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Chapter 4 this is still in Gem's P.O.V so enjoy my faithful reviewers and sorry for being so late my excuse is I'm very very lazy... sorry!


I looked around the ship for something to occupy myself

with and settled on poking Blank much to his annoyance "Blank why do you have a belt on your head?" I asked sweetly.

"It makes me look cool." He answered smugly, I snickered at that, I thought it made him look stupid not that I'd tell him he'd probably hurt me, so I decided on asking him what I had to do back stage "Well you just have to open the curtains and keep an eye on the engine you also have to be one of the guards in the beginning of the play."

"Right so what weapon do I get? Sword, dagger, axe?" I asked excited, I was going to get a weapon of mass destruction yay me!

"You have to use this rod and don't give me that look it's all we had left okay?" he answered as he handed me an old light blue rod with a blue stone on the end.

"Okay I guess that's fine as long as I can hurt people with it!" i started giggling like a mad women and scaring Blank with my crazyness I was going to have a lot of fun withg this!

Cassie's P.O.V: We walked towards the ticket both in silence with Minkey at our heels, I just couldn't belive I was in my favorite game and walking with Vivi one of my favorite charaters yay me!

"Oh! Hey Vivi do you think we could go to the weapons shop I kinda need a weapon." I asked nicely after all I was very unluckey so I would need one very soon.

He looked over at me then shrugged "Ok I guess who knows what could happen right?" He answered happily his eyes glowing, I smiled at him and we headed towards the weapon shop talking about witch weapon would suit my needs in battle he suggested I use daggers while I thought a spear would be nifty but in the end we decided that I should ask the shop owner about it.
"Hey weapons dude i need a weapon can ya help me?" I asked trying not to sound demanding I wasn't used to people in all truth.
"Well do you have any spersicfic fighting style?" He inquiered looking at me then Minkey and back agian.

"Um... well I can whack people over the head with heavy objects and order my cat here to attack on cammand!" I chirped with a smile maybe this wouldn't be so hard after all.

"Hmm... i got it! wait here a moment." He then rushed off to the back to get something or other and came back 10 minutes later carrying a green collar with white symbols written around it and a matching hammer but the part you whack people with was gold with two silver symbols "Here you go this is the beginer trainers hammer and collar it should be excatly what you need to protect yourself and controll your cat better."

"Wow that's so cool... how much?" I asked supiciously nothing came without cost that's how everything works!
"This is the only one we have in stock so i'll give you a deal at 100 gil what do you say?" My eyes widened in surpize 'That's cheep for such a cool weapon I'll buy it!'

"Vivi can I borrow some gil please I'm kinda low on income right now." I pleaded him I really wanted this weapon it was so cool!

"Okay Cassie after all you need a weapon right?" He answered timidly awww he's so sweet how I just wanted to hug him but he'd probaily be scared by it so i controlled myself and accepted the money he gave me.

"Ya won't regret this Vivi i assure you I'll pay you pay every gil!" I squeked and bought the best weapon in the world with a smile now I was ready for the play. "Come on Vivs let's go!" So off we went to see the play but i had a felling i was forgetting something.

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