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/This is a form of psychic communication the Blood use./

Harry sat alone in bed thinking of all those he lost. His parents, Sirius, Dumbledore, Cedric even. They had all died because there was a prophecy that said he had to be the one to face the most feared dark lord in over five hundred years. But before he could actually kill the bastard he had to track down all the pieces of his soul so he could not return again.

Honestly he was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it. The wizarding world had turned its back on him more times than he cared to consider. His friends cared for him of course, and some of his teachers would stand by his side, the aurors knew him, but no one would really teach him what he needed to learn. His destiny was to kill a man, but no one would teach him to kill. They would tell him how to stun, wound, disarm, and escape, but they still refused to give him the skills he needed to survive.

It was time to take charge of his life. Slowly he began to unpack his trunk. He knew there wasn't anything in there that could teach him truly dangerous magic, nor the dark arts, but every single thing he knew would be one more thing that might keep him alive. As he unpacked his potion's equipment, his silver knife fell from his cauldron and nicked the back of his hand. As he held his hand out of the window so that no blood would stain his relative's floor, he silently prayed to anyone who may be listening.

"Please, if there is anyone out there, I want to live. I want to have a life, just a normal life, but first I need to learn. I need to learn to live, and I need to learn to fight so my friends may live."

Little did he know, that one wish, let out into the darkness, would change his world.

Two figures appeared silently in his room a few hours later. One a woman with unearthly beauty and ancient sapphire eyes, the other an elderly gentleman, the very picture of sophistication and style. They looked around them with interest. This ratty and run down room contained many things they had never seen before. Then the woman saw the cage and the temperature in the room dropped several degrees while magic filled the air.

The sound of Hedwig's cage exploding woke Harry up. Seeing the two strangers in his room and fearing for his owl, he leapt from the bed and grabbed his wand before rolling over to the window.

"Hedwig, you ok girl?" he got a hoot in response, "Who the hell are you and what are you doing here? If I find a single scratch on Hedwig here later, I will find you and make you wish you had never been born!"

The woman spoke up at this, "Oh my, this is interesting. Papa, I told you this was the right place. She tells me this Harry is her warlord prince. If he can make these kinds of bonds to kindred untrained… imagine his potential when we teach him."

"That could be Jaenelle, but perhaps we should explain things to him first, can't you feel him spiraling down to his core? I thought only you did that." The older man replied.

"Again, who are you? And what do you mean that she told you? You better start talking or I am going to start cursing. Ministry be damned no one attacks me in my own home or threatens my owl."

And then there was a third man in his room, massive and powerful. The bronze skin gleamed in the moonlight, naked from the waist up, his stance screamed threat. From the placement of his feet, the look in his eyes, to the way he held his wings…. Wait wings? Harry quickly swiveled to face this new threat, his wand pointed straight at his new opponent's heart.

"I don't know what you are thinking you will do with that stick, but if you are thinking of harming my queen, you are going to need a man's weapon and few more millennia of training." The new man said as he silently and wandlessly called a fearsome bladed stick into his grasp.

"Males! Alright boys put your sticks away. You can have your pissing contest later, but for now I need to talk with Harry here. Lucivar, put your weapon away. Harry is it? I would appreciate it if you could put yours away as well. I promised Hedwig here I would not hurt a member of her court, and she assured me that you wouldn't either without good reason. Queens keep their promises." To everyone's surprise, the new man, Lucivar, vanished his stick. The woman's voice sounded as if it was used to being obeyed.

"Ok, that's twice now you've mentioned talking to Hedwig, and twice you've been called a queen. I only know of one queen, and you aren't her. Let's start with the obvious. Who are you? How did you get here? And are you wizards and witches?"

"I am Jaenelle Angelline-SaDiablo, Queen of Ebon Askavi, High Priestess of the Hourglass. This is my Steward and adoptive father, Saetan Daemon SaDiablo, High Priest of the Hourglass, High Lord of Hell, and Warlord Prince of Dhemlan. That is his son, my brother, and my Master of The Guard, Lucivar Yaslana, and Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih. We rode the winds here. And while I have never heard of wizards, I am a witch."

"Ok, you folks have almost as many titles as the Headmaster had. So allow me to introduce myself. I am Harry Potter, some people call me the Boy-Who-Lived but I don't much like it. I hate fuss and formality. You may just call me Harry if you wish. This lovely owl on my shoulder, as you may have guessed, is Hedwig. She is my familiar. I am a wizard, a magic user, a male witch if you must. We have lived together and worked together for six years now. Now perhaps we should leave my room and discuss things like civilized people. We can start with why you came to my room in the middle of the night, and why you blew up Hedwig's cage."

"We don't have to leave the room to discuss why you caged a fellow queen, kept her locked in a small prison! We came to help you but I'm not certain you deserve our help."

"I invite you to determine which side of MY door the locks are on. Perhaps when you are done there we can be civil?" Harry responded as Hedwig gave several indignant hoots to the strange woman. "She and I are both prisoners here. Now give me a few moments and I will unlock the door and we can sit down over tea. I must ask however that we refrain from making too much noise however. If my muggle relatives were to wake up, things would get… unpleasant."

For the second time, the elder man spoke, and this time his voice echoed with the power of thunder though he spoke very softly. "Who would be foolish enough to cage a Warlord Prince? Why haven't you killed them yet?"

"Most of the world is holding me captive. Some want me safe, some want me dead, and most just don't ever want to see or hear from me again. As to their deaths, sadly it is illegal in this society to just kill people who annoy you. I'm a bit surprised you didn't already know all of this I must admit." He replied offhandedly as he worked with a pin to open the lock.

"I thought you said you could use Craft? Why struggle with a physical lock when it can be opened with a thought?" Said the winged intruder.

"Craft? Oh, you mean magic. Again, you are remarkably ill informed for a group of wizards. Since I am not of age for a few more weeks, I am not allowed to practice magic outside of school lessons. If I do, they will expel me from my school and break my wand. Given that I do not wish to die a bloody and painful death, I am stuck living as a muggle for the time being." Suddenly the lock clicked open. "Thank you, who ever did that. Now, if you will wait downstairs, I will be with you as soon as I am dressed. I am still very curious about your presence, not to mention how and why you appeared in the middle of my room in the middle of the night."

"Not a problem." Replied the queen as she lead the other two men out of the door.

Harry hurriedly got dressed and went down the stairs to find his uninvited guests sitting on his relative's couch and chair. Hedwig refused to be moved from his shoulder longer than it took him to put on his shirt and robes. Seeing the dress and attitudes of two thirds of his guests, he decided that dress robes were in order and donned his emerald green robes.

"Alright, now that we all know each other and are more comfortable, may I offer you some tea before we talk?"

"Perhaps you may get some for Jaenelle, Lucivar and I will have yarbarah if you have it." Saetan suggested.

"I am sorry, but I don't know what yarbarah is to be honest, if you tell me I will do my best to provide. May I suggest a Breakfast Tea for you ma'am?"

"Yarbarah is wine mixed with blood. Don't worry it need not be human blood, though it does lend a certain flavor."

"I'll see what I can do for you." He replied uneasily, turning to leave. He hurried up to his room and grabbed the bottle of dragon's blood from his potions kit, he had maybe half a pint left. Returning to the kitchen he put the kettle on the stove and added water for two cups while he gathered cups, saucers, spoons and the sugar and cream. Hoping he could convince one of his visitors to perform a refilling charm later, he swiped one of his Aunt's bottles of wine from the rack, and two glasses from the cupboard. Returning to the living room he served Jaenelle and indicated that the others could mix their own.

"Now, would you mind terribly explaining why you have decided to come visit me this evening? I would also like to know how you got into my room. I happen to know there are wards in place to prevent apparition and also to prevent people with hostile intent from finding me. If those wards weren't in place, one or more of us would be dead by now. I am not usually so forgiving or accepting of strangers."

"Of course Harry, Hedwig, we came because I heard you call for us. You asked for someone to teach you. We have come. Lucivar will teach you to fight, Saetan will teach you to live, and I…." She was suddenly interrupted by Saetan who had taken his first sip of the hot blood and wine mixture he had made.

"Mother Night!" he whispered as he shuddered.

"What is it papa?" Jaenelle asked.

"Taste it, I have never tasted such blood. Not even yours tastes like that!"

"Is something wrong with it?" Harry asked. "I am sorry, it is the best I had available and you did ask for blood."

"Wow," Lucivar said as he finally recovered his voice, "that is amazing. I can't say much for the wine, but that is definitely powerful blood. Where did it come from?"

"That is dragon's blood. It came from a particularly spectacular Hungarian Horntail mother as she was nesting with her eggs. It was given to me as a gift after I bested the dragon in a tournament." He explained. "I haven't noticed it to be any stronger than other dragons' blood, but it does have sentimental value which is useful in some more obscure potions."

"You have access to dragon's blood?" Saetan asked with a surprised note in his voice.

"Of course, but as I said, this is special. Now if you don't mind may we get back on topic?"

"I apologize."

"Now, Jaenelle, you said you had something to teach me?"

"Yes, as I said, Lucivar can teach you to fight, Saetan to live, and I can teach you to heal. We might explore other areas, and I dare say once he meets you my husband may wish to teach you something. It seems that the two of you have something in common. We can teach you to embrace what it means to be a Warlord Prince, to do what needs to be done no matter the price."

"That sounds very interesting. Where would we be learning? I can't train here. My relatives will barely tolerate my presence as it is, and I am surprised that they haven't stormed down here yet. Also to consider is what this will cost me. I cannot imagine that personal instruction from a queen would be cheap."

"Good, he has already picked up the first rule of what it is to be a Warlord Prince. 'Everything has a Price'" Lucivar chuckled. "We may make a warrior out of you yet."

"That's if I decide to study with you. While you are certainly look impressive Sir, I don't know for certain that you have anything to teach me. Perhaps if you could demonstrate some of what you feel I need to learn."

"That will have to wait for a while whelp, unless you want me to wreck your room? I can teach you to fight, to be unstoppable with knife, bow, or Eyrien stick. I can teach you to fly as if you had wings. I daresay you have more the build for it than Cat here." He added nodding to Jaenelle.

"I can already fly and have been in many battles. I have yet to die. If you don't mind, I would quite like to challenge you to a flying contest later if we continue. It will be interesting to see how well those wings of yours work"

"And it will be interesting to see how well someone without wings deals with the open air." He replied with a feral grin.

Sensing the testosterone level rising in the room Jaenelle broke back into the conversation as Hedwig nipped Harry's ear. "Well I for starters can teach you something right now that you have been lacking for a long time. Hedwig tells me that you can speak with her in a way, but that it is less than perfect. How would you like to understand her perfectly? I can show you, and it is the first step of many to learning what your world has apparently forgotten."

"That would be very nice." He replied. "What do you think Hedwig, can we trust her? You have a say in this too." Hedwig hooted happily and bobbed her head affirmative.

"Alright, if you would give me your hand we can begin. Now don't be afraid, but I will have to touch your mind to teach you this. I won't intrude into your thoughts, but we need to at least come together part way to show you."

When he slowly gave her his hand, he felt her leading his mind down a short garden path. Then he met a feminine presence that was very happy to find him, she felt excited and happy but also very regal. There was no doubt, this was Hedwig.

/My Harry/ he heard /This witch has much to teach us, she has told me of a place we may go and will be welcome, where war will not find us./

Then he heard Jaenelle's voice in his head /Yes, come to my family home and learn our skills. When the time is right you can return and face your destiny, but for now you need a safe place to learn and grow. There is much you do not know./

"Wow that is an entirely different way to speak. I never imagined that Hedwig and I could speak like that. I knew she was intelligent and very smart, but I never thought I would speak to her like that." Harry said with much enthusiasm. "Can you speak to anyone like that?"

"Why don't you try? Think of a witch or warlord you want to speak with, and try to imagine where they are. Send a probe from your mind to them and connect as you did with Hedwig."

"Ok, but first, I keep hearing Warlord and Warlord Prince tonight. Maybe you could explain that while I decide who to contact."

"Your world has obviously forgotten much. A warlord is a male witch. Any male who uses magic, or Craft as we call it, can be called a warlord, but it is also a title or social station. The average man is a Warlord. Above them are the Princes, who are born with more leadership skills. Princes lead the warlords for the most part. Warlord Princes however are something else entirely. A Warlord Prince is the very essence of savage primal male. They are passionate in all things. If they love, they love deeply and completely. If they need to be violent, they are capable of killing anyone and anything until they are calmed down. Warlords are further broken down by their strength in Craft or Magic. The stronger the male, the darker their Jewels.

"With females, it is more intricate. Any female who can do Craft is a Witch. But there are also Black Widows, who weave webs of dreams and visions. They learn the intricacies of poisons and the future. Priestess' manage civil affairs and small communities. They are equivalent to Princes. Healers, naturally are gifted when it comes to healing and caring for others. Queens are the center of our society. They rule, protect, and ground the others. We also heal the land and prevent you Warlord Princes from killing everyone.

"Have you ever been right on the edge of killing someone? You wanted them to suffer in horrible ways. You could have done it too, deep inside you know you are capable of it. The look on your face and Hedwig tell me it has happened more often than you like. Haven't you ever noticedthat Hedwig can calm you down in an instant? That she grounds you back to reality, completes you where you are weak. She keeps you from burning out your mind or your jewels in rage or lust."

"Jewels? What do you mean by that? If you are trying to make a sexual comment, I think you are a bit off."

"No one here wears Jewels? How do you channel magic if you don't have jewels?" She sputtered.

"No, I can't recall ever hearing of anyone channeling magic through a stone. We use a wand for that purpose." He said as he pulled his wand to demonstrate. Seeing an inquisitive look, he handed his wand over to Saetan for him to examine.

"Ah, so you did have your weapon out. I shall have to remember that, though I doubt you would have been able to do much to me." Lucivar looked pleased and concerned at the same time. "Your instincts are good whelp, but you put the most dangerous man in the room behind you, it was a mistake that would have killed you."

"I doubt it actually. You see there is something about me you don't know. There is a prophecy, a vision. There is only one man who can kill me, and I am the only one who can kill him. We are bound by destiny to face each other. At the age of one, the most evil wizard in the last five hundred years cast the killing curse at me from less than five feet away. No one has ever survived that curse, until me."

"How little you know child. I have been High Priest of the Hourglass for more than fifty thousand years. In that time I have woven thousands of webs for visions of the future. The future can be changed. Visions and prophecies show what CAN happen, not what will. But this is a lesson for another day." Saetan looked slightly impatient. "Have you decided whether to join us or not? This is a chance not offered to many."

"Just a moment, I finally decided who to contact with this mind speech. After I explain that I will be leaving to learn, there is one more test I wish to make. We will see if there really is something only you can teach me."

/Hermione, wake up! It's Harry and I need to speak with you./

/Harry, is that you? What are you doing in my head/

/Cool, it really works! Anyway, I've got a bit of a situation here on Privet Drive./

/What's going on? Are you in danger/

/Some wizards and a witch I don't know just showed up in my relative's house. They say they are here to be my new teachers, and they certainly have the titles to back it up. This is just the first thing they taught me./

/Harry, how do you know they are who they say they are? You don't know them, they may not be safe./

/I already figured that out. I am going to apperate to headquarters. Since the Headmaster died, no one new has been able to gain access. If Dumbledore gave them access they must be trustworthy. In the morning, Floo to Ron and get his family to come by. If they are legit, I will leave a letter on the table. If they aren't I will be waiting for the Order there. If I am gone but there is no letter, it was a trap send help./

/Be careful Harry/

/I will./

"Ok, allow me to go grab my trunk, and I will be ready. I first have to drop a letter off somewhere. Consider it a test. I will be headed to a house hidden by one of the greatest wizards I have ever known. It is in London, which is a day and a half walk to the north west. If you can find me, I will pay any price and do what you ask. If not I and my friends will come looking for you. Pray we don't find you."

"Sounds like an interesting test, our Craft against your friend's magic? And just how are you planning to evade our watch long enough to enter this hidden house?"

"Sorry, that is part of the test. Feel free to use your mind speech, jewels or whatever else you can do. Just be warned that if you succeed, I will be dying to learn how."

"We'll even give you a minute head start."

"I don't need it. I know exactly where I am going." With that, Harry and Hedwig disapperated.

"Mother Night and may the Darkness be merciful! Did he just…?" Lucivar swore.

"It certainly appeared so. He just ignored the winds and threw himself into the Darkness. Long distance too if he's telling the truth. He's got potential." Saetan replied.

Jaenelle just had to add her two cents. "Hey, I was hopping between the realms at five. He's making blind jumps at seventeen and you two are getting excited?"

"Cat, not everyone can do what you do. Hell, Sadi and I cant do half the stuff you do. Maybe this kid is worth the effort."