back she stepped on a rock and fell back. "ACK!" THUMP.


Tsukiyo was on her back. Her hair was back revealing her different colored eyes. Kumiko helped her up and dusted her off.

"Whoooa, What's with your eyes?" Naruto said trying to get a closer look.

Tsukiyo blushed, covering her eye, "S-so! There's nothing wrong with that. I don't care okay, leave me alone!" she yelled running away.

Kumiko stood in her place as she watched Tsukiko's figure disappear with a worried look, "That's so unlike her…"

Sakura looked around, "Where's Kakashi-Sensei?"

Everyone was silent.

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