Disclaimer, This story is a derivative of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy, and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series. I do not own or intend to make any money from these stories.

A/N; Torture and Rape in this chapter, this is your forewarning.


By breakfast the next morning the twelve hours of luck had worn off and the guiding nudges were diminishing. Harry was sitting at the temporary round tables the house elves had set up, a map of the area and a few books on the table around him. What had seemed last night to be a simple proposition quickly became a nightmare. He thought it would be so simple as he pulled "Undersea Adventures for Nautical Neophytes" from the library, swim down into the Black Lake, find a sunken German Destroyer, and locate the Horcrux. Instead he discovered that his earlier adventure in the lake had been pure luck.

If he had not used gilly weed in his fourth year he might have ended up killing himself accidentally. The gilly weed gave him gills to breath through, but if he had used a bubble head charm the nearly thirty minutes he had spent so far down would have caused air to dissolve in his blood like gas in a soft drink. The sudden ascent he had made would have been like shaking the bottle and popping the top, his blood would boil and his lungs burst.

The book did not give him a solid amount of time it was safe to stay down the nearly two hundred feet to the bottom of the lake, it only advised against "extended adventures without taking precautions." But what precautions was he supposed to take? One would think a book for beginners would have included a bit more practical information.

Another sticking point was that he was still in the first days of February and there was still enough ice floating in the Loch to cause problems and the water was unlikely to be welcoming. As he mulled these thoughts over, Hermione joined him with a glass of juice.

"What has you working so hard this morning Harry?" She flipped through his papers. "Something to do with the Lake?"

"No, I took some good luck potion last night and met some people who told me something which put me on the trail to the next Horcrux."

"Really? So what does that have to do with the lake?"

"Apparently there was a ship named the "Grindewald" after the wizard. In the spring of 1945 it left Germany with a Founder's Artifact onboard. It drifted into Bristol half sunk with a dead crew." Harry explained, "I think Voldemort killed the crew and tried to sink the ship to protect his new Horcrux. It fits his patterns because the first Death Eaters came from Grindewald's Knights of Walpurgis. According to the story someone called the White Bumblebee, who I assume is Albus Dumbledore, removed the ship from Bristol and sank it in Loch Dhu. Albus is from latin for White, Dumbledore is middle English for Bumblebee, and Loch Dhu means " Black Lake" and I am certain I have heard people refer to Hogwarts Lake that way."

"Hmm… well we've got all the usual suspects, mysterious deaths, a founders' artifact, dark wizards, and Dumbledore. I guess it is a possibility, but then how did the cup end up in Hesipah Smith's possession if it were already a horcrux?"

"The cup? No, I am after Godric's Journal. Everything fits, and Felix Felicias led me right to it."

"Harry no offense, but you are an idiot." All the tenseness left Hermione's form as she relaxed. "First of all you shouldn't rely on luck, or especially luck potions to get you through this. Secondly you know Voldemort took several years after his graduation that summer to gather his Death Eaters from Grindewald's knights."

"But everything was perfect…"

"Harry, do you know how large a destroyer is? The most common German vessel in that class was over one hundred twenty meters long and displaced several thousand tons. The lake is large enough but if it was down there, you would have at least noticed it when you did the Second Task. Do you mean to tell me you somehow did not see a great bleeding chunk of metal four hundred feet long and nearly seventy five feet high? If that ship exists it isn't in our lake. I think some sloshed veterans might have gotten the better of you with an old war story."

"But the Felix…" Harry insisted.

Hermione reached over and slapped him gently. "Six Horcruxes and Voldemort, six not seven! Count with me now. Diary, Ring, Locket, Glasses, Cup, Nagini, and Riddle. That's his seven part soul for ultimate power. I am not saying you were completely wrong about the Grindewald connection, the Knights of Walpurgis, or even Godric's journal ending up in Germany during the war. I just want to remind you that you already know what to look for just not where."


A few days later, Harry received his reply from Rookwood. Augustus was understandably pissed that Harry would kidnap his mother just to get to him, and even more upset that Harry was cocky enough to challenge him in the first place. The place and time were set, and Rookwood called for a formal duel to settle the matter of honor, with McNair as his second.

That night Harry was flying in his owl form invisibly above the duel site, looking for anything he could use to his advantage. Rookwood and McNair were standing together just outside a large circle drawn in chalk, waiting for him to arrive. Harry's aerial reconnaissance did not reveal any others in the vicinity, so he swooped low over the Death Eaters and dropped two marbles from his talons.

MacNair actually spotted them and tried to dive out of the way as they were about to hit the ground. The first to hit exploded into a sticky glue like substance that quickly hardened, trapping Rookwood and gluing McNair's left boot to the ground. The second hit just a split second later and shot out well over a hundred red bolts of energy, instantly stunning the Death Eaters.

Harry returned to human form and stunned them a few more times for good measure, binding them in chains and tagging them with a portkey before dragging them into the Chamber of Secrets.


When they were allowed to wake up, Augustus, McNair, and Madam Rookwood found themselves bound to chairs and sitting about ten feet apart in the Chamber. In front of each of them was a transparent red wall and just beyond the wall was a small table with a single glass ball and a hammer. Harry approach Augustus smiling evilly.

"We meet at last Mr. Rookwood. About that duel? I forfeit. It appears I have no honor when it comes to Death Eaters." Harry chuckled slightly. "Now I'm sure you are wondering about these balls and hammers, so I'll explain. These balls control the bindings on you and the shields trapping you inside, among other things. If I destroy the balls, your imprisonment ends. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. When you answer them truthfully, I might let you have that duel instead of just executing you."

"I'm not talking you little worm!" Rookwood yelled. "Since you forfeit, you are obliged to let my mother go."

"Oh really? So you want me to destroy her sphere and end her captivity?"

Seeing his nod, Harry walked over to the table in front of Madam Rookwood and picked up the hammer. He gave her a sad look and a grim wave goodbye before bringing the hammer smashing down. With a squelching sound and a loud WHUMP, the elderly lady was turned inside out before exploding, her blood and gore splashing onto the shield in a rather impressive manner. Rookwood was not shielded from the mess however and found himself wearing what was left of his mother. "You asked for it. I trust I won't have to break any more of these to get you talking?"

"You sick fuck! If you were going to kill her why not just do it?" He screamed at Harry in pain and rage.

"Because being turned inside out and splashed over the walls leaves more of an impression on the survivors," Harry replied without malice. "Now tell me what you know about Horcruxes."

Rookwood just stared at Harry with a considerable amount of pure hatred and loathing, his jaw firmly shut in defiance. Harry turned to McNair to see his mouth also firmly shut, but with slightly less loathing present. Seeing that they were still reluctant to give in, Harry turned and looked off into the shadows.

"What do you think Moody, torture or veritaserum?" Harry asked.

Alastor Moody came out of the shadows with an odd look in his eye. "You are one sick freak Potter. Rookwood is a brilliant wizard and there's no clue what he researched in the Department of Mysteries. Veritaserum for McNair and several hours of torture for Rookwood, he's probably immune to it and some of the things you might want to know cannot be told against his will. The unspeakables put all kinds of charms on their researchers to prevent this kind of thing."

"Thanks for the tip. Are you going to stick around and help?"

"No, I had my fill of torture in the last war. Write me a report of anything the Order needs to know, especially if there are anymore mass muggle killings coming up."

"Will do Moody. If you take that staircase over there you will come out behind a statue near McGonagall's office. It's a one way trip though." Harry pointed to one of the many exits he found when he cleaned the Chamber. He turned to Rookwood. "Camera Obscura, Silencio, Amentes ab Infinitum, Nuxema Karloff!"


Over the next hour McNair spilled everything he knew about Voldemort's plans and tactics. He gave up locations of safehouses and apparition points where people went as a layover before going to the headquarters. He could not reveal Voldemort's inner lair due to a Fidelius, but Harry knew that when the time came he could track him down anyway. Harry took copious notes thanks to a dictation quill.

While this questioning was happening, Rookwood was encased in a sphere of perfect darkness, and his hearing silenced. Harry cast a combination of spells on him that replicated the effects of dementors and bogarts. The spells drew out his worst fears and played them over and over while sucking all the happiness and hope out of him. Occasionally Harry would shoot a pain curse or two at him as well, but didn't pull out the cruciatus just yet.

When he was done, Harry burned McNair's name into his arm just above the Dark Mark before separating the limb at the elbow. As the Death Eater screamed and bled to death, Harry placed the arm on the table and picked up the hammer. With a crack of glass, Walden MacNair exploded in a fountain of blood.

Harry canceled the silencing charm and the sphere of darkness around Rookwood. "Are you ready to talk yet?" Harry didn't even wait for an answer, he just charged on ahead. "I didn't think so. Sangin Torque, Sanguinus Pro Aqua Regia!"

Halfway up Augustus' thighs, tourniquets cut off his blood flow. The second spell was a simple switching spell that swapped out all of the blood in his legs for an acid powerful enough to eat through gold. Harry watched as Rookwood's legs were dissolved and liquefied from the inside out in an extremely painful manner. After a few moments of screams and begging for release, Harry reapplied the darkness and silence (the visions and fear had never left). He added one more spell, tergo multiplicus, before leaving him to gradually break.


When Harry came back in the morning, there was nothing left of Augustus below mid hip except for a few tatters of flesh and a few stumps of bone. The screaming had ceased, Rookwood was now whimpering pathetically after his long night of his worst nightmares, fears made manifest, absence of hope, and constant sodomy. The chair he had been sitting in was now missing the front legs from the acid, leaving him lying face down on the stone floor with his rump elevated. With a few quick waves of his wand, Harry repaired the chair and righted him. He canceled the fear, darkness, and silencing, but let the pounding from behind continue.

Harry skipped his classes that day and questioned Rookwood on every subject he could think of. Not only did he find out a great deal about how Voldemort thought and where he went after Hogwarts, but also two Fidelius secrets for Rookwood's labs. The pure volume of spell research Rookwood had done over the years was astounding and with only minor coercion Harry extracted the combination to Rookwood's personal safe where he stored the notebooks and emergency supplies and the passwords to get past his wards. The trick, Harry learned from Daemon, to effective torture was to keep the punishment coming. You can let up slightly to allow them to answer your question, but you must keep the pain coming. If the subject was allowed to think, he would begin to lie to you.

When Harry eventually ran out of questions to ask, cracked the last globe. Instead of exploding messily like the others, this time the marble he had been forced to swallow sent out a single killing curse when the linking spell connecting it to the globe died. Thus fell one of the Dark Lord's top lieutenants.


Harry dropped off what was left of Rookwood and MacNair at the DMLE before heading out to the labs he just learned about. The first lab was a tiny cottage that contained a very nice potions workroom and a comfortable bed in a separate shielded room. Harry collected the neatly labeled vials and research journals and made sure nothing was liable to explode if he left it. There was a large cauldron of veritaserum and another of polyjuice simmering, with notebooks alongside to remind Rookwood precisely where he left off. After the cottage was secured and the potions dumped out, Harry destroyed the runes anchoring the Fidelius charm and inscribed his own before recasting the spell with himself as the new Secret Keeper.

The second lab Harry discovered was actually Rookwood's home. He had a very interesting library full of spell development journals from around the world like "Emperor Akihito's Royal Spellcraft Review for Summer 1992" and "Jane's All The World's Battle Magic" (A compendium of the current auror and hit-wizard spells from around the world with their counters). There was also a room covered on the inside with thick dragon hide, enchanted to withstand greater than usual stresses and repair itself as needed. This was clearly a room for testing new spells and curses, it was an interesting thing to have available but Harry doubted he would ever need it personally. In the spellcraft room, books were strewn across the counter and a variety of widgets and magical gizmos lay in various states of repair. Another Fidelius charm secured the building until he would be able to loot it properly and give it to the ministry. He had no use for more homes or property but knowledge would always be useful and that was something Rookwood's hide-a-way had in spades.


Spells and ideas from this chapter;

Earlier in the story we saw Harry's rock/pebble/time bombs, and he has improved on the concept a bit. To capture the Death Eaters, two marbles were spelled with webbing and stunning spells. While they were unconscious each of the prisoners was force fed another marble, the activation of course being the spheres in front of them. Mrs. Rookwood and McNair were hit with an implosion hex followed by an explosion hex. Obviously those two spells should not be used in tandem. Augustus only received a killing curse.

New Spells

Camera Obscura – "Darkened Chamber" a sphere of darkness around the target completely blocking out their vision.

Amentes ab Infinitum – "Never-ending Insanity" replays the current scene with minor tessellations and alterations constantly in the victims mind.

Nuxema Karloff – Corrupted from "Nox" being the light extinguishing charm and a reference to Boris Karloff. I figured that if Humphrey Bogart could inspire the shape shifting creature that embodied fears, Karloff (a master of horror) could be used in a spell to bring out nightmares. This spell places a person in a semi-dream state and calls out their nightmares and fears.

Tergo Multiplicus – "Many from behind" A dark arts spell that subjects the victim to the feeling of being brutally sodomized by several large hairy men.

These four spells and the silencing charm placed Rookwood in a sensory deprived environment except for the nightmares which constantly looped and mutated in his while he was effectively raped. Leave him alone for twelve to fourteen hours and your hardened criminal is sufficiently softened to be interrogated.