Pairing: Kai Hiwatari x Takao Kinomiya

Warning : shounen-ai… sap…twisting the episode's screencaps and yeah :P Hey, I've been watching G-Revolution reruns :D this is very short.

Notes : First Beyblade fanfic:D 365 words.

Title Notes : I can't come up with better titles…

Inspired By: Episode with Kai vs Takao in G-Rev… as well as the picture in the opening credits with Takao reaching out for Kai :D Coolness.

I don't want to admit this, at least not at loud. He would just laugh at me, and wave me off, since I'm not exactly popular as the person who reveals his emotions, his thoughts, to any other else.

I like the fact that you were looking for me, Takao. The tone of your voice, I already memorized them, for your use in various occasions. The tone that you used just a while ago was dripping with concern for your bratty, but talented teammate. The tone that you used when you were asking about my whereabouts… it was filled with concern, but of a different kind. Of concern whether I'm going to run away, away from you again.

This time, with my new Dranzer, I will show you, that I could defeat you. When I realized that you're the best, I wanted to become like you. But seeing that it's impossible to be as sunny and innocent as you –I think Mizuhara is the only one that could be like you, or maybe even Kon could try to- I just focused everything so that I could defeat you.

Others might say that I hate you, since I left you alone in BBA-Revolution. They're wrong. The separation hurt me more than I expected it to; but I learned that with you, I shouldn't trust my expectations since you like proving everyone wrong. You are my inspiration, Takao. You are my reason. You are my reason why I try to be the best. It's always to defeat you. Always, always, always. Not because I hate you, no. That was ancient history. I want to defeat you, I want to be the only one who could defeat you.

To make you notice me, I would defeat you.

Takao… you are the reason for my strength. And in this match, I will show you how much stronger you made me, Takao.

Watch me, and I will show you how much your belief in me made me strong.

Takao… this strength, this power, this is all because of you. It started with you. It has always been you.

And, even after this match, it will forever be because of you.


Whoa, Kai is babbling here XD But hey, at least it fits –even a little bit- with the original script- whee, the pairing is just so canon –cheers-