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Little Mark Cohen sat in the corner, playing with some building blocks. It was Share Time in Mrs.Tibbs' kindergarten classroom, but unfortunately for Mark, he wasn't sharing any toys with anyone because he had no one to play with. Sucking his thumb absentmindedly, he grabbed random blocks and formed various shapes and 'castles'.

It was Mark's first week in kindergarten. He had never been in a school before. Mrs. Cohen had been too overprotective to let her 'baby' go for preschool when he was four years old, and now that he was five, under her husband's order, she enrolled Mark in kindergarten. Poor Mark had been confused when he saw his mother standing there in the doorway of the classroom, crying, on his first day. He had adjusted to going to school even more quickly than his own mother had. But the one thing Mark hadn't quite gotten used to just yet was the fact that he was alone. At home, he and Cindy were always getting a huge amount of attention. Here, Mark observed, everyone went off playing with someone else, leaving him standing there in the corner, just as he was doing at the moment. He wished he had some friends to play with.
As he knocked down his castle and began to make a new one, a ball rolled in his direction. Mark picked it up. A boy with spiked dirty-blonde hair and sparkling green eyes walked over to him, and stomped his foot.

"That's my ball. Give it to me," he said flatly. Mark straightened his glasses (which were much to big for his tiny head) and picked up the ball. Sure enough, in huge, sloppy letters on a side of the ball was a name: "ROGER DAVIS".

Mark handed the ball to the boy. "Here you go, Roger. That's your name, right?"

The boy nodded. He greedily grabbed the ball from him. "How come you don't play with nobody? You're...alone," Roger asked, staring at Mark.

"Um...I usually play here by myself 'cause...everyone always has someone else to play with," Mark replied, looking down at the blocks scattered on the floor.
Roger sighed. "Well if you're not playin' with anyone then I guess you better come play with me and Tom."


"You've been here a week and you still don't know nobody's name. Sheesh. Come on, I'll go show you who he is." Roger pulled on Mark's sleeve with one hand, holding the ball with the other. Mark followed Roger to the other side of the room, where he saw a darker-skinned boy wave at Roger. He had apparently been waiting for him.

"Hey Tom, Mark's gonna play with us," Roger said. He turned towards Mark. "Tom just turned six," he said, as if it were the most amazing thing in the world. Mark looked over at Tom, who walked over to him.

"Hi, Mark. You're the new kid, right?"


"I'm Tom. You can call me that. Or Collins. Just don't call me Tommy, though. That makes me crazy!" Mark laughed. "So what were you guys playing?" he asked.

"Catch. Duh," Roger said, not noticing that Mrs. T was towering over him.

"Roger Davis! Don't talk like that to Mark! Now, you apologize," she snapped. Roger looked over at Mark blankly. "Sorry, Mark." When Mrs. T walked away, Roger rolled his eyes.

"Okay, so Mark, you stand in one corner. Tom, you stand in the other corner. I'll stand over here and we'll all throw the ball to each other. Anyone who drops it is out of the game."

"That's dumb," Tom said, "There's only three of us. The game would be really quick if we do it that way."

"Not if none of us drops it!" replied Roger, bouncing the ball up and down. "Ready? GO!"

Before he knew it, the ball was sent flying in Mark's direction. He caught it quickly, and then passed it to Tom, who threw it back to Roger. This pattern continued, and each time a new round started, the boys began to throw it faster. Just when Mark was about to throw the ball again, Mrs. T rang her bell and everyone went back to their seats.

At lunch time, Mark took a seat with Roger and Tom. He pulled out a peanut-butter sandwich and a juice box from his paper bag. He watched Roger pull out a sandwich too, and looked over at Tom who had a container of Captain Crunch. Mark stared.

"What?" he said. "Don't you eat Captain Crunch?"

"Yeah, but not for lunch..." Mark said quietly.

"All I eat is this stuff," replied Tom, stuffing a handful a cereal into his mouth. There was silence for a while, with the exception of the other children chattering. Breaking the silence, Roger slurped the last of his apple juice and said, "Hey Mark, how come your glasses are too big for your face?"

Mark blinked. "I dunno."

"They're really big."

"Oh come on, Roger, the glasses are cool," Tom said, studying them intently. Out of habit, Mark yet again straightened his glasses. "You think so?"

"Yeah! They're cool! Right, Rog?"

Roger shrugged. "Sure. Hey Mark, I'll trade you one of my crackers for one of those chips."
"Okay..." The exchange was made, and as Roger munched on the chip he got from Mark, he said, "Now, aren't you glad you played with us instead of those dumb blocks?"

"Yep," Mark replied, smiling. "I like you guys."

"You're cool, too, Mark." A huge grin spread across Tom's face. He smiled a lot, Mark noticed.
"Good," Roger said. He paused, and then leaned into the table with a devilish smirk on his face. "Have any of you guys tried puttin' glue on Mrs. T's chair?"

Both boys shook their heads.

"Well, I think I got an idea..."

Mark stared at Roger in awe. He had a feeling that he knew exactly what Roger was going to say next. But it didn't matter to him. He had two great friends now, and that was all he cared about.

"This'll probably send us right to the corner where the bad kids go, but it's all worth it. Okay, here's the plan..."

And that was how their lasting friendship began.

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