Changes and Our Life
By Karah

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. They do however belong to Rob Thomas.

Summary: It was always the four of them, Logan with Lilly and Duncan with Veronica. They were the most popular foursome at Neptune High always the core of the 09ners. Is there anything that can change that?

Author's Note: After watching season one episodes on DVDs and literally having dreams about fic ideas I wrote this. It's all coming as I write though as I have no idea what any of the dream fic ideas were anymore. Lol. In this fic Lilly is the same age as the other three. This fic starts out before high school and goes to a little after Lilly's death.

Prologue: First Meeting:

Lilly, Duncan and Veronica had always known each other. Growing up it was the three of them. Then Logan entered the picture at the age of 13 when his parents moved from Hollywood to Neptune. He made friends with Duncan who introduced him to Lilly and Veronica. From the beginning there was always something between Logan and Lilly; it wasn't always a good something.

"Hey, Lil." Duncan said to his sister before noticing her best friend, "Oh! Hey, Veronica." At thirteen Duncan had started to act weird, especially around Veronica.

"Hey, Duncan." Veronica said. She turned her head slightly, to look over his shoulder when she noticed someone standing behind him.

"Who's your friend, Donut?" Lilly asked not bothering to say hi to either one just wanting to get to the chase. That of course meant finding out who the hottie was.

"Oh!" Duncan said, slightly surprised, turning away from Veronica. "This is Logan Echolls. His family just moved here recently." Duncan replied.

"So where'd you move from?" Lilly asked turning to Logan completely, ignoring her brother from the moment he mentioned the name Echolls.

"L.A. Hollywood to be exact. My dad's a huge movie star." Logan replied.

"Is your dad Aaron Echolls?" Lilly practically screeched.

"Yes he is. The movie star Aaron Echolls." Logan replied, sighing somewhat.

"That is like, so cool." Lilly remarked.

Veronica and Duncan just watched the interaction between Lilly and Logan letting them talk.

From that day on Lilly, Logan, Duncan and Veronica were inseparable. They spent the whole summer between junior high and high school together going to the beach and swimming in the backyard pools of Logan's or Duncan and Lilly's house. By the end of the summer Duncan had figured out how he was going to ask Veronica out but still hadn't had enough courage to do so.

This is my frist VM fic so any feedback as long as it's constructive is good. Also thanks to LoVe23 for the beta on this fic as well.