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Four year old Ranma Saotome, martial arts protégé and all around cute kid, was wandering the hallways of the hospital. The kind nurse had finally let him out of the bed after taking off the cast from his arms. It had been weird having to let someone else feed him, but as pops always said, "the life of a martial artists is fraught with peril". Which apparently extended to young women gushing over how cute he was in his gi and trying to do all they could to help him get over having both arms broken during training. However, he bravely endured the torture, hardly squirming at all during the week it took his arms to heal. Now that he was finally free, he was skipping down the hallway. At least, that was his plan. The sound of crying coming from one of the open doors drew his attention and his feet traveled on their own until he came to a stop in the doorway, peering inside.

A girl sat on a bed, all alone. She couldn't have been more than eight years old. Ranma watched her crying for a moment, wondering what was wrong, then eeped as the girl caught sight of him and started crying louder. Not sure what to do, he hopped onto the bed and sat down at her feet, trying to figure out what was wrong with the girl. Tilting his head first to one side then the other, he watched her for a moment, unable to see anything wrong with her. She seemed healthy enough. No broken bones, no bleeding, she even looked well fed, so what could be the problem?

After a few moments of being watched, the girl finally was able to control her sniffling, curiosity winning over her feelings of loss. Through her sniffles, she managed to ask what he was doing there. Returning a winning smile, Ranma replied, "I'm just trying to figure out why ya cryin. Ya don't look hurt or nothing."

Unwilling to go into another crying fit, the girl just stilled her sniffles as she tried to think of how to explain situation. "The doctors said that I have a weak constitution and that I'll be weak and frail my entire life. I can't even go for long walks without getting tired and if I catch a cold, I could die…" At that thought she finally broke down crying again.

Panicking to have a girl crying next to him, Ranma tried to figure out what to do to help her feel better. What would his parents do in a situation like this? Pops would say something about stop being a weak girl and real martial artists don't cry but that didn't seem to apply here. She was a girl and didn't look like a martial artist so that wouldn't work. Maybe he should follow his mother's example. Leaning forward, he wrapped his short arms around the girl in a tender hug. If anything, she seemed to cry louder. Just as he was about to turn away, the girl caught Ranma in her own hug, holding him tightly as if unwilling to release him. They stayed that way for a few minutes, neither child saying a word. Several nurses passed by, each for their own reason, though none had the heart to break up such a cute scene.

Eventually, one doctor decided he knew what was best and entered the room, determined to save the girl from being bothered by the little boy. After disentangling himself from the girl's arms, Ranma hopped from the bed with a smile, promising to return later. "Oh! I'm Ranma Saotome."

The girl smiled shyly. "I'm Hinako."