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Chapter 5: Home

The car pulled into the garage and they were finally home after one of the longest nights of Ravens life. The four got out and headed in. Robin and Starfire walked arm in arm into the tower. Raven was behind them and Beast Boy was behind her. Raven kept her head low and her arms crossed. She really couldn't wait to get out of those horribly revealing, according to her, clothes and into bed.

The common room was quiet and dark, since no one had been home for hours. They didn't see the need to turn the lights on, since they were going to bed anyway, and felt their way to the doors that led to the hall with all of their rooms. Robin was going to walk Starfire to her room and the two walk off. Raven proceeded towards her room and still Beast Boy followed her.

She reached her door and let out a shudder. Beast Boy was now standing behind her. "Is there any reason you're not walking to your room?" she asked.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for being a jerk tonight," said Beast Boy.

"When were you a jerk?" asked Raven.

"You know, when I wouldn't pull your chair out for you or anything," said Beast Boy.

"You weren't being a jerk, you were being impolite," said Raven. "There's a difference."

"Well, I'm still sorry," said Beast Boy. "You know, a few years ago I probably would've approached a night like this totally differently."

"What do you mean?" asked Raven.

"Well, I was always so bent on showing you a good time that if Robin told me that I had to go on a double date with you I probably would've turned it into some huge event to try and make you smile or something," said Beast Boy. "It's kinda hard to believe I used to be like that."

Raven was quiet for a moment. "Why… why did you stop trying to show me a good time?" asked Raven. "Why did you stop trying to get a smile on me?"

"Why?" asked Beast Boy. "It's not like you ever cared or noticed me."

"How could I not notice you, Beast Boy," said Raven softly. "You always make a point of making yourself known when you enter a room. I couldn't ignore you if I tried."

"Oh," said Beast Boy. "Well, I never knew that. I guess… I guess I don't really know you."

A moment of silence passed over them. "So?" asked Raven at last."

"So what?" asked Beast Boy.

"Why did you stop trying to make me happy?" asked Raven.

"Because after years of trying, Raven, it was pretty damn clear to me that you didn't want to be happy," said Beast Boy. "Or… that there was nothing I could do to make you happy. I guess I'm just not good enough to make you smile or anything."

"The only reason I never smile is because of my powers," said Raven. "And just because I wasn't showing it on the outside didn't mean I wasn't feeling anything on the inside."

"But you always acted like you were annoyed by me," said Beast Boy.

"I was," said Raven. "But I respected the fact that you put your life on the line to try and get me to show some of my more dangerous emotions like happiness. Haven't you noticed that since you stopped trying to please me we've been so distant that we only talk during battles and even then we're usually just criticizing each other? I liked that little relationship we used to have."

"Well you should have said something!" said Beast Boy. "If I had known all of this I wouldn't have stopped. I would never have let our friendship just die."

"Well it's not like I ever gave you a reason to make me happy anyway," said Raven. "So don't feel bad about it. I don't deserve friends as it is, especially not one like you used to be."

"Don't say that," said Beast Boy shaking his head. "Don't ever say that you don't deserve friends. I can't understand why you have such low self-esteem about yourself. You have no reason to. You should, like Monty Python says, always look on the bright side of life."

"There is no bright side in my life," said Raven crossing her arms.

"Why not?" asked Beast Boy.

"Because you were my bright side, Beast Boy," she said softly. "And you gave up on me. Now I just live in darkness." She could feel her blasted throat get sore again as she felt tears well up into her tired, stinging eyes.

Beast Boy then did the bravest thing he would ever do in his young life. He reached out and took her into his arms, holding her close to him. He didn't care if she didn't hug back, because he understood now. She might not have showed it, but she took in everything he ever did for her and it kept her tranquil. It all finally made sense. When he spent so much attention on her she pretended like she didn't care, but it kept her peaceful. And ever since he had stopped and just given her the same pissed attitude that she gave him she was unhappy and colder than ever. He understood her now.

"Raven, can I bring you back into the light?" he asked as he locked his arms so she couldn't pull away from him, not that she was. "Can I be your bright side again?"

"Why would you want to be?" she asked, letting those tears that had been pooling up within her eyes fall onto his shoulder. He was taller now, just about an inch taller than her. It was clear that he was never going to be very tall, but it was still a shock to Raven, who hadn't noticed. "What could you possibly get out of trying to make me happy when you know I never will be?"

"I don't need to get anything out of it," said Beast Boy. "Being friend means you'd give everything to them without asking for anything in return. And I want to be your friend again, Raven. With all of my heart."

The stood there in the hallway in each others arms, soaking into each other. Raven suddenly felt very protected and she allowed herself to hug him back with just as much feeling as he was to her. Beast Boy realized how much he had missed her; being her friend. They slowly rocked back and forth in the hug, just being comfortable with each other for the first time.

After what seemed hours they finally pulled a few inches apart. Raven couldn't help letting Beast Boy see the remnants of her tears. He gave her a small smile and to his shock she gave him the slightest hint towards a smile. It was the most he'd gotten in years.

"I've… missed you," she said hesitantly, letting herself to actually be honest with him.

"I've missed you too, Raven," he said, looking deep into her violet eyes that were still glistening from all of the tears she had allowed to fall. He saw the pain she held within them and the happiness she felt knowing that now he would be there for her again. He saw into their captivating beauty for the first time and in that moment in time he felt something within him change.

Raven hated it when people stared at her. She hated it more than anything else. But right now she didn't care that Beast Boy was staring at her, his eyes unmoving and fixated upon her own. She focused upon his jade orbs that were his eyes, which had an electricity behind them that sparked when he smiled.

What followed next can only be described as a moment of insanity on both parts. For neither could have been in their right minds for it to happen. But it did. As Beast Boy became lost in her eyes that had suddenly seemed to come alive again he gently closed the space between them, a motion that caused both of their eyes to close. He cautiously laid his lips upon hers and kissed her.

Whatever had been going through their minds had suddenly disappeared leaving nothing to hold them back from living in the moment. This moment in time; it was theirs. Their lips slowly pulled apart and their eyes lazily opened so that they could look at each other, in shock. Adrenaline pumped through their veins and sent shivers through them and caused their bodies to quiver. Their breathing was just as shaky and now they weren't sure what to do.

Finally Raven realized what had just happened and she began to pull away from him. "Well… um… it's late and… and I'm really tired," she sputtered out. "I'll… I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah," said Beast Boy, who was still in shock as well. "See you tomorrow."

They still couldn't let their eyes release the grip the other had on them, even as Raven walked backwards into her room. Slowly her door closed and they were, at last, separated from each other. Beast Boy snapped out of his daze and confusedly ran his fingers through his hair, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

The next morning Raven and Beast Boy pretty much tried to stay away from each other; neither looking forward to the awkwardness their next conversation would bring. Starfire couldn't keep her feet on the ground and was humming and flying about the kitchen like a balloon caught in the wind. Robin had a smile on his face, which was odd since the guy showed less emotion than Raven.

"Oh, last night was most wonderful," said Starfire.

"I'm glad you had a good time," said Robin.

"Oh yes, I did indeed," she said smiling from ear to ear. She plopped a glob of something purple and green onto a plate and said, "I shall return in a moment from feeding Silkie his breakfast. Then we may discuss our double of dates." And with that she flew off.

Robin looked over to Raven and Beast Boy, who weren't acknowledging that the other even existed. "So, thanks guys," said Robin. "You really helped me last night to break the ice with Starfire. And don't worry; I'm going to keep up my end of the bargain. No training for three weeks."

"Good," they said together.

"And thanks for not killing each other," said Robin. "I mean, it got a little too close for comfort, but I don't think Starfire has any idea that your half of the date was fake."

"Just don't ever ask us to do anything like that again," said Beast Boy. "I don't like deceiving Star, and neither should you."

"I know, I hated that it came down to that, but you guys know how I am when I'm alone with her," said Robin.

Just then Starfire flew back in and sat down next to Robin. "Silkie has been fed," she said proudly. "Now back to the date. Raven, Beast Boy, did you not enjoy yourselves?"

"Oh yeah, it was a ton of fun," said Raven plainly.

Starfire stared at her for a second. "Are being the sarcastic?" she asked. "I thought you enjoyed your time alone with Beast Boy?"

"Well… we did get to know each other a little better," she said, looking at Beast Boy out of the corner of her eye.

"Yeah, we did," said Beast Boy agreeing.

"Wonderful," said Starfire. "Then perhaps we may do the double of dates again this weekend!"

"Oh, I don't know Star," said Robin. "I don't think they would want to go out again."

"But they just said that they had a good time," said Starfire. "Friends, you do not wish to do another date? But why? Why would you only want to go out on one date if you both enjoyed yourselves? It does not make sense."

"Well maybe…" started Robin.

"Robin, please, I wish to hear what Raven and Beast Boy have to say," said Starfire who then turned to the two and waited.

"Uh… well, I guess another double date wouldn't be so bad," said Beast Boy. "I mean, what do you think Raven? Do… do you wanna go out on another date with me?"

Raven felt all eyes fall upon her, and her heart began to race. She could feel herself growing angry with Beast Boy for putting the attention on her, but then they made eye contact again. It was like a hidden switch that calmed them both down and Raven suddenly didn't care that Robin and Starfire were looking at her as well.

"Sure," she said at last. "I'd… I'd like to go out on another date with you."

"Glorious!" said Starfire.

Robin just stared at the two very confused. He was wondering if they were trying to get more off time from training, which he wasn't about to grant. But then he saw how they were looking at each other. It was far different then how they usually looked at each other, not that they ever made eye contact with each other for any reason. And he could have sworn he could see them both break out in a slight brush.

"Well, if you guys are game," said Robin at last. "I'm sure we can set up another date for next Saturday. Does that sound… okay?"

"Sure," said Beast Boy and Raven together, slightly smiling friendly to each other and then looking back to Robin.

"Okay," he said and looked to Starfire who looked quite pleased. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he wasn't about to say anything and risk the fact that Beast Boy and Raven were finally getting along. Little did he know that they had become friends again… and possibly something more.

The End