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Chapter 1: The Deal

Raven sat reading on one side of the couch; her hood was down and she casually had her legs crossed. On the other end of the couch sat Beast Boy flipping through the channels; one arm was lying across the back of the couch. She was getting a little annoyed with his inability to find a channel and stick with it. Beast Boy barely even noticed that she was sitting there.

Cyborg had gone to the Titans East to fix their computer system that had gone down. Without him there Beast Boy really didn't have anyone to hang out with him or would tolerate him. That's because Robin was too busy spending time with Starfire, and that meant that the only person left was Raven. And she wasn't about to "hang out" with him. He was lucky she was even sitting on the same couch as him. Lucky in the sense that she didn't find him so annoying she couldn't bare to sit quietly near him.

The doors to the common room swooshed open, allowing Starfire and Robin access in. Starfire was giggling at something Robin had said, though Beast Boy's sensitive ears had not picked up just what. Robin had a large smile on his face; he loved to see Starfire happy. This meant he loved seeing her all the time. She suddenly gasped and exclaimed, "Oh my! I must go feed Silkie!" And with that she quickly rushed back out the doors.

As soon as Starfire was through the door Robin rushed over to the two on the couch. "Beast Boy, Raven, I need your help," he said blocking Beast Boy's view.

He continued to flip through the channels, despite the fact that he couldn't see through Robin. "What's up?" asked Beast Boy rather lazily. Just being around Raven took his energy level from a ten to a two.

"Okay, I really want to ask Starfire out on a date," said Robin rather hesitantly.

"About time," said Raven not looking up from her book.

"So just do it, dude," said Beast Boy stretching. "I can tell you right now she's not going to say no."

"That's not the problem," said Robin rubbing his hands nervously.

"Then what is it?" asked Raven, who really wanted to get back to her book.

"I… I get too nervous around her," he said a little embarrassed. "I don't think I could last an entire evening out with her alone."

"That's kinda the definition of a date, dude," said Beast Boy. "You might wanna work on that before you ask her out."

"Well I was hoping you two could help me out," said Robin.

"Yeah, like Beast Boy can teach you how not to act goofy around girls," said Raven sarcastically. "And I wouldn't be of much help either."

"Not separately, but together you might be able to help me," said Robin.

This made Raven look up from her book and Beast Boy to lower his remote. "Robin, what are you talking about?" he asked

"I was thinking we could do a kind of… double date," said Robin trying to manage an awkward, hopeful smile.

Beast Boy and Raven just stared at him for a moment. "So… you want one of us to find a date and go with you?" asked Beast Boy.

"Well, I was thinking that you two could just go together," said Robin.

Beast Boy and Raven looked at each other and then quickly looked back to Robin and said, "No way!" Then Raven closed her book, Beast Boy put the remote down, the two stood up and began to walk out of the common room.

"It's not like you're really going on a date," said Robin quickly following them. "You're just there for moral support."

"Dude, you'll know that we're not actually on a date, but Starfire won't," said Beast Boy. "And then she'll tell Cyborg about it when he comes back. Do you have any idea how much he'll torture us?"

"Not to mention the fact that other people will see us and we'll be all over the front page of every newspaper in the city," said Raven.

"I'll make special reservations so no one sees us," said Robin quickly. "Please? It's just for one night. I just need to get comfortable being with Star so I don't get all serious and leader-like around her."

"You do seem to have a problem with that," said Raven.

"But why does it have to be me and Raven?" asked Beast Boy.

"Because you're the only other two in the tower," said Robin matter-of-factly. "And because you're my friends." He said this a little more in the form of a question.

"Robin, all friends have their limits," said Raven. And with that the two turned around and continued to walk out of the room.

Robin knew that he had to pull out his secret weapon; at this point he was desperate. "Okay, no combat training for two weeks!" he called after them. This brought the two to a standstill. They stood there motionless for a second, and then turned around.

"No combat training?" asked Beast Boy.

"For two weeks?" asked Raven.

"That's right," said Robin crossing his arms and smiling. "You help me and you don't have to train for a fortnight."

Now the situation was becoming interesting. No combat training? That was a big deal. And for two whole weeks! What would happen if they didn't accept the offer? Would he train them twice as hard? Damn that Robin! He had them backed into a corner. They looked at each other and sighed.

"Fine," said Raven.

"But you owe us big time," said Beast Boy. "If Cyborg finds out, I'm telling Star everything."

"Deal," said Robin and with that they shook hands.

Just then the doors opened and Starfire reentered. "Silkie has been fed," she said quite satisfied. "And now he is sleeping. What shall we do now? Some of the hanging out, perhaps?"

"Actually Star, I have something tell you," said Robin nervous. "Well, not tell you, more like ask you."

"Robin you do not make the sense," said Starfire a bit confused.

"Uh, would you like to go out on a date with me?" asked turning very nervous and starting to sweat.

Starfire gasped and wrapped her arms around him. "Oh Robin! I would love to do the date with you," she said gleefully.

"Well, it's not just going to be me," said Robin quickly. She released him and gave him another quizzical look. "Beast Boy and Raven are coming too."

"So… you are going to date all three of us?" she asked thoroughly confused.

"No, we're going to do what's called a double date…"

"Oh! The double of dates," she said clapping. "I have read about this in one of the, what do you call them Raven? The pointless magazines of beauty?" Then Starfire suddenly realized something. "Beast Boy and Raven! You are doing the dating!"

"No!" they both said at once. Robin gave them a quick death glare.

"Uh, we're just going to go out on one date," said Beast Boy trying not to sound like he was lying. "Just to try it out."

"How wonderful!" she said flying about. "When shall we do the date?"

"I was thinking tomorrow night," said Robin.

"Glorious!" said Starfire. "I shall go to the mall at once to find the appropriate clothing. Raven, you must come with me!"

"Why?" asked Raven.

"So that you might find something nice to wear on the double of dates, of course," said Starfire.

"Can you excuse me for a second?" she asked calmly.

"Uh… sure," said Starfire.

"Thanks," said Raven, grabbing Robin's arm and pulling him away.

"I am not dressing up," she said through her teeth.

"You have to," said Robin. "It's part of going on a date."

"But it's a fake date," she hissed.

"It's a date nonetheless," said Robin in more of a leader tone.

Raven growled. "Deals off," she said and went to walk back to the others. Robin quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Fine, three weeks of no combat practice," said Robin sighing.

Raven thought about this for a moment. She sighed a very annoyed sigh and said, "Alright, but if any of this gets out I will kill you." She walked back over to Starfire and Beast Boy and said, "Fine, Starfire, let's go."

Starfire squealed, grabbed Raven by that hand, and dragged her out of the tower. This left Beast Boy and Robin allowed. Beast Boy sighed and said, "So I'm guessing I have to dress up too, right?"

"If I am you are," said Robin.

"This is so wrong," said Beast Boy shaking his head. "You realize that by doing this I'm risking my life, right?"

"Yeah, I know," said Robin.

"Hopefully Starfire will buy it," said Beast Boy heading back to the couch. "Raven and I have to act like we want to go out on a date with each other? Man, if we pull this off we should get Oscars or something."

"Just be your selves and everything will be fine," said Robin.

"Be myself?" said Beast Boy. "Dude, that's the part of me Raven hates the most! I really don't know why I agreed to this." He slumped down on the couch and sighed. "Raven and I really can never be friends now."

"Beast Boy, you and Raven are friends now," said Robin.

"Yeah, but we're not friendly or anything," said Beast Boy. "The only reason Raven hasn't killed me is because we're apart of a team."

"That's not true," said Robin half laughing.

"No, she actually told me that," said Beast Boy seriously.

"Oh," said Robin. Now he wondered if his choice of asking Beast Boy and Raven to help was such a smart idea after all. True, they really didn't get along and Raven seemed to be particularly agitated with him lately, but he never thought they were that distanced. "Well, don't worry, Raven will have to be on her best behavior tomorrow night."

"I guess," said Beast Boy starting to flip through the channels again. "I just wish she wasn't so mean to me. I mean, I know that she can't show emotions or anything, but why is she able to be mean without her powers going all haywire? I swear she does it on purpose."

"Beast Boy, Raven's not doing it on purpose," said Robin. "You're just two different people that don't mix well. And, you have to admit, you do pester her a lot."

"Pester? All I ever did was try and make her smile or laugh," said Beast Boy defensively. He hated it when anyone said that he was annoying or irritating. He just didn't see himself that way. "I was nice to her and all she was was grumpy to me."

"Well maybe if you try being mean to her she'll be happy," said Robin getting tired of the conversation. "I really don't know what to tell you." And with that he headed off to another part of the tower.

Beast Boy sighed and continued to flip through the channels. A few hours later Starfire and Raven returned with a few bags of clothes. Raven looked less than pleased and she looked exhausted. Beast Boy guessed that Starfire worn out her tolerance for the day. Starfire was also chattering away and Raven looked as if she was about to lose control of herself. Finally she slipped away from Starfire and made it to the sanctuary of her room.