Implied spoilers for episode 2x07. The poem is not explicit, but it basically deals with one of the many theories coming out of the episode. This poem was written in a rhythm scheme that I did not invent, though it would've been cool if I had, ya know? If you're curious google "Zagreus," and you can find a very disturbing Gallifreyan nursery rhyme.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Next time I'll write a proper fic for her.

The Tiger

The tiger wipes your brow at rest.
The tiger promises she loves you best.
The tiger whispers that you are blessed
And all the world is willing.

The tiger knows that it's a game.
The tiger knows you're not to blame.
The tiger didn't choose your name
But she gave you blood that's chilling.

The tiger thinks that she can win.
The tiger sees a thousand ends.
The tiger sings and strikes within
A heart that's made for killing.

The tiger gambles, pays her price.
The tiger trades her heart for ice.
The tiger knows with every slice
It's for you that blood is spilling.

The tiger's cage has disappeared.
The tiger's loose and the tiger's feared.
The tiger fades away revered
In the mind of a boy who's willing.

Meh…. I'm not all that pleased with it, but it was an interesting writing exercise. Although I know if I showed it to my poetry instructor from last quarter that he'd go after my scalp with a sack of hammers.