This story takes place after the final battle in the videogame Beyond Good and Evil. Our lovely protagonist and companions have returned to Hillys, and starting with Chapter 1 we'll be getting back to them. But before they even leave Selene, the DomZ priest's dying thoughts are relayed across the overwhelming vastness of space...

A Message is Received

Knowledge streamed across the ether, following millions of infinitesimal puckers in the fabric of space to travel much faster than mere clumsy light. Invisible to the eye, undetectable by instrument, the stream of information had no mass and yet held the fate of a people in the balance. Within the span of several deep breaths, the awareness had reached its destination, over eight systems away.

The DomZ queen's body was designed for two purposes alone: to create progeny, and to control them. She was capable of sending and receiving millions of commands and communications every second. Hers had been a disorienting mind to conquer, and adjusting to the overwhelming amount of information transferring to and from it had been more challenging yet. But the queen's body was perfect for Its purpose, and twenty years since the most recent lead, the grueling wait had finally come to an end.

The last memories of the priest in control of the Hillyan invasion contained the information It had been seeking for hundreds of miserable years. She was there; Shauni, the source of Its power, the instrument of Its strength. She had destroyed the worthless priest – what a pitiful vessel through which to act! – but she was still weak, vulnerable...and finally within grasp. Her pathetic guardian hadn't even told her what she was. This interminable exile in this repulsive body, on this stinking planet, was finally coming to an end.

"Hillys." The word came awkwardly from the queen's mouth; the syllables were difficult to form, the borrowed tongue ill-shaped for human language. Her more versatile relay nodes transmitted in triumphant unison: "We have located our prey. Regroup the armada – it is time to claim what is ours!"

How many years, how many centuries since they'd torn her away? How long had it been, since the full force of Its powers had been under Its command? But It had found her again. Its prey had been run aground, and soon the chase would be over. Yes, soon they would be whole again.