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The newspaper called it a 'freak accident', but I found it to be anything but freaky. In a moment I had lost everything, my family, my home, my friends, life as I had known it. What was so 'freaky' about it? I loved them all so very much, my mother, my father and Angelina. They were everything to me…but now they're gone and all I have left are memories, memories that I keep playing over and over in my head as the men in black suits drive me to my destination, my new 'home'.

My dad was an only child and my mother had only one sister. That's where I'm going now, to live with my aunt and uncle. From what I've heard they don't have any children. My mother never talked of her sister…I don't know why…I guess they weren't close or they had a fight of some sort. Doesn't really matter, until I turn of age I have no choice but to stay with them.

We begin to slow down and I stare out of the back seat window and notice that we're starting to enter a rather grungy looking neighborhood. The streets are dirty and littered with trash; children roam the sidewalks bear foot with dirty clothes and faces. Old men with no shirts on sit on dead lawns drinking beer while they talk. The houses look unkempt; the paint is chipping and the window shutter need to be replaced. I frown as I gaze upon this depressing looking neighborhood. I hope this isn't where my aunt and uncle live. But of course hopeful thinking never got me anything.

We pull up to a decent looking house. One of the men opens the door for me while the other gets the luggage out of the trunk. He hands me my bags and they both offer me a small smile, which I return, before they make their way toward the door. One of them knocks three times and steps back. As we wait for an answer the second man puts a reassuring hand on my shoulder and I relax but only a bit.

Finally the door opens and I get my first glance at my aunt, she is rather thin and looks to be in her late thirties maybe early forties her hair is tied back in a loose ponytail and she has on a grease smudged blue apron. Her smile isn't what you would call warm; it seems kind of forced like she doesn't use it very often. Seconds later a plump man, presumably my uncle, stood beside my aunt, he defiantly looks about mid-forties and already had gray hairs sprouting everywhere about his bolding head but unlike my aunt he wasn't smiling, he just looked at us with unblinking eyes.

The two men that stood beside me smiled and one of them extends his hand. My aunt and uncle shake his hand and do the same when the second man took his hand off my shoulder to shake their hands.

"Mister and Misses Hanson, this is your nephew Mr. Remus Lupin. He has been left in your custody. You are now his official guardians as you have gone to court and signed the necessary papers. If you have any questions at all feel free to call us," at this he hands my uncle a card. The man that had put his hand on my shoulder now slowly pushes me toward my new guardians and both men step back. My aunt then puts her bony hand on my shoulder and smiles that not so warm smile at me.

"Oh, yes we'll take care of him as if he were our own. We never could have children so this is like a dream come true!" to my utter horror as she spoke I caught sight of her teeth and with all of my might I refrain from gasping. They were black and rotten looking, she had a few missing teeth which gave her a weird lisp.

I turned to face the two men in black suits and they too look a little startled at my aunts' bad teeth, but neither says anything.

"Then if there aren't any questions we'll be leaving now," and with a nod and a warm smile toward me they turn get into the car in which they had brought me and drive off. Once they were out of sight my aunt drops her hand from my shoulder and makes to go inside and I timidly follow.

Inside the house it smells of smoke and sour milk. The furniture is old, stained and torn in places. It looks like someone has punched a hole in the old television set that lies on the dirty floor. The yellow paint on the walls is peeling and there is a huge black burn on the ceiling of the small living room.

"Alright boy let me show you where you'll be sleeping," I jump at the sudden voice behind me and turn to see my uncle standing behind me starring at me…just starring. I nod and he walks out of the room, I follow after him. He goes down a small hallway passing a door on the way and stops in front of another one. He opens it and steps inside; I follow still carrying my one suitcase. The room isn't terribly well off, there is a few holes in the walls and the only thing inside is a stained mattress on the floor.

I turn to my uncle and speak for the first time.

"Thank you very much. You don't know how grateful I am that you were kind enough to accept me into your home," He stares at me and frowns.

"Alright boy now that I've shown you your room I got a few rules to lay down," his teeth aren't as bad as my aunts' but were getting there, not only that but his breath smelled awful. I bite my tongue. "First, you are not to go inside the room we just passed. Second, you are not to go anywhere near the shack in the back yard. Third, you don't bug me and I won't bug you. You got it boy?" I nod. By the looks of it my uncle isn't the type to be questioned and even if I'm wrong I'm not willing to take the risk. He leaves the room and I'm left here standing alone.

I put my suitcase down next to the mattress and take out a framed photograph. It's a picture of all of us, my family and I, we looked so happy just caught in that one moment. I feel my eyes water and fight to control my emotions. I hear the door open behind me and I quickly dry my eyes. My aunt walks in holding a blanket and bedcover. I stand up and take them from her.

"Thank you," I whisper to her and she nods to me and leaves again. I start to make my bed. Once done I lay down again picking up my photograph and hold it close to my chest. It had only been a week…one week that's it and now I'm in a different city, different house and different bed, holding the picture of my family instead of the people themselves. We were all so close. We did everything together. How could this 'freak accident' have happened? I feel a tear trail down my cheek and don't move to wipe it away; I just lay here starring at the ceiling replaying memories of them…

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