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Wyatt's hands were in fists at his sides. Long, golden strands of hair fell into angry blue eyes. The cavern ground rumbled. Enormous pieces of stone and rock from the cave walls fell over everyone, miraculously missing any of the kids, but injuring several demons.

"Impossible!" Xio cried. "Witches with whiteligh…"

"Witchlighters," Axma concluded in alarm. But there were only a few and two were dea…

As demons threw more fireballs at the boys, Wyatt raised a blue shield around them, protecting them. Years ago, Axma had heard stories about a Halliwell baby who had been prophesied to be the most powerful magical being in the world. That baby had a blue shield. There was also another baby…a brother.

"Everyone out!" Axma ordered. "Now!" Before Xio could shimmer out, he burst into flames. Behind him stood the younger Halliwell boy. His green eyes were eerily void of any emotion. As Axma shimmered out, he realized that they had probably beaten the humanity out of the kids.

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Chapter 5

Phoebe closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of her husband's body next to hers. Jesse was everything that she'd hoped for. He had accepted her for who she was even after he'd been let in on the Halliwell legacy. More importantly, he was the perfect father for three daughters. They adored him.

"I love you, Jesse."

Jesse mumbled incoherently in his sleep. "Mmm…"

Phoebe smiled. She glanced at the picture of her family placed on her nightstand. Kyla and Princess were twelve now, and their main concerns were boys and clothes. Danielle was almost eleven. She was becoming a regular tomboy. In the picture, she was wearing a baseball cap and an oversized baseball cap. Beside that picture was a picture of two adorable little boys.

I miss you so much, Wyatt and Chris. She brushed away the tears that slid down her cheeks.

"Mom! We're going to be late! You were supposed to drive us to school!" Danielle called from the hallway.

"Get Kaitlyn or Cyndy to orb you there!" Phoebe yelled. She was too tired to get up. She always felt this way on Chris or Wyatt's birthdays.

"We could expose magic, Mom!"

Phoebe sighed and crawled out of bed. That was the last thing that any of the Charmed Ones needed. She remembered how Prue had died when magic was exposed. She paused to stroke the framed photo of her nephews. "Happy Birthday, Chris."

Drexyzar, the leader of the Zxar demons, looked down at his appointed overseer. His glare caused Axma and his legion to tremble in fear. They knew how important he considered the enslavement of the young witches to be.

"What are you doing back here? Where are the slaves?"

"We had to leave them, Milord," Axma mumbled.

"What?! Speak up!"

"We had no choice but to leave them," Axma said loudly. He cringed in fear as Drexyzar raised his palm. He could see the beginnings of a fireball.

"Wait, Milord! It wasn't my fault! The two slaves…Green Eyes and Blue Eyes (they were sometimes referred to as such because of the intensity of their eye colors) are not who we thought they were. They are witchlighters!"

"Impossible! You lie!"

"The youngest Charmed sister had two children who are only a quarter whitelighter and maintain minimal whitelighter powers. They're girls, but the oldest Charmed One had two sons who were half whitelighter. One was the prophesied Twice Blessed child and the other was rumored to be half Elder."

"I know of the rumors…"

"The boy slave has a blue shield just like Wyatt. He healed the younger child, somehow made energy balls and used other powers. The younger one was able to bring objects to himself without touching them as well as freeze and use fireballs. It is them—the Charmed One's presumably dead sons," Axma said. He tried not to show his relief when his boss lowered his hand, extinguishing his fireball.

"They must be destroyed….if we cannot convince them to join us."

3 years later

Piper shook her head in amusement as she listened to her teenage nieces trying to convince their mother to allow them to go to a dance. Phoebe didn't even sound close to giving in. Jesse was with her, but he was choosing to stay out of it. He had been acting weird—weirder than usual. All Piper could think about was how Chris had declared his dislike for Jesse. Were his feelings justified? She always found herself reflecting on things Wyatt and Chris had done or said. They would have been in high school with their cousins now if they were alive.

"What are you thinking about?" Leo asked, wrapping his arms around her waist. He stayed with her as much as possible, dividing his time between Earth and Elderland. "The boys?" he guessed.

Piper nodded. "It's amazing how cruel fate can be. We lost Chris twice. I lived for those kids even if they didn't know it. I suppose that I may have neglected Chris a little more than I should have, but there were so many threats against Wyatt. I was always afraid that Wyatt would turn evil even though Chris saved him."

"Do you ever wish we had more kids?"

Piper shook her head. "I couldn't possibly bear losing another child."

"Aunt Piper, could you tell Mom that Princess and I are the best kids in the world, and that we would never do anything she wouldn't do?" Kyla begged as she came into the living room followed by her mother and sister.

"I would, but…she's your Mom, and she knows what she's doing." Piper suppressed a smile. Her nieces looked so much like their mother that it was creepy. Kyla had dyed her shoulder-length hair black so that it matched her dark wardrobe. Her twin wore her brown hair in a long braid down her back.

Paige's husband, Henry, came from the kitchen with a cup of coffee for Phoebe. He had a feeling that she was going to need it while dealing with her girls. Phoebe gave her brother-in-law a grateful smile.

Henry hid his grin.

"It's not funny. You won't be laughing…your kids will start high school real soon." She turned her attention back to her daughter. "Shouldn't you guys be getting ready to go to Magic School anyway? We'll discuss the dance later."

Jesse leaned against the staircase railing and watched the Halliwell family. He really thought that the kids should be pulled out of Magic School and have their powers bound. He didn't want to kill them too, but his mission was coming to an end. The Hunters had been patient, waiting until they'd grown in strength. Everything was in place. The boys were somewhere safe. Somewhere they would never come into contact with witchcraft again.

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