disclaimer: I own nothing, cold mountain. do i wish i did

"Inman. My Inman. Where are you? I haven't heard from you in 3 years. Not a days goes by whitout me thinking of you.It makes me wonder if i've lost my mind. I dont know you!

We haven't said much to eachother, but i van remember every word like they were spoken a minute ago. I can remember every line in your face like youre standing infront of me right now.

Everybody tells me to move on. They tell me you're as good as gone. That i should forgett about you. They tell me to do exactly what you said i would do.

But forgetting about you is as hard to do as to forgett how to breath. As far as i know that is impossible to do, right?

I pray every day for you. I pray you will come back to me. Maybe thats selfish of me? You are out there fighting for what you belive in. I guess that makes me selfish, I think it is stupid. I just want you here with me. By my side. I hope you haven't forgotten about me . Inman."

Forever yours. Ada Monroe.