A 15 year old boy with blonde hair was walking out off the classroom, carrying a bunny as usual. He was listening to his Discman. He was listening to a song and at the same time he thought of a raven haired girl that always black mailed him, making cards with his pictures on it. The song was "Just the girl".

She's cold and she's cruel but she knows what she's doing

She pushed me in the pool at our last school reunion

She laughs at my dreams but I dream about her laughter

Strange as it seems she's the one I'm after.

He was thinking of what kind of girl she liked then he bumped into the girl with raven hair and took off his headphone and hangs it around his neck.

"Give me the pictures! You promised to give it today" Ruka said

"Ok, but I have another favor" the girl said

"Fine, what is it?" Ruka said

"You have to have lunch with me" Hotaru said

"That's it?" Ruka said

"For one week, without Natsume of course" Hotaru said

"Without Natsume? But…" Ruka said then Hotaru showed a picture of Ruka wearing a bear costume with all his animal friends

"Where did you get that?" Ruka exclaimed

"Is it a deal or am I gonna sell this? It's in demand for all your fans anyway and I won't have any loss even if you don't agree" Hotaru said then Ruka closed his eyes.

"Fine! I agree" Ruka said

"Can you carry this for me? I was suppose to go to my lab but I just have so many stuff right now" Hotaru said

"Sure" Ruka said then he wore the headphones again then helped Hotaru with her things.

'Cause she's bittersweet

She knocks me off my feet

And I can't help myself I don't want anyone else

She's a mystery

She's too much for me

But I keep coming back for more

She's just the girl I'm looking for

It was silent while they were walking.

Ruka looked at the girl beside her that was very busy looking at her inventions. He was actually in love with the girl that was fond of blackmailing him. He liked her small smile, her intelligence, her hair and eyes which suited her very well. It was very clear that he likes Imai Hotaru very much even though she blackmails him.

Imai Hotaru notices him looking at her. She slightly blushed for she was also in love with the animal boy beside her. She liked his kindness even though he chases her when he discovers a new card with his picture on it.

They arrived at Hotaru's lab.

"You can put those books there" Hotaru said

"Ok," Ruka replied as he removed the headphones and placed the books on her desk.

"So what are you working on anyway?" Ruka asked

"This," Hotaru said as she showed Ruka a camera.

"What does that do?" Ruka asked then Hotaru took his picture.

This is Invention no. 107

Camera mind reader

This camera can show what/ who the person is thinking of when the picture is taken.

Hotaru was surprised to see the result.

"Let me see!" Ruka said then snatched the picture from Hotaru

He was confused when he saw Hotaru on the picture of the shot taken.

'Why did I appear in that picture? I don't understand' hotaru was also confused

"This is a camera that can enable anyone to see what/who a person is thinking of" Hotaru said not looking at a Ruka that doesn't know what to do.

'I guess I have to tell her now, now that she saw herself in the picture' Ruka said in his thoughts

"Hotaru, I…I…I love…I love you!" Ruka said while he was blushing red making Hotaru blush too.

'This must be a dream, it must be' Hotaru thought

Ruka grabbed her hand and pulled her into an embrace.

'It must be! There's no way that this is real' Hotaru said in her thoughts

"Don't think that this is a dream cause this how I really feel." Ruka said

"But, you like Mikan right?" Hotaru said

"That was 5 years ago, I always liked you even though you blackmail me" Ruka said

Hotaru closed her eyes.

"Can I tell you something?" she said

"I love you too" Hotaru said with a smile then embraced him back.

'Really Hotaru, You're Just the girl I'm looking For' Ruka thought.


Mikan: That was so sweet of Ruka-pyon, Hotaru!

Hotaru: Shut up, idiot

Mikan: Why didn't you tell me you liked Ruka-pyon?

Hotaru: Because you're an idiot

(Mikan cries)

Mikan: You're cold!

Hotaru: Well I hoped you liked this story by Darkoracle08; I'm selling card no 333 with Ruka in a lion costume

Ruka: Hey! Give that to me!

Darkoracle08: Well that's all, hope you liked it! R&R please