Predator and Prey

Kuro Doragon Enkou

Summary- Vampires. Werewolves. Demons. Those were some of the few things that roamed the night…and him…he was one of them. AU.

Pairings- Sasuke/Sakura/Itachi, Naruto/Hinata, Neji/Tenten, Shikamaru/Ino

Genre- Romance, Horror, Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, Humor

Rating- M for mature scenes, violence, and language

Disclaimer- Unfortunately, I only own this plot.

A/N: Haha…this is a bit late isn't it? I am extremely sorry for this late update- in the year or three(wow, time flies D: ) it has taken me to get this story up, I've been pretty busy. I've now got a job and am attending college, but I will try to keep updates regular from now on, when I've got the time, although I can make no promises. Thank you to all who have been sticking with this story- I can't thank you enough. Well, enough of my ranting- please enjoy the much delayed Chapter 10 of Predator and Prey.


-Sasuke, Itachi and Neji (vampires) captured Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten after they battled Kakashi, Iruka and Naruto (Were). Ino and Hinata escaped. Ino having gone back to the hunter fortress, where a wounded Naruto was captured before he escaped. Ino is currently preparing to rescue Hinata, Tenten and Sakura.

-Sakura has inner 'demon' locked inside of her mind (Inner Sakura). She is currently battling Itachi and Sasuke with her demonic personality in control.

- Naruto, a Were fox, knew the hunters as a child and is currently with Kiba, Shino and Hinata. They are currently battling Orochimaru for possession of the Weapon (Naruto has it currently), which is said to kill any living being within a 10 km radius.

-Naruto not molded with his 'Were forming separate identity known as Kyuubi (hunters are after this fact because of the fact that it could be used to combat Were bites in the future)

-Gaara is looking for Naruto(whom he previously fought), after meeting with a mysterious demon named Sai.

-Neji and Tenten are currently trapped underground, having fallen in through a sinkhole while battling.

Chapter 10


Neji's steps were slow and his fangs ached in his mouth. It was too long- too long a wait from his previous hunt, and the morning was coming at him all too quickly. The burning need to hunt tugged at him, dragging him down in a deep spiral as the steady thrum of a pulse beat behind him.

"Hey, are you alright?" The hunter girl's voice sounded closer and her eyes were curious and concerned as she looked at him. Biting back a hiss, Neji shut his eyes. He could feel the burning need tearing at him, clawing at his throat as his canines elongated enough to brush the bottom of his lips-it wouldn't do good to kill the hunter now, not even if it meant clenching the thirst.

"Step away from me." Even though his voice was a whisper, it seemed echoed about the cavern in an eerily hungry fashion, and it was an effort all on its own to simply say the statement in something that did not resemble a guttural growl.

The hunter, Tenten, if he remembered her name right, paused mid-step, a morbid curiosity tilting her brow and curling her lips into a downwards arc. "Excuse me?" her voice was affronted and from the look of her furrowed eyes, she was ready to start at him, but Neji ignored it. Better to let the hunter be affronted than dead-she was his only way out if morning hit.

"Tch…rude." Oh yes- there was definite trace of annoyance in the girl's tone but Neji simply couldn't find it in himself to care, far too busy concentrating on not ripping out that warm sun-kissed column of her neck than to worry whether or not the hunter was annoyed.

Silence permeated the air for what seemed like a long while, and Neji almost felt for a moment, that the girl had finally realized that it was safer not to speak.

"Hey, what's that?"

No reply escaped Neji's lips as he came to a stop, hands clenched white-tight at his sides and milky-eyes narrowed in front of him. Before him-before her, stood a door; carved of molten gold and a marble dusted with shades of white and of pale silvers and dull grays, glittering with the dried rust of what could only be old gore and blood.

This wasn't good at all.

With a hissing inhalation of air, Neji stepped forward, eyes turning back to glance at the girl hunter behind him ever so slightly before he quickly returned his gaze forward, hands trembling at his side.

Somehow, they had come to the center of the caverns, which while good, as it meant they were going in a direction towards an exit; it also meant that they had met the main stronghold of whatever demonic force lived in here. That door proved testament, and from the sight of the burnished gold, still glinting even with the old blood marring its frame, a powerful demonic force dwelled inside. The multiple corpses of the failed contracts and the numerous skeletons lining the walkway also gave proof to that.

His hand locked onto the door in front of him- the only way to get to the other side was to go through, and while there were other routes, most were longer and required time Neji did not have. Giving a slight push, the dark haired vampire stepped through, wincing as his fangs elongated further until the tips near pricked the insides of his mouth as the smell of blood- fresher than that rusting on the door- assaulted his nose. Behind him, Tenten wrinkled her nose as well, smart enough to stand a few paces behind the taller form should any demons present decide to make their presence known- strong as she was she was in no condition to fight a swarm of demons, it was better to let the vampire handle that.

Neji's parting whisper seemed to linger in the air, though his voice is just as quiet as ever. "Our way out of here."

"Mm…can you taste it brother? That wondrous man-flesh walking down our halls?"

"Yes brother, but can you smell the savory rarity that is a young vampire? Not even fifteen years old? Hah! I can taste the running flesh already…still tender and alive despite its death!"

"Hahah! Now that you mention it…well, shall we pay them a visit?"

"Why yes brother, I think we should…it's been so long since we've had a meal and these contractors are getting so…"



"Well, we can't be having that now, can we?"

"No…no…we cannot…"

"Nnnha…I can already taste it!"

"Hey, Neji, are you sure this is the way to go?"

Tenten's soft alto voice once again pierced the air, and not for the first time, Neji actually toyed with the idea of piercing that soft neck to actually sate the hunger burning deep within him and then enjoying the blissful silence that followed. Odd though, he mused, he hadn't done it yet. Something…nagged at him. Perhaps he knew her in his mortal life?

He could remember very little about that time—only knowing his would-be status from the telltale hue of his eyes- only hunters could have those eyes, and only hunters from a certain clan. That much he deduced quite easily.

His name, he mused, was all that hadn't left him- that and his lineage he supposed.

"Are you listening to me?" The brunette's voice once again sounded out in the empty cavern, although recently cave walls had given away to a rich marble structure with odd engravings on the wall. This inner chamber, Neji assumed, was where all of the contracts were made. The increased number of corpses outside of the entrance and on the edges of the halls gave testament to that.

"Mmh." This was the only sound he allowed to slip from between his lips, and a smirk almost crossed his face at the small growl escaping the smaller human's throat.

"Tch It looks like we're getting closer to the main quarters. I don't like it...demons could still be in there- in fact, they probably are, and neither of us are in the condition right now to take care of them, seeing as vampires such as yourself do not have very good relationships with them, dark creatures or not," Tenten gave a slight shudder before reaching out a hand to run along the wall, mindful of the decaying husk propped upon the wall beneath her hand.

"An exit should be somewhere around here soon. Demons don't like traveling very far for their meals. And if we're quiet enough, we won't have to worry about disturbing any demons lurking in this hole." The caustic reply tempered Tenten's ire a moment and she quieted down before narrowing her eyes at the spot between the vampire's shoulder blades, as if hoping she could burn a hole through them just by glaring.

"Well…Forgive me!" She paused, thinking for a moment before her eyes widened in realization, a trickle of awareness sliding down her spine as she took in the clenched fists and tense form of the vampire in front of her. "You haven't fed- not since you took that little bit from me earlier- and that wasn't enough to satiate even a week old vampire…" Surprise dotted with a little bit of fear infiltrated her voice.

At this, Neji arched his brow, eyes narrowing slightly as he gripped at his fraying control. "And?"

The hunter girl's lips pinched together, eyes narrowing slightly for a moment, before her face paled. Gulping, Tenten backed up a step, dusky eyes wide with something that wasn't quite fright- not yet at least. "Why…why haven't you attacked me yet? You've got…you've got to be thirsty."

Clenching his fists together, Neji paused in his trek forward, eyes closed and clenched tightly. "And?"

Tenten clenched her fists, eyes widening and a tingle of what could've been hope filled her scent, roaring through Neji's senses. Hope? Clenching his eyes tighter, Neji slowly unfurled his fingers, not even caring as the dark metallic tang of his own blood filled the air, furthering the bloodlust coiling throughout his entire body.

"Does that mean…you remember?"

Brows furrowing, Neji opened his eyes hesitantly, eyes still squinted mostly shut. "…Remember?"

Gulping, Tenten stepped forward, hand reaching out slightly to grip at vampire's shoulder, noting with some hesitation that trembling wracked the pale-eyed vamp's body. A weak smile decked her lips, and her eyes were dewy with hope- maybe…maybe! Gulping once more, and pushing down the trepidation that was filling her to the core, Tenten nodded her head. "The past- us…me…Hinata, Sakura, Ino? Do you…remember us…you watched us when we were little, even played with us!" Her eyes were wet now, whether with long forgotten hope or tears of utter fear, she couldn't tell. She was just…so happy.

He remembered, he remembered, however miraculous that may be. There was no other explanation for it, no vampire had the strength of neither mind nor the will power to actively resist a blood source that was right in front of them- especially in the state he had to be in.

"Do you remember…you're Hinata's cousin, Neji Hyuuga. The son of her father's brother- the son of Hizashi Hyuuga…the nephew of Hiashi Hyuuga! You went missing twelve years ago! Everyone thought you were dead, and most…Hinata was so young…she…she remembers only little pieces, but I'm older! I remember, I remember more!" Tenten gulped and resisted the urge to wince, desperation had made her voice crack and sentences had grown slightly more mangled.

"The son of…Hizashi…Hyuuga?" It was Neji's shocked voice that threw her out of her hopeful reverie. Such naked confusion couldn't be faked, not when his eyes were wide and his face so blank.

"Y…you do remember don't you?" Tenten couldn't resist the urge to ask again, even though she knew her voice was trembling with despair and doubt. A dejected sigh escaped her lips and she shook her head, hand raised to her forehead-of course he didn't. Realizing she had gotten ahead of herself, Tenten opened her mouth, inwardly wincing inside-what a nice way to sound a fool. About to offer an apology, she stopped mouth agape when Neji held up a hand to ask for silence, his brow furrowed. The vampire's lips were twisted, and his nose twitched slightly. Deep inhalations of air were sounded out as he tested the surroundings before his eyes went wide and a hiss escaped his lips.

"Get back!" All further attempts at speech were halted as Neji lashed out an arm; tossing Tenten into the wall in his hurry to move her out of his way.

"Ahah! I found~ them!" the high pitched laughing, mad and slightly insane echoed around the room.

"Where is it coming from?" Tenten whispered in a hiss, rubbing slightly at her now aching back and directing a somewhat annoyed glare towards the vampire's direction. The hunter's whisper, however quiet, seemed to echo around the chamber, dipping through countless doors as if the pitch itself could find the culprit of the mad laughter. Neji gritted his teeth, eyes frantically searching the corridor even as he scented the air in an attempt to find the perpetrator. Gazing about, Neji's eyes widened, his entire face locked upon a sole position on the ceiling. Seeing the vampire's frozen position, Tenten, still rubbing at her sore back turned towards the direction that the vampire was gazing at before her eyes too widened, "What…the hell?"

Hanging upside down, with a mad grin on his face, was the oddest creature both vampire and hunter had ever seen, demon or not- almost as if he was two forms combined into one.

Two faces, and twin sets of limbs, and as Neji watched the figure split in two with morbid fascination, apparently it had the ability to split apart into two as it so chose.

Lavender hair framed both their faces, falling in wispy petals to brush just against the tip of their shoulders, while large black flecks danced upon one side of their cheeks.

"That you did! I expected no less from you Ukon!" the jeering laughter of one of the twins filled the antechamber, and Neji hissed. The name was familiar- Ukon- the laughing one from what he assumed- and Sakon- the one who had spoken- were twin demons, with the ability to combine their forms until one was the other and then split apart at their own choosing. He had heard of them from Sasuke- the two were servants of some higher demon, and according to the other vampire, they were to be avoided at all costs.

Neji resisted the urge to curse, although Tenten was already quiet vocally voicing her annoyance with their odd form of luck-first holes in the ground and now weird demons. Life just couldn't get any better.

"Sakon and Ukon?" the long haired vampire's voice didn't waver, even as he took a slight step back towards the wall. Slowly he inched towards the hunter, who was looking nervously at him from her position close to the wall. While the two were enemies at most times, at this point, an enemy of your enemy was an ally- an adage Neji quite surely believed in- they could fight later.

"Ahah!" it was Ukon who had spoken, eyes wide in an insane sort of glee as the laughing demon gave a mocking spin. "He's a smart one Sakon!"

The other laughed, lips twisting into a malevolent grin as he tilted his head to the side, "Smart Ukon?" the cheery laughter snickered into something darker and more sinister, "I think not- he came here after all…" Sakon's head twisted even more, until it had nearly rotated in a full circle- Tenten suppressed a shudder of disgust.

"He even brought a human with him! Now we have dessert!"

That was the only warning the hunter and vampire got before the world flashed forward in a flurry of lavender hair and pale skin.

Jumping back, Tenten let out a hiss, dodging a fist flying towards her face and wincing as the force of the attack left an imprint in the wall behind her.

Blood was already coating the side of her face, oozing from a scratch just above her brow. Shooting a glance towards Neji, Tenten bit back a curse- the heady scent of blood in the air was evident even to her. Dodging back a few more steps, she rolled to a halt, chest heaving as thick pants escaped her. "Hang in there Leech!" she hissed, forgetting the earlier heartfelt moment in favor of staying alive- it wouldn't do to have a young vampire filled with blood lust attacking at the same moment as the two psychotic demons.

Shaking her head from side to side, the hunter girl bit back a snarl as she dodged another incoming attack. Jumping forwards at Sakon-Ukon, which ever of the twin demons it was- she released a round house kick, her entire body shaking with the impact as her foot met his face. Sneering she finished the combo with a jagged slice from her kunai in an upward strike, a victorious sneer sliding upon her lips when she felt the satisfying crunch and slide of blade upon bone.

"Sakon!" Eyes widening as his brother was slammed into the hard tile floor with a resounding thwack, Ukon let out a low growl of anger, lips twisting into an animalistic snarl. "You'll pay for this!" he hissed, forgetting for the moment about the dark haired leech in the background only to remember as Neji struck him on the back, tossing him to the ground to join his brother on the tile floor and cracking the tiles upon the impact.

Ignoring the sounds of the battle going on before her for a brief moment, Tenten wiped a trickling of blood from her eye, wincing as the metallic liquid clotted in her eyelashes and made it hard to see. Hopping back a few paces in an acrobatic handspring, she panted, trying to keep her eye on the whirling demons only to let out a shrill sound of panic the moment she saw a knife-kunai?-whirling towards her face with a speed even she couldn't stop as one of the demons on the tile struck out, having recovered from their stint with the tile.

Dropping to the ground, Tenten hoped that the quickness of the action would cause the weapon to thud into her shoulder rather than her stomach, where the stab had been intended. She clenched her eyes shut for the impact, curling into a ball and rolling before hitting the ground. When she felt nothing but the dull throb from the impact rather than the stabbing pain from a shard of metal, Tenten blinked, eyes going wide and mouth agape as the ragged fabric of Neji's tunic fluttered before her eyes.

Looking up, she bit back the urge to gasp, lips parted in a little 'oh'. "Neji…" she whispered, taking in the broad form with some surprise.

Turning back, Neji hissed, wincing as his teeth throbbed in his gums. "Get up." He hissed back at her, cracking his knuckles and baring his incisors at the demons, who had begun picking themselves up completely from the floor.

Grimacing, Sakon licked up a stream of blood dribbling from his lips. "They're tougher than we thought brother…" he murmured, looking up at his twin with narrowed eyes.

Ukon cocked his head to the side, looking at his brother and sighing as he wiped away at the blood on his twin's face. "We just underestimated them…that's all Sakon." Glancing forwards at the forms of the vampire and the hunter, the purple haired demon bit back a slight hiss. "Stupid fools…" shaking his head, he tugged his brother closer to him, smiling into his brother's eyes. "We need to finish this quickly…" he whispered, leaning forwards into his brother's ear.

Cracking his knuckles, Sakon shook his head, "But I'm not done having fun!" he whined, only to be slapped lightly on the back of the head.

"Fun or not," Ukon whispered, "It's no fun if we are dead, agree?" There was a moment of silence, both demons keeping a wary eye on the vampire and hunter before Sakon nodded his head. Smiling, Ukon gathered his twin into an embrace, a brief light escaping both demons as their chests met each other. "Good…"

Seeing two demons tear apart from the same body, Tenten thought, was not a pretty sight. Seeing the same thing in reverse was definitely a much worse sight- that was for sure.

Biting back the urge to vomit as skin slid into skin and excess organs (what need had a body for two hearts and a twin pair of guts?) slid to the ground with a wet thud of heavy reds and brilliant blue.

"Be prepared for anything."

Turning to the side, Tenten bit back the urge to roll her eyes as Neji stepped forward to rest by her side- his blood lust was apparently stalled for the moment and she still hadn't forgiven him for throwing her into the wall just yet.

"I know that." She hissed, fingertips brushing the hidden scroll hidden in the waist of her pants. While slightly torn, the material held well (as high quality leather should) and protected the scroll quite nicely. If she brought it out, the hunter mused, the fight would be over with quickly but…Tenten bit her lip. It probably wouldn't be best to have the vampire in a close vicinity while she unleashed the weapons….and she didn't have it in her right now to just let loose- vampire or not. Besides…it was…Neji. He might not remember her at the moment but it was Neji…and…Shaking her head, Tenten sighed- smiling wanly at Neji as he turned a sharp look in her direction.

"This is not time for sparse thoughts!" The vampire hissed, moving closer until his lips just brushed her ear in an effort to keep his words hidden from the demon pair in front of them. "I've no idea why he-they- haven't attacked but it can't be good." Pausing, Neji gritted his teeth before looking Tenten straight in the eyes, moon-white meeting dusky-brown. "Do you have any…nets? Anything you can use to pierce them all at once?" The tone of the vampire's voice was slightly urgent, although disdain still filled its depths. No doubt pairing up with a hunter who had proven herself to be somewhat emotionally compromised seemed to rankle at the vampire's pride.

Grimacing at the thought, Tenten gave a nod, fighting against the exhaustion that was threatening to overtake her slight frame. Fighting demons was no easy work, particularly after walking for who knows how long. Up ahead, the demons continued reforming and while it seemed as if hours had passed, the time was passed barely over a few seconds.

"I'd attack now." Neji hissed at her back, pale eyes narrowed and fangs prominent. Tenten scowled, she didn't need someone to tell her what to do, but she rushed forward none the less.

Perhaps it was time to put that scroll to work…

If there was one thing that Sakon and Ukon were expecting, it was not an exhausted hunter rushing at them with death in her eyes. Fighting back the urge to curse, the twin demons finished their reforming, hopping back just in time as a flurry of daggers and kunai embedded themselves right where the two demons had once been standing.

Flipping his hair out of his eyes, Ukon bit back a curse, sliding further into his brother's form as the hunter continued her attacking, lashing out with a myriad of weapons until the two were back up in a corner. Behind the girl, the vampire flitted from sight, his eyes menacing and fangs bared, attacking each time the demons chanced a counter attack.

The demons cornered, Tenten let out a weary crow of delight, and with a bite of her thumb, reached a hand towards her waist, pulling out a scroll that seemed to elongate with each movement of her hands. The hunter's now bloody thumb left a thick red line, releasing each of the seals left into it until the black ink blurred crimson, letters and words flitting across the scrolls surface until they ran along Tenten's skin like a moving tattoo.

Fighting back the urge to hiss as the ink made its way into her skin, stinging with sharp pricks of pain as each letter appeared, Tenten shut her eyes, trusting the vampire to keep the demons distracted enough as her hands moved quickly, fingers twisting to form signs and with a deep breath of air, Tenten opened her eyes, a ring of swords floating around her as a metallic net formed, twisting off her skin and leaving red welts within its wake.

Ignoring the pinpricks of pain for the moment, Tenten grinned. "I'd move away if I were you."

Neji needed no further prompting, rolling away just as net and swords struck, impaling the demons as precisely as any arrow, locking them in place as they fell victim to the sharp projectiles and a scream formed of two voices filled the air followed by the silent thud of bodies hitting the ground.

As red pooled from beneath her feet, Tenten turned to grin towards Neji, victorious and panting.

"Ha! Didja see that?"

Unfortunately, Neji didn't answer, his body crumpled to the ground and a kunai embedded in his shoulder. As Tenten rushed over to his body and pulled out the glinting metal, her face blanched. There was no need to test for poison, not if she could see the dark purple liquid dripping from its tip, mixed with the nearly black blood of the vampire.

There was no need, because the evidence was there.

Tenten shut her eyes.


"-ji! –ji! Daddy…daddy!" Tears well up in a little girl's-His cousin- eyes and He frowns, looking down to peer into the child's eyes.

"-ta? What has Uncle done?"The girl's eyes are frightened and white…white like snow and He-

"Don't leave N-i!" A girl, older than the first and different- dusky hair and dusky eyes. "-ta's daddy is a jerk! He's a big meanie!"

He smiles, putting a hand on the girl's head and shakes His own. "It is an order." He murmurs, "You will have to do this one day."

The girl frowns, lips down turning into a pout and she grabs his legs in a last ditch effort, tears welling up in her eyes. "I love you -ji! Don't go!"

He smiles and reaches down and then-


There…was so much blood.

It is everywhere, staining the already rusty color of the cobblestone streets an even darker shade of crimson even as it was soaked deep into the cracks in an attempt to make an adulterated mockery of soil.

Vaguely, He wonders what it is from- the wounds on His back, His neck, His stomach or even some other entity altogether, but the tell tale crimson never lies. The blood was human from the bright ruby red glistening on the ground, no dots of black that signified an otherworldly creature. Maybe it was from His neck? Yes…that seemed right…after all, the neck usually bled the most.

His vision wavers and He frowns.

That wasn't good.

Pale, pale eyes stared dully at the setting moon. Another name to add to the countless h-ters dead. Another name to carve into that large monument that was a testament to Hy-ga's everywhere- what not to do.


What is His name again?

He doesn't know but…maybe the darkness does. He'd have to ask it- its getting closer. A bitterly fond smile blooms upon His fair face even as blood bubbles anew over His already cherry-stained lips and a milky sheen begins to veil his eyes.

"Do…you want to live?"

There is a creature before him, staring at him with burning crimson eyes that swirl and spin and shine oh-so-bright even in the coming darkness.

The boy pauses for a moment and then tilts his head back in an attempt to negatively shake his head. The word 'No' bubbles upon broken lips even as the creature descends, a cruel smirk resting upon its face while a malicious whisper trickles from its lips.


The next morning the He wakes and he is no longer—human.

Neji screams.Eyes wide as he shoots up, Neji jerks away from Tenten, whose hand is on his shoulder, as if poised to wake him.

"Hey," she murmured, dusky brown eyes dark with something Neji can't name and for once, the hunger doesn't beat at him. Arms trembling even as he struggles to keep his face blank, Neji nods even though that is far from the truth.

"I'm fine." Clenching his fists into a hand, Neji shut his eyes. "I'm fine." he reapeted, almost to reassure himself.

Watching the vampire attempt to compose herself, Tenten frowned. Shaking her head breifly, she turned to look at his face. "You were poisoned you know," she murmured. "Dream Draught- fatal to a human."

Shrugging, Neji attempted to push himself up. "A mere discomfort- nothing more."

Tenten rolled her eyes with a snort. "Uhuh." she drawled, tapping her chin with her fingers. As she picks up the small camp she had made around the vampire's prone body, Neji stared at his trembling hands, looking at the dark veins present within the pale skin, the hunter's previous rant coming back to him in full force and for a moment, the girl's eyes-dark and dusky- flash before his eyes. Neji bit back a curse.

It was just a dream brought about by poison- nothing more.

As the duo, hunter and vampire, walked through the silent stone halls, Neji could only hope that was true.

End Chapter Ten: Scream

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Haruno Sakura- Human, age 17, a hunter. Outgoing and loud, she wears her emotions on her face. Very kind; though can be cruel at times. Has a split personality which sometimes takes over.

Hyuuga Hinata- Human, age 17, a hunter. Shy quiet and nice, she looks younger then she really is. Stutters a lot. Comes from a long line of hunters.

Yamanaka Ino- Human, age 17, a hunter. Loud, outgoing and annoying, she is prone to times of silence, though they aren't very common. She has the innate ability to transfer her mind to another's.

Tenten- Human, age 18, a hunter. Has very good aim and is a master of all weapons. Calm and clever, she is prone to some hot-headedness. Her last name is unknown.

Tsunade - Human, age 57, a hunter. Addicted to sake, Tsunade is a bit of a drunk. Looks a lot younger then she is. Slightly lazy, she is very hot tempered. Never call her old. Once trained Naruto. She is the lead hunter of the main complex, and is always consulted when it comes to making big decisions.

Jiraiya- Human, age 55, a hunter. Eccentric and perverted, he is the famed erotica writer of the books Icha Icha Paradise. Enjoys annoying Tsunade, and is a proud and accomplished peeping tom. Once trained Naruto along with Tsunade.

Rock Lee- Human, age 18, a hunter. Slightly creepy in a sweet sort of way, he scares most girls off with his abnormally large eyebrows, although he has a very sweet personality. Holds his teacher Gai in high esteem.

Maito Gai- Human, age 31, a hunter. Lee's idol, he and Lee have an obsession with youth. Very good in hand to hand combat, he can be very overdramatic.

Kabuto- Human, age 21, ex-hunter, servant of Orochimaru. He betrayed the hunters in an attempt to gain Orochimaru's favor. He does the snake demon's every will and command. An excellent medic, he can heal almost any injury. Is two faced, and his loyalty is always questionable.

Shizune- Human, age 24, hunter. She is Tsunade's assistant and is a worker in the main hospital. She is very clear headed, and idolizes her boss. She is usually the one that has to tie up loose ends around the complex or make sure Tsunade is doing her work.

The Were

Uzumaki Naruto- Werefox, ex-hunter, age 17. Loud, obnoxious and slightly dense, he is completely clueless when it comes to feelings. Naruto has yet to mold to his were, resulting in a kind of split personality he dubbed 'Kyuubi'. Before he turned Were, he was a hunter and a student under Jiraiya. He rarely transforms into his Were form, and can only do so when he is under Kyuubi's influence. He smiles a lot, and though can be a bit goofy at times, is as calculating as a fox. Both he and Kyuubi's Were form is a large red fox.

Kyuubi- Werefox, age 17, although not technically a physical being, this is Naruto's Were personality. Darkly sadistic and cruel, he is possessive and dislikes most humans. He is the complete polar opposite of his alter ego. Kyuubi can only control Naruto's body of a limited amount of time and then goes into a rest state to recuperate.

Kakashi Hatake- Werewolf, ex-hunter, age 31. Mysterious and lazy, Hatake is often sarcastic. He is molded perfectly to his Were, unlike Naruto, and changes into a large silver wolf. He enjoys reading erotica, written by Jiraiya, and was once a high class hunter before he was bitten by a werewolf on a mission. He was in a previous pack before he met Naruto and Iruka. (He is the newest one to the small pack)

Umino Iruka- Werewolf, age 23. Nice and simple, he is Naruto's other companion besides Kakashi and sees Naruto as a kind of son. He is Kakashi's good friend and received the scar across the bridge of his nose when he was trying to get Kyuubi under control when Naruto lost hold of his alter ego. No matter how much he likes Naruto, he loathes Kyuubi with a passion. He can be very hot tempered at times and is not as strong as Kakashi or Naruto. His Were form is a brown wolf, with a scar across the muzzle.


Inuzuka Kiba- Dog Demon, age 17. Loud and obnoxious, he voices his thoughts and feelings without caring for the consequences. Is usually seen hanging around his friend, a dog named Akamaru.

Aburame Shino- Bug Demon, age 17. Quiet and mysterious, Shino is never seen without his sunglasses. He has a multitude of bugs living inside of him, who feed off of chakra and demonic energy.

Gaara- Raccoon Demon, age 17. His family name unknown, he is simply called Gaara. Cruel and merciless, he has an affinity for blood. He, unlike most other demons, has a separate entity inside of his mind called Shukaku, similar to Naruto with Kyuubi, for which the reasons are unknown. Rarely shows his true emotions.

Kankurou- Bat Demon, age 18. Gaara's elder brother. He enjoys messing with puppets. Often wears some kabuki like make up. He is afraid of Gaara, though does his best to hide it. Very sarcastic.

Temari- Wind Demon, age 22. Gaara's elder sister. Uses a fan to help control wind currents. She is fiercely loyal to her siblings, although she is afraid of Gaara; she still tries to be a good elder sister to him and Kankurou. Is rude to those she doesn't care about. Very blunt.

Orochimaru- Snake Demon, age 54, ex-hunter. Cruel, sadistic, and manipulative, Orochimaru has a way of bending others to his will. He was once a hunter before he felt the need to become all powerful and accepted a contract with a demon. Was once friends with Jiraiya and Tsunade. He trained Anko.

Anko- Snake Demon, age 29, ex-hunter. Vibrant and loud, she is very confident of herself, she is also cautious and has a great sense of justice, although, she does enjoy threatening random people. Was the student of Orochimaru as a hunter, and decided to follow him. She ended up signing the contract with him, although, now she regrets every minute of it. She now hates Orochimaru with a passion, vowing to kill him should she get the chance.

Sai- Shadow Demon, age unknown, appears to be anywhere between 17-18. Emotionless and composed, Sai is known to insult people he knows in what he think are endearing comments. His current whereabouts are unknown, although, it is suggested that Gaara knows where he is hiding. He was once a spy for the hunters amongst the demons but he left when he realized that the hunters were planning to kill him.

Tayuya- Succubus, age unknown. A full-blooded demon, Tayuya's language leaves little to the imagination of the personality of this certain demon. Brash and rough, Tayuya does not settle on delicacy and will easily crush anyone who stands in her way. Her power lies in the flute she carries by her side, from which she summons men she had stolen souls from.


Uchiha Itachi- Level 6 Vampire, age ?. Emotionless and cruel, he hardly ever shows his emotions. Is known for being psychotic and killing all of his victims instead of leaving them with enough blood to live. Elder brother to Sasuke and is the one who changed him. Very close to becoming a level 7 vampire. Appears 22.

Uchiha Sasuke- Level 5 Vampire, age ?. Darkly calm, he keeps his emotions hidden much like his elder brother, Itachi. Although he is not as cruel as his brother, he is known for being highly possessive of his prey, allowing no other vampire to get near them. Has a large ego. Appears 17.

Hyuuga Neji- Level 5 Vampire, age ?. Hinata's cousin-turned-vampire. He is calm and like most of the other vampires, he keeps a calm face and hardly shows any emotions, although his speech can be a tad bit dramatic, but not dramatic enough to make him sound like a fool, instead, it makes him sound more intimidating. Like Sasuke, he has a large ego. Was changed by Sasuke. Closer to becoming a level 6 than Sasuke despite the fact that he is younger than him, although this fact has been debated. He appears 18, and is the youngest of the three vampires.

Preview of Next Chapter

"Shit…" Naruto cursed, holding his arm as he looked into the gold eyes of the snake demon in front of him. In the background, Akamaru's whimpering could be heard as he leaned over Kiba's limp form. Shino lay against the wall, a smear of blood at his back. An unconscious Hinata lay sprawled on the ground, a dark bruise forming on her cheek from where the snake demon had hit her. "Looks like it's just you and me."

Orochimaru grins.