Predator and Prey

Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Vampires. Werewolves. Demons. Those were some of the few things that roamed the night…and him…he was one of them. AU.

Pairings- Sasuke/Sakura/Itachi/Sakura/Gaara, Naruto/Hinata/Kiba, Neji/Tenten , Ino/Shikamaru

Genre- Romance, Horror, Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, Humor

Rating- M for mature scenes, violence, and language

Disclaimer- Unfortunately, I do not own Naruto, the only thing I own is the plot of this story.

A/N: Hello…this is my first Naruto fic…and…yeah. Anyways, This story just came to me off the top of my head, the effects of lots of vampire books and movies, not to mention a 5 a.m. sugar rush. Anyways, please read and review, it's greatly appreciated and it helps keep my confidence up. On with the prologue!



Crimson was splattered across pristine white walls and a carpet of the palest green. Blood seeped down the walls, spreading like a disease.

Carnage littered the small room, as furniture was torn into shreds, the couch's cushions ripped, the stuffing pulled out in strands. A struggle had taken place.

A discarded arm lay nearly a foot away from the small sofa, a shattered bone poking through the red flesh. Skin was removed from half of it, leaving the muscle to be seen to all.

The arm's host, a small woman, lay on the blood stained floor, sea foam eyes staring blankly into the ceiling, dull with death. Lavender hair was spread in a sickly halo, framing the woman's porcelain face, leaving the woman's neck open for all to see. Her neck had been viciously ripped open, and the white of her spinal cord could be seen, as if someone had ripped away all of the offending muscle to get at a single vein, which had been punctured and torn apart.

Across from the woman, huddled in a corner, a small child wept, jade eyes wide as stared in shock at the corpse of her mother, crystalline tears cascading down her cheeks. The child's rosette hair hung in strands, and blood was spattered across her pale skin and soft white dress.

"Mama…?" the child inquired, voice shaking in fear.

"Mama…?" she cried again, this time more desperate and loud, falling on to her small hands, the girl began to crawl towards the corpse of her mother.

Just as the girl began to move, a shadow shifted, crimson eyes glowing ominously against the eerie lighting of the room as a figure began to emerge from the shadows.

"I wouldn't do that little one…" the man purred, crimson eyes shifting to a mysterious onyx. His hair was a jet black that mixed with his eyes to cause his already pale skin to have a glow like that of the moon.

The girl gulped, and gave a shrike as the dark man spoke, throwing herself once more into the corner that she had inhabited.

"Don't worry little one…I won't hurt you…" a wide smirk came across the man's pale lips. "…much…"

A pale hand clasped the girl's ankle, dragging her out into the eerie light, even as her hands clutched pathetically at the carpeted floor.

White fangs flashed and a childish scream, and the sound of blood splashing on walls formed a dissonant melody that rang through out the streets.

That is my only memory, and my only inspiration to do what I do today. I'm a slayer…a killer…a hunter of the hunters you could say. I turn the predators into prey. My name is Haruno Sakura. Nice to meet you.

End Prologue- Mask

A/N: I know it's short, but this is only the prologue, but to make up for it, I'll tell you the characters and what they are. Also, the vampires are ranked in levels according to power. The highest level is 7, which has not yet been reached by any vampires as of yet.


Haruno Sakura- Human, age 17, a hunter. Outgoing and loud, she wears her emotions on her face. Very kind, though can be cruel at times. Has a split personality which some times takes over.

Hyuga Hinata- Human, age 17, a hunter. Shy quiet and nice, she looks younger then she really is. Stutters a lot. Comes from a long line of hunters.

Yamanaka Ino- Human, age 17, a hunter. Loud, outgoing and annoying, she is prone to times of silence, though they aren't very common. She has the innate ability to transfer her mind to another's.

Tenten- Human, age 18, a hunter. Has very good aim and is a master of all weapons. Calm and clever, she is prone to some hot-headedness. Her last name is unknown.

Tsunade­- Human, age 55, a hunter. Addicted to sake, Tsunade is a bit of a drunk. Looks a lot younger then she is. Slightly lazy, she is very hot tempered. Never call her old. Once trained Naruto.

Jiriya- Human, age 55, a hunter. Eccentric and perverted, he is the famed erotica writer of the books Icha Icha Paradise. Enjoys annoying Tsunade, and is a proud and accomplished peeping tom.

Rock Lee- Human, age 18, a hunter. Slightly creepy in a sweet sort of way, he scares most girls off with his abnormally large eyebrows, although he has a very sweet personality. Holds his teacher Gai in high esteem.

MaitoGai- Human, age 31, a hunter. Lee's idol, he and Lee have an obsession with youth. Very good in hand to hand combat, he can be very overdramatic.

The Were

Uzumaki Naruto- Werefox, age 17. Loud, obnoxious and slightly dense, he is completely clueless when it comes to feelings. Naruto has yet to mold to his, resulting in a kind of split personality. Before he turned Were, he was a hunter and a student under Jiriya.

Hatake Kakashi- Werewolf, age 31. Mysterious and lazy, Hatake is often sarcastic. He is intone with his Were though his Were form has yet to be seen. Enjoys reading erotica.


Inuzuka Kiba- Dog Demon, age 17. Loud and obnoxious, he voices his thoughts and feelings without caring for the consequences. Is usually seen hanging around his friend, a dog named Akamaru.

Aburame Shino- Bug Demon, age 17. Quiet and mysterious, Shino is never seen without his sunglasses. He has a multitude of bugs living inside of him, who feed off of chakra and demonic energy.

Gaara- Raccoon Demon, age 17. His family name unknown, he is simply called Gaara. Cruel and merciless, he has an affinity for blood. He, unlike most other demons, has a separate entity inside of his mind called Shukaku. Rarely shows his true emotions.

Kankurou- Bat Demon, age 18. Gaara's elder brother. He enjoys messing with puppets. Often wears some kabuki like make up. He is afraid of Gaara, though does his best to hide it. Very sarcastic.

Temari- Wind Demon, age 22. Gaara's elder sister. Uses a fan to help control wind currents. She is fiercely loyal to her siblings, although she is afraid of Gaara, she still tries to be a good elder sister to him and Kankurou. Is rude to those she doesn't care about. Very blunt.

Orochimaru- Snake Demon, age 53. Cruel, sadistic, and manipulative, Orochimaru has a way of bending others to his will. He was once a hunter before he felt the need to become all powerful and accepted a contract with a demon. Was once friends with Jiriya and Tsunade.


Uchiha Itachi- Level 6 Vampire, age 22. Emotionless and cruel, he hardly ever shows his emotions. Is known for being psychotic and killing all of his victims instead of leaving them with enough blood to live. Elder brother to Sasuke and is the one who changed him.

Uchiha Sasuke- Level 5 Vampire, age 17. Darkly calm, he keeps his emotions hidden much like his elder brother, Itachi. Although he is not as cruel as his brother, he is known for being highly possessive of his prey, allowing no other vampire to get near them. Has a large ego.

Hyuga Neji- Level 5 Vampire, age 18. Hinata's cousin-turned-vampire. He is calm and like most of the other vampires ,he keeps a calm face and hardly shows any emotions, although his speech can be a tad bit dramatic, but not dramatic enough to make him sound like a fool, instead, it makes him sound more intimidating. Like Sasuke, he has a large ego. Was changed by Sasuke.